Learning from people you barely know.

I used to misunderstand her. Like, she's the type of person who puts herself on a pedastal. I tried being friends with her at first but then she rejected my invite. I wasn't mad or anything, but I was wondering what could possibly be wrong with me, that she couldn't even give me a chance to be her friend.

And then "Big Brother" happened.
I was really in shock, because I never thought something like this could happen to me, when I'm not even famous. I mean, why would someone want to ruin my reputation? What have I done wrong?

And then comes the lightbulb.
I have trusted easily.
I used to think that sharing your everything with people all over the world wasn't something I should be careful of. Thoughts like, "who would want to do that?" would always pop in my head. Post "Big Bro", I have learned one very important lesson : That being overfriendly has its downside.

Define traumarama.

I PMed her in Multiply saying that the experience changed the way of how I saw things and that I understood her now. And this time, I wasn't expecting a reply or a "thank you" or whatever. I mean, I can't blame her (of all people) to be so trusting anymore.

Months later, she finally gave me a chance. I guess she stumbled on my "Big Bro" entry and she then told me she could totally relate. That's really nice of her.

Ellen is right. Its better for people to see you as someone who isn't approachable rather than someone...vulnerable or gullible. People always feed off the vulnerable ones. You have to appear as someone "like this". I guess its okay for people you don't know to say really mean things or judge you because what they say is actually pointless because they don't know you in the first place. Heck, they don't even know when your birthday is, what's your middle name, and if your nostrils get bigger when you cry.

And now, because of her, I am reminded of this one code that could disable the right-click function. I used it in my old blog, but lost the code (credits go to Bullish1974. Thanks for that, man. I miss reading your bs everyday). I searched for the tag online, and now its back. YAY.

I still find it hard rejecting people's invites. But I have to do something about it. Its not that you're accusing them of being capable of ruining your life, its just that its hard to trust again.

Its only happened to me once, what more if half the world would use your photos in all the evil things they could think of? The posers are already irritating to begin with, what more with these mongrels who use your photos for sex? That's seriously fucked up.

The things people do.

And so, to "my girls" (haha feeling) - Chesca, Patty, Carissa, Mika, Saab and Ellen... and everyone else who has been victimized by the fucked up minds of the new generation... Pairalin na ang instinct. I've learned that you really have to be picky of the people you should be nice to.

And yes, you don't have to please everybody.

So thanks again, to these girls I've met online, who I've learned to trust, and who have also learned to trust me.


  1. I set my friendster acct.to private cause I've seen frienster accounts with my pictures in it. But in the long run it doesn't really matter anymore. I don't know what's up, I'm not even pretty @_@ LOL! Grabe Ate Abbie nagiging superfan mo na ko ^__^

  2. IZZY: Aw, you're the sweetest! :-) Thanks! Ha ha. But you have to stop before my head explodes! hee hee. kidding. :-) And who says you're not pretty? Rawr. Hey I really think everyone should be safe na. Cos you'll never know. Tama yung ginawa mo. :-)

  3. most of the people who made fake accounts are the uuuuuber jealous girls who cant stand to display their own fugly faces over the net thats why they'd rather use someone else's pics..

    You didnt do anything wrong Abs, you didnt deserve that blackmailing that big bro did to you. Lighten up, i know its such a bad experience, but we're here for u...... =) *hugs and kisses...