Your mission, should you choose to accept it... to KISS MY A**.

Or not. Okay, maybe I forgot to mention this ta all y'all that I have been ( and will always be ) a Mission Impossible fan.

I just saw MI:3 last week and I must say, NOTHING beats MI:2. I've watched that darn film over a hundred times! More than Pearl Harbor, I believe.

I have felt more passion for Nyah and Ethan... than Jules and Ethan.


So anyway, cutting to the chase (because all MI films are full of it...LOL)...

I saw a Paris Hilton journal at Powerbooks but then I decided to get the Kama Sutra Journal.

Surprisingly, it WAS NOT full know what, but the journal was more about souls and bodies. It was cool, though. So I bought it. I was desperate to get a journal. Not all my thoughts can be shared with the world, you know. LOL.

So there.
I'm in Alabang right now. I can't wait to have dinner.

...This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.