The Affair of the Silver Platter.

One of the things really pressuring me right now is thinking about getting a job.

Its just so hard to think about it. When you were younger, everything was ready for you. Everything was on a silver platter, but now...

Life after college, you just have to learn how to make the silver platter yourself.

Its so nakaka-pressure. I mean, that's one thing about loving school so much, you forget to think about what you want to do in life.

What's even weirder is, when I was far from graduating I thought my dream jobs were so easy to reach. But now that I'm done... I just feel like... its going to take me...forever before I accomplish them. That's really fucked up.

I'm saaad. I want to do a lot of things pa, but whenever my parents ask me what my plans are I go blank!





Mom and I went to school to claim a few papers required for you don't wanna know what, and the most important thing we did there was to visit Andrew. We hung-out at "Shovel-Shovel" for awhile, saw The Grudge 2 (ew) and then we headed to Town. Good thing Andrew's group meeting was cancelled, but we only found out at like 4PM. If we only found out earlier we could've seen School for Scoundrels at Town! Ack.
And then we got him a pair of Havs! Yay!


I really had fun hanging out with two of my most-loved people. I can feel the lurve we all have for each other, its just so...relieving. Its what's been making me really happy these days.


Jeez, one of THE most tiring days evvver! But fun. Mommeh and I went to Galleria to claim the cheques from Summit (YAY! I missed riding the MRT!) Then we headed to Shang,got two 3D slippersocks from Debenhams! But I was looking for this skull necklace I saw in Seventeen a few months back. But alas, say hello to my detachable Hello Kitty and Eeyore heads. Haha.

We were supposed to look for Skull-printed Havs in Chocolate but I ended up eyeing on this Skull-printed Goorin Fedora hat. So I got that instead. And I finally got myself mailman-like shorts from Bayo (finally, something that fits me. Hirap talaga pag size 0 or 6 ka). Grr.

Uhuh! hahaha.

I bought November issues of Summit magazines, and after reading Candy, I just got SO jealous of that OTH fan that was able to take photos of OTH stars! OMG James Lafferty! Chaaaad! Haha. She's so lucky! Kudos, kudos!

Hay. Here goes.
Walang araw na hindi ako ginigising ng maaga ng Nanay ko! Pero okay lang.

Me me want Happy Feeeet! Eeek. iMax!!! iMax!!! iMax!!! Woohoo! Ha ha.

Just took this NOW, sitting my ass in front of the PC. hahaha!

Guess why.


  1. Aw. I guess that's the reason why I keep on enrolling myself to various university programs. I hate being out in the real world.. At least, when I'm school, I get this momentary reassurance that I'm doing something meaningful in life and that I will be someone great one day. :))

  2. i've been out of school for nearly 6 years now and i still feel as lost as ever! i feel like i'm getting dumber every second... there are so many things i still want to do and having a full time 'adult' job is just going to get in the way of that! haha.

    good luck in your decisions but remember while you are young enjoy life and travel the world! (this is probably not the best advice) haha


    p.s i'm loving that watch!

  3. JOEY - I wish I could do that too. :-( Aw Jeez. I love love love school!!!

    LUCE - I know, sometimes it can get really confusing but I never thought I'd be THIS lost! Grr.Hey at least you're doing meaningful things!! :-)