Oh, Bummer Summer. PLEASE.

Have mercy on me, I beg of you.... *weeps*

Okay. So this is how it goes... I, have just gone from Shopaholic rehab. But as soon as I get out I want to go back to my spend-all self again, with my Mom shouting in my ears.


I kinda got used to it, I tell you.

I remember when I was a froshie, I would spend everything on Lipgloss. I'd go to Beauty Bar in U in Alabang and Essenses in Makati to buy each and every kind of Lip Gloss there is. Nars, Philosophy, M.A.C. has been a favorite because they're so cheap and I love RB, RB rocks. Clinique, Lancome,and all that. I was just 16.

Then I'd spend on magazines. Cosmogirl, Ellegirl, Teenvogue in a snap of a finger.

Then earrings.

Then the habit would just NEVER go away.

Everytime I went to Makati I always made sure I had something on my ARMS when I get back home. And I would find myself wandering in Topshop THEN Mango, and not think twice about getting something and knowing what consequence I would be paying later. At least my Mom COULD NOT literally KICK my ass. hah! Love you Mom.

Whenever she comes home though, I WOULD SURELY go on a uber shopping spree. Its like...being in heaven for a while. PLUS my Mom is with me so...its fun. Really fun. And I love how she says ENOUGH but still end up buying something? The hush puppy eyes always work. At least for me!

Recently I stopped shopping. NO, not TOTALLY shopping...but...spend-all shopping. Like, Ten Thousand pesos shopping. Its been depressing but I had to. I had to learn how to really value money.

...I guess.

The summer makes me want to go out and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.

I miss Greenbelt. Geesh.

This is why my Mom would always tell me that she would give me a credit card...only if it wasn't suicide for her.


But I love having the balance of not spending at all. Because it teaches you a lot of things.


At least I've learned how to control myself.I mean, I don't really go to high-end stores like PRADA (I will, someday!) but whenever I go to TopShop and Mango, and Zara and them...they're...just...too good to pass up.

Ohhhh well. I know one day I'll be able to walk around the mall with my arms almost breaking again.

SOON. Huh!

That's how life is, people. Sometimes... you have to close your eyes whenever you pass by your favorite stores. Because if you don't...It's torture.