I did what?


Don't hate me for saying this, DOTA freaks. But I have never, ever...in my life saw myself playing DOTA. Whenever I think about it, Charlotte takes over me and I say..."Ick. So not tasteful." Every person in the planet plays DOTA, especially the tambays with bulging tummies.

Okay. That's too mean. But it's true right? I would rather curl up somewhere and stick my nose on my PSP's screen.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that. My PSP finally arrived. Louie and I didn't swap anymore. Even when I saw Jocelyn Oxlade holding one in this month's ish of T3 (and she looks REALLY hot, by the way).

Ate Maricar and I were texting last night, when she told me that Chinggay read my previous blog and probably saw that entry I wrote about her, she printed it pa daw. Chinggay, you're the sweetest! I miss seeing you and Bobby play around.

Which actually reminded me of Bobby inviting me to go to Baguio nung Holy Week. And Beau too! But Beau was in Pampanga...or Pimpanga should I say. Haha.
Gah. I miss everyone.

Oh, and you want to hear something irritating?

Okay,so you have a pair of really pretty, pink, Swarovski drop earrings given to you by a friend for your 18th birthday... and then the other crystal drops off. You have no choice but to GLUE it back.

And now.... the other one doesn't really... sparkle that much.

But it's still gorgeous. Haha.

So there. I can't think of much to say. Geehee.

Oh and... DOTA...was okay. Pretty addicting. But NO.
Hell no.