I remember hearing their song MAYBE (I just found out about the title right now) on MTV once and the song just kept playing in my head. I was always wondering on what title of the song was and who sang it. It was until I saw Seventeen's April issue, when almost all the bands, ranging from Pupil to Rivermaya included this band on their list of faves that persuaded me to get a CD, and so I did. I didn't skip a track since it played on my compo. I think this CD would be staying in (repeat mode of course) for a little while. This is totally my type of music. I also bought albums of The Clash and Shiela and the Insects.

I finally got my hands on the latest Preview ish, and I tell you, it never fails me. Preview is like THE best fashion magazine ever. I'd say it's even better than the international magazines in stores. Preview is the best. I love everything about it. The lay-out and the photos - Ooooh the photos. The photos aren't just photos. They're like stories told in stills. I love that it's so tasteful, and they don't just feature high-end products, which makes you think that not everything has to have Prada or Louis Vuitton written all over it. It also made me recognize local designers. I already became an Ivarluski Aseron and Louis Claparols fan. Preview also taught me how to have my own style, that everything isn't about trends but putting pieces together, whether they're old or new. Preview itself is a trend (and I would say the same for F. Too bad they won't be airing anymore...)There is no OTHER magazine like Preview. I remember Carrie Bradshaw once said that even when she was broke, she'd choose Vogue over food, because it made her feel like it fed her more. I'd say those were my words too. Just take the word Vogue out and put Preview in it. No offense though, I am a fan of Vogue, but I'm a bigger fan of Preview.

Oh, and kudos to Zsa Zsa Padilla. Nice. I'd say, "Hot Momma!". She looks great. Everyone on the cover of Preview would look great. Hell, even Pokwang would look great in the cover.

I always dreamt of posing for Preview and continue to get to work with all these great people. I can actually picture it out - its like when one of the editors call or text you and ask you "Hey, are you available for a shoot this weekend? It's for Preview...." It'll totally look like a Miss Universe pageant and I had just been crowned as the winner. I would totally be fanning myself and the tears would be falling down my cheeks.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!..."

I'm still dreaming about it though. And no, its totally not shallow! Not for me, and not for any model. Probably top models are used to it but then... I'm not in that stage yet. I'm praying for it though, because this is really what I want to be.


Summer is really boring me, Fendi has a new bag out for the summer (The Fendi B Bag), but I'm still crazy over the Spy. Totally.

Lance get me one. Its only $2270. I bet you can afford it. If not, maybe Jay can. I hear the man whore business out there is doing pretty good. LOL. I miss you guys. And as I would always say...send me some love from Louis... Gianni... Giorgio...Christian...Dolce, perhaps? Any one would do. Haha.

I'm planning to get PUT ON YOUR PEARLS, GIRLS! In my list of books to read, aside from The Jesus Papers. Which I found really controversial.

Oh...the summer heat...leaves me with two thoughts:

1.) Get a Lacoste Pique shirt and
2.) Get all my whites out of the closet...and use them to death.

I wonder how the first one got into my head. Oh well. It just did.

Okay, since I'm reallllly bored...I'm making a list of things I MIGHT get...for the first semester:

1.) Platform shoes
2.) Earrings from Color Stones (I love their stuff)
3.) Make-up:
T.Le.Clerc Loose Powder
Laura Mercier two way concealer / Cinema Secrets (I'm still thinking on which)
Nars blush (in Orgasm)
Guerlain Lip Gloss
Philosophy Lip and Cheek stain
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
4.) Tigi Bed Head Hair Serum (smells reallllly good)
5.) A new wallet ( Gawd, my MNG wallet is falling apart after two years of stuffing everything into it)
6.) A new bag as well...(enough of MNG bags. They're everywhere).
7.) Thornby Sandals ( I don't care if they're "so yesterday") or maybe something from Hotwind
8.) Stuff from Zara, MNG and TopShop. Depending on the budget. Haha.
9.) Abs.
10.) Bigger Hips.
11.) Bigger Thighs.
12.) Fatter.
13.) My hair done...again.
14.) L'occitaine Olive Body Scrub
15.) Another can of ModelCo's Airbrush Tan in a Can ( I love the scent too. Plus I'm improving on applying it. Haha)
16.) Undies.
17.) A pair of low-rise skinny jeans from Moto or Levi's.

Oh well. I told you, Summer has this certain effect on me.

Darn it.