I was walking by the kubo full of Nursing students when one of them said "Ano yun? Ah Anorexia!" out loud. JUST as I was passing by. It might have been coincidence but if almost everyone there was looking right at you, well then...its totally not.

You're kidding, right? Okay, I might be stick thin and a size 6 but that doesn't make me have Anorexia, or worms in my stomach for that matter.
No f*cking way! Well, I guess you should see me eat then.

Oh maybe I should feel flattered because that puts me in the likes of Mischa Barton and Chesca Garcia who both have been said to have Anorexia. But both said that that's just how they're built.

Sure, I eat a lot of carbs and I barely watch what I eat but it just never happened, me getting fat. You should have seen my aunts and my Mom before they got married and had kids.

Jeez, man. You have no idea how bad I've been wanting to get fat. But, I'm just glad how I am. I think of it as a blessing. Hah.


Remember how bad I felt after not being able to salivate AND shop at Zara? Since I'm really low on budget right now, I relived my Baguio days and went...

Yes, you guessed it right!

OMG, I totally forgot how good it felt like to spend 300 bucks and get a total of 10 tops! I have already found my "suki" and I've shopped for two consecutive days. Nothing beats thrift shopping. And you know what I scored?

Aside from all the cool OC-ish tops, I scored a vest. And its not JUST a vest. Its Emporio Armani! Not to brag or anything but I have an eye for all the rip-offs out there, and this baby IS NOT a fake. Its an original Armani vest, and I got it for 25 bucks! It doesn't look like it was slightly used too. Now all I need are a pair of Moto skinny jeans. And flats. And a waisted belt.

Oh, and I already bought the third season of The OC. Its not complete yet, though. Jed is so right.
And I guess I was wrong about it though. The first few episodes were horrible but now its starting to make sense again. In a really bad way. Its just...Why?
Why can't Ryan and Marissa BE together? I mean, all they have to do is COMMUNICATE! They could've worked things out. I wish people just didn't keep coming and coming and coming. But I'm really proud of Seth and Summer, though. They're the only ones who actually make Season 3 worth watching. Marissa is starting to get on my nerves. And so as Ryan.

I totally love their theme song though.

.."Forever young, I wanna be forever young.... do you really wanna live forever, forever..."

Wait, this is a revival, right? From that Mel Gibson movie, Forever Young?


My photos in the April issue of Seventeen weren't published because Tata said they had to change the line-up last minute. Its fine with me. Besides I still have another issue to look up to (every issue is, but its a hundred times more exciting this time). Plus it was fun hanging out with the gang, and getting to know Corrinne and Sara.

Oh, and my Mom sent me a pair of uber cool Nine West boots. I couldn't wait until Summer is over so I can use it ( I want a pair of pink Ugg boots too! ). But I still want to keep my tan. So I'm guessing I might have to go to Belo for that. Or I could get the Shiseido self-tanning lotion. Then maybe I could compare which is better between that and the ModelCo's tan airbrush in a can (in which the scent totally reminds me of the beach).


There's so much to do, it makes me want to take a big nap.
Or...maybe I could just watch Silent Hill. Then I wouldn't be able to sleep. I wouldn't have any other choice but to do something productive out of my last summer in school.

Hey its a good idea, right?

I totally look around the entire dorm all the time before I close my eyes. I always check my back, and the foot of the bed almost ten times. A hundred everytime I watch a scary movie. Then I take my sleeping pills just so I won't wake up at 3 AM and freak out.

Paranoid much? Lol.

I typed this offline, and I am currently in b_connected in Alabang, posting this entry. Just saw Silent Hill, the film can be creepy and at the same time its confusing. Kinda weird. Hmm. But its that type of film that you couldn't not think about. Or maybe that's just me.

We were going to watch WHEN A STRANGER CALLS but I swear, after reading Lucy's review, I decided not to. Lucy, gimme a pat on the shoulder for not trying.

So that's it.


  1. Of course, you're not! I know a lot of people who are just damn thin since birth, or at least since their teenage years.

    So tell me, why is the world is so unfair?! :))

  2. CHES - Jeez, I don't know.

    Wait, what did you mean by that? Naw, Ches! haha! :-)

    I'm looking forward to seeing Seventeen's June issue...Hmm... bakit kaya? hahaha!

    I can't wait Ches! Mwaaah!

    Oh and... I think we're both hot the way we are. ;-)

    (o, walang kokontra if I put myself in Chesca's level ha! teehee!)