And it just didn't stop honking.

I'm sorry I love making words up.


Today my Mom and I had another lunchdate at Bubba Gump's after getting tickets in Makati. Sitting next to our table was Cheska Garcia having lunch with her Dad! Minutes later, her boyfriend Doug Kramer arrived. She looks much hotter in person pala! But I avoided looking at them too much para naman hindi bastos. I was supposed to have a photo taken with her but I was too shy, even if I know that she wouldn't mind with her uber-down to earth attitude.

Yes, unleash the fan within. Ha ha.

What I loved about Cheska is how she isn't your typical successful celebrity. She doesn't talk out loud for people to notice her, she doesn't speak pa-conyo english, and she smiled at ordinary people like us. Well my Mom. I couldn't look at her in the eye because I was so intimidated! But my Mom told me she was looking at me daw nung nagkasalubong kami on the way to the Ladies Room. Too bad I didn't see her, but my Mom smiled at her, and she smiled back! I also love how at ease the vibe is around her, unlike other celebs when they're around. Parang you can't act like yourself. But I love how she doesn't give out that vibe. No wonder she's so successful!

It was my first time to take the LRT on our way to the Emirates Ticketing Office. And my first time to ride an airconditioned jeepney as well. It was so cool.

We also snagged two pairs of Havaianas, the Christmas limited edition ones. I love that it comes in a plastic case and a free keychain!

Silver's Mine, and Gold's for Mom!

Drew is here again for the weekend! Ha ha. I'm so happy.

I know we look like doooorks.

Lucy, if you're reading this, I bought John Mayer's CD already! You're a good persuader. I haven't listened to it yet, although I know you'd choke me because its something you wouldn't do. Ha ha.

OKAY. THAT ENDS IT. Andrew is currently in the shower, and I'm next in line when he's... okay he just got out in his towel.

"I forgot my clothes."

What a tease.


  1. haha ang kulet ng ending... i've always wanted to try bubba gumps...

  2. GEORGE - Haha! Thanks! :-D Oo try mo, suuuuuuper yummy! :-)

  3. I miss Bubba Gumps! - we don't have one here in Oz... Oh, and we also don't have those Christmas Havaianas - cute!

    I'm glad you bought Continuum - I feel like I'm the leader of the 'John Mayer charity' - ok now I need sucker number 4! haha


  4. Oooh that Christmas Havaianas is soooo cute!! I haven't seen one like it around here! Dammmn. I want it!!

    Cheska's really nice. I thought she was so sungit at first, but she isn't pala. Hahaha! And soooo pretty too.

  5. LUCY - haha! You should convince more people! :-D

    COME HOME LUCY! To your err second home! :-) Heehee. I wanna go to Oz one day. I'll dress up as Dorothy Gale too, to look cute. Hahahaha. I just hope Oz locals would get it. Hmp.

    JOEY - You too should come home! :-D haha.

    Yes she is nice! And really pretty! I thought she was suplada too. But she proved me wrong!

  6. yeah maybe i'll go 'home' when i weigh about 110lbs - so i can be embraced by the modeling community once again. haha

  7. LUCY - you silly girl! ack. talk about standards, eh? If only I wasn't cursed I'd so loooove to gain some weight. Most of them are like, "you're so lucky you don't gain!" And I go, "huh?" I mean okay, so I might be partly happy but I don't want to be this skinny. Oh well.