Its out, its out!

Wah! Get your copy, I may not be the cover, but its my first fashion spread and I'm so damn proud of it! I love the photos, and the lay-out and all.
It has Lindsay Lohan on the cover. Hah! :-)

Saab's article is there, Camille is there too! So get your copy!!!

Plus no matter how much I hate my "left" angle, it kinda looked good. At least for me it does.

Thanks again to Tata Mapa, Mia Fausto and Cindy Go! The Seventeen crew! You guys are the best!
And Sara... I love Sara! Heehee.

So there.

I loved how Saab wrote her article, so real. And Camille looks so damn hot!

So there. Again.

Lol. O, go na! Drag your ass out of that chair!


  1. Can you show pictures/scans of it here? =)

    Abbie congratulations I'm so happy for you (again). This is all just the beginning!

  2. SFM Search issue ata ulit yun e! :))

  3. GEORGE - check out my friendster account. Or wait. You already have the issue! :-)

    CHES - haha. crazy girl!
    Uy atat na ako sa June! Wee!!! I'm so excited!