Just take my word for it.

NEVER....EVER WINDOW SHOP IN ZARA. It can kill you. I salivated there yesterday, good thing I didn't pass out.
I didn't even know what I was thinking, going there with only a thousand pesos in my wallet. Grr.

If only there weren't people around I would totally go Carrie on it. Like that time she was in the Vogue "wear"house.

"It's too good! It's too good!"

Haha. Okay. I found another shopping haven. Best part is, they opened one in Glorietta. Wee. You know what this means.

Yes, I was on Breakfast yesterday. What's really cool is that one of ABS-CBN's crew cabs went all the way to Dasma at 4 AM to pick me up. Imagine my excitement when I saw one parked outside the school waiting for me. They wanted to drop me off after the show but I had things to do there, so... I decided to go to to Makati after.

If there was one flaw about yesterday's guesting, was that the pants they made me wear were...way too lose and I knew I looked silly wearing my Nine West Maryjanes with it because it totally DID NOT go with the outfit. Geesh.

Tabs saw me on TV but he said I made him crack up because I looked really serious. When the camera was focused on me, I made faces. I really wasn't comfortable standing up there, knowing that my outfit was all wrong. So tragic.

But as soon as I got back to the chair seated next to Wacky Valdes, I got back to my senses. In guestings like these, Kris is the first thing that comes to mind. She's always been so proud of how I handled things. I thought I should just dust it off and start being myself again. So I did. It was too a wee bit too late for that though, but I'm glad I didn't frown all the way to the end of the gap.

I SO miss Pangasinan. It just feels great that I've bonded with Andrew's family. Its like I fell in love with them. When I'm with his sibs, there was never a dull moment, except when we're asleep. And it never seemed like they had a problem in life. And you know how good that feels, to be around these type of people. And the best part is they treated me like family.

That's why I cried when I left. Haha.

I'll give the full details and kwento when I get to post the pictures in Multiply, but that would take a while.
I'm stealing photos from Andrew too.

Tita invited me to go back in December, spend Christmas and New Year there. My Mom didn't see anything wrong with it, and I hope that pushes through. I couldn't wait 'til I get back.

....Sometimes I still think about Auntie. Caloi told me he went home one night, and just as he opened the door he went, "Lola Equit I'm...."

He always says "I'm home" because Auntie would always be there just as he opens the door.

And then he realized what he just said and he goes "Sh*t."

Its really hard adjusting. This one time, when I was at Caloi's in Urdaneta I was like, "Where's Auntie?" And I would just slap myself.

Oh well.

Hey. Vote for Chesca Sumilang. She's part of the second batch of Seventeen's Favorite Model Search. I'm so glad she joined and became a part of the finalists.
Hey Ches! You rock! *wink*

Sharon and I were like talking about it last week, and we were like, "Hey! let's join again!"

I was planning on organizing a date with the girls probably next May. Claude, Cham, Essy, Sharon and Saab were game. I wonder if Yen's going, too. I miss that girl. We've bumped into each other a few times in Alabang, and Essy I met up with in Shangri-la the other day. She was with Robi, her hot boyfriend. He seems fun, and he's really sweet, so I can tell Essy's happy. I can tell this couple is going to last.

I miss you girls na! I miss Saab!

Hmm. I can't think of a nice way to end this entry. No quotable quotes. No humor. No. Nothing.

Hmm.Can't believe I just said quotable quotes.


  1. hey Abbie!!!

    Omg! yesterday I ventured into Zara for the first time ever and I was dying!!! The day before I blew a heap of money at Mango and felt so sorry for my bank account I couldn't allow myself to buy anything... haha. Next time!... There are sooo many gorgeous thing you can buy there!


  2. LUCE - OMG, I know! hahaha! :-D It's so not ideal to window shop. Lately I was getting used to the idea of going into Mango or Topshop and not buying anything, but ZARA! Zara makes me want to pull a Winona! haha! But no, I'm not that nuts.... YET. hahaha. Oh well. You bet there are loads of stuff to get.

    I'm salivating just picturing the whole store again...

  3. Haha, thanks for the plug! Abbie talaga o! :))

    Ang sweet naman ninyo ng fam ni Andrew ;)

  4. CHES - Oo naman no! ;-) Ikaw pa! Sus. :-*

    Haha, oo in a way. Nakakamiss na nga sila eh. :-(