The movie adaptation of the book always turns out the same.


Or maybe because I expected too much.
Maybe because I read it and I know what was gonna happen next?

I actually had an epiphany after the movie, just as they switched the cinema lights on, it dawned on me.

But then after Eliott got the boot from AI, I kinduv forgot.
So I have to watch the movie AGAIN.

Okay so I admit. I liked the movie, but only because it had the visuals. The Louvre, The Saint-Sulpice, the Roslin Church and Silas.

But the story? Hmm.

I loved the ending though. Nothing beats the ending. I kinda reacted to it the same way I did when I read the book.

Man, Dan Brown rocks.

It's 3 AM. Got to hit the sack.
Will post more tomorrow. Or whenever.


My heroes, Jay and Lance will be working on my new blog. Thank God.

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  1. baah. i wanna watch the movie!wait, u talking about da vinci code right? read the book ages ago...

    now i can be one of those people who say 'ha, that wasn't in the book!!!' lol...