Tragedy can be beautiful.

Yes it can.

I watched RENT over and over today, as I was packing my stuff up. What I really loved about this movie was how they made you feel exactly how they wanted you to feel. And like I said, it would make you see life in a different light.

Life is beautiful with all its tragedies. These people had AIDS, and through that they found life. This "disease" made them feel more alive. It even made them find love. And the songs...are the only ones playing in my head the entire day.

When Auntie passed, it brought the family together. And even if losing her was painful, she... in ways we did not expect patched everything up - without a word.

Thank you, Auntie. I miss you.

This however, is the opposite of tragic. Two days ago, I transformed into Wonder Woman again, saving a kitten from hunger. It stayed with me at the dorms for the past two days, until I had to leave him again. Poor baby. Good thing the really cool lady guard (who has been genuinely nice to us) took care of little kitty-kat's sibling, and now they're together. I miss him though.

AND...Kudos to my Babe,too. For doing such a good job. Looks like I found my partner when I finally decide to put up that animal orphanage in the future. Andrew likes to put up an actual orphanage for all the street children, and I on the other hand want to put up one for the animals. No, they don't need to be adopted. It would be sort of like...a home for the aged. Just replace that last word with animals, and we're all set. Jeez I could've just said it.

I'm serious about that.


I'm so SICK of seeing dead animals on the road. I hate to think that people treat them as such because they're ANIMALS.

And just because we don't speak their language, and vice versa, we always connote them being STUPID.
Hold that thought.

They're alive. They can feel whatever emotion WE feel. They just can't say so. But they know anger. They know pain. They know joy.

And if they ever do something we think is stupid, that's because they have their own "nature" of behaving.

If you think that just because we can't understand each other (and blame it mostly on their part because WE dominate this earth) doesn't mean we have the rights to do whatever we want to do with them.

If you ever think, or thought that way... then I guess YOU'RE stupid.

Shame on you.

So...I got back from the dorms a few hours ago, and I was planning on fixing my new blog and Multiply account but I'm just too darn tired. And I miss my Babe so freakin' much.

I wanna hug him again.
Hey Bub, gimme a big kiss. I CANNOT wait to keep you under my pits.
And the fighting. Nothing beats that. Because making up totally rocks.

I kinda like it when I get too mushy.
It kinda grosses me out too.

Oh well. That's what love does to you, sugar!