Preview Overload!

I swear, this magazine will be the reason of me ending up broke.
And to think that tomorrow I am scheduled for another full hour and a half of thrift shopping.

Yes, Friday is Ukay day. Its official.

So, I just grabbed my copy of the May issue last night, and I might far, this is...the best issue EVER.

I loved the every page of the magazine. PLUS they featured SKINNY JEANS and WAISTED BELTS, and sweetie CHINGGAY, in which I should just mention looks SO hot!

She's leaving for the states today ( or left? ). Aw, you have a safe trip Chinggay, I'm going to miss you more! Boohoo.

You should see my friendster account, I will be showing off my addiction for Preview. Haha.

Oh well.

OMG you've seen "Just Friends", right? I so love that song, "EYES"..

"Missed the last train home...Birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone...Cause I'm losing myself...It's in your eyes, open your eyes...."


Hmm. Now I'm out of words.

Not much gobbledygook to share with all y'all.

Except that.... SUMMER? BUMMER!

Ick, could I be any more cheesy? Gah.


  1. I saw you in Seventeen's May ish! You looked gorgeous, Abbie! ;)

  2. CHES - Ehem, mana ako saiyo eh! ;-) Nakooo, next month, the spotlight's on YOU, and I know YOU will kick ass. mwaaah!