"Come pick me up, take me out..."

Yes, Ryan Adams couldn't have said it better.

I was browsing through Multiply, and noticed how everyone was having one heck of a summer vacay.

Bubbles went to Bora. Shar went to Bora. Ed went to Cebu. Chucky went to China. George went to Manila Bay. Essy is going to Bora. Jed is in Bora. Badge went to Cebu.

Everyone's out there. They have like...all these photos to upload. It's so depressing. I just want to get away from the civilization and just get stranded on one island for like... a month! No, not like LOST but like... THE BEACH.

Yeah. The Beach. I watched it over and over and it made me want to look like Virginie Ledoyen. I wish I was French. LOL.

I really want to get my portfolio photos taken. Hmm. And I'd really love if Ronnie Salvacion would do it. I'd love to work with him again.

I'm actually bothered by a couple of things.

One, is that I couldn't get out of the "Dahara Stage" in Prince of Persia. I felt so mad I even thought of throwing my PSP out of the window. But I'm not that crazy. I love the new addition to my madness.

Two, I don't know what to do with my hair. Have another perm? Get it rebonded?

Three, I'm a part of something and I don't know if I should be. Or if I could. I know it could hurt the people who believed in me in the first place if I push through, even if they don't say so. Plus, if I were to pick, I'd still go for the people who put me in this industry.

Oh well.

Oh hey, I saw Roldan in FHM the other day. I checked his friendster account and I found out he hangs out with the likes of Rissa, Robby, Val... He goes to Finland.... yada-yada-yada. Looks like success is coming for you, Big Bro! He deserves it.

Arianna! Damn, woman! You have tons of posers!

Okay. I'm done getting "The Prince of Persia: Revelations Walkthrough".
All this for a game, eh?



  1. Call Elan and ask if may makakasabay ka bang ibang talents who haven't done their setcards yet! :) Sara did mine when I was still in Elan hahah :P

  2. CHES - you're not with Elan na? Hmm. Yeah I know I should. I asked Alex na.
    I need a lotta mullah for that! Haha!