It's back to this - TEMPORARILY.


I really lost it. You know, the urge to write in my blog knowing that it doesn't look...right...anymore.

haha. whatever that means.

I really LOVE this skin so even if it means I can't have a tagboard with it, I hafta sacrifice. Boohoo.


LUCE - yeah, the graphics aren't working. boohoo. AND, AND, AND you will be disappointed with The Da Vinci Code. I kinda knew it was gonna end up that way. BUT the ending rocks. :-D heehee.

ANNIE - don't worry, my friends are already making me a new one! haha! :-)

JOT - gawan niya nalang ako ng blog kung ganon. haha! :-) Kainis diba, ang dami nilang binago sa movie!

Let's all wait awhile before things can go back to normal around here. Silly template. Grr.

Multiply has been keeping me busy for awhile, that's where I've been writing my silly blog entries and all.
So if I were you get a Multiply account too, and get hooked like ME! haha.

This is how this friggin' blog will look like for the mean time.
It's all but temporary, yo! Haha.