Five Five?

Now tell me how can I get that tall to join this!?

It would be a dream to be a part of that!

I guess I have until the 30th of November to pray. I have until the 29th to think about it. Should I give it a shot? Even when I'm like, 5'2"? My height has never been a problem to me, and I hope people can see that too.

Should I? Or is it better that I don't try so I won't get hurt. But hey... people need failure to succeed. If I don't get it, then its not for me. God has better plans. If I do, then that has to be good news.

Do you think this will be enough for Ruffa Guttierez?

Ha ha. So much for "putting yourself out there".

Oh please, God.

Tingin niyo ba makapal yung mukha ko for thinking about joining? I need your honest opinions. Tell me what you think, people.


  1. I think you must join that! It's better to tell yourself "Thank God I did." than "I wish I did.", diba? And who knows? You might just be Philippines' Next Top Model! Hindi naman makapal ang mukha mo dahil nag-join ka or nag-iisip kang mag-join or whatever, hindi lahat ng tao may guts na sumali dun. Diba? We know you can do it! :) Marami ka nang supporters, ngayon palang (kasama na'ko dun!). Go Abbie! :)

  2. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.." come on kaberday, (this is an honest opinion ha!) give it a try. walang mawawala naman.. plus we knw that you have that "model factor" ..alam mo yan. :)) we would love to see you there, right miss next top model?

  3. RAYA : You're right. I'm really going to think about it. Hmm. :-) I'll still wait for that sign from God! ;-) Nakaka-touch naman, thanks talaga Raya! :-)I'm all about the experience naman kase. Winning is just a big bonus. I'd love to meet new people and experience new things!!! :-)

    KAYE : Aw, kaberday! Salamat ha! Ipag-pray mo nalang ako, na sana makapag-decide na ako, at ipag-pray mo narin kay God na ibigay na sakin yun sign kung sasali ba ako o hindi. I mean, maging finalist ka lang dun, nako ang saya na! :-) hee hee.

  4. big, fat, YES! if i had the credentials and experience like yours, for sure you'll get in! :)

  5. IZZA: Wow, thanks!!! I pray so!! Waah.

  6. Join join join... just avoid the cat fights, ok?

  7. JOIN JOIN JOIN. dont question. just join... :D you are very qualified in that. You and Chesca should join. hehe