Bonding, Borat and Camwhoring.

We went to Shangri-la today to pick-up the shirt I had reserved at Zara. Thanks again to Saab who told me where she got the shirt I recently saw on her Multiply (her friend was wearing it and later on she ended up getting it too not noticing na magkapareho sila. heehee.) It was skull-printed so kahit matawag na akong gaya-gaya okay lang! ha,ha. Thanks Zuv. I know you don't mind! Heehee.

I also got a gift for Drew's sister at Zara, since we'll be spending the weekend in Pangasinan and Kaye's birthday is on the 28th. Wah.

And then we watched Borat!
It was funny. But I kind of expected more.

On the way to the cinema I saw the Happy Feet stall and I wanted to get this Mumble keychain to use it as a charm for my bag. Ha,ha. Grr.

Sorry, camwhoring (especially at Zara) is a guilty pleasure. I know I look like a poser though. But who cares? Hahaha.

The overused peace sign.

I love this top.

Gaya-gaya ako kay Saab!


Mom and Drew. Love you both to bits!

Love. Ha,ha! Cheesy.

I love you SO MUCH Mom, you're totally THE best!

Anyways,I really hate that I've said "I'll pass" on almost every offer made and every VTR go-see invite I get! I mean, there's like always something in the way of me being able to go back into a studio! That really sucks.

Essy just texted me asking if I could do a fashion ed with her but I ended up saying "I can't" again since I'll be up North at the weekend. It sucks, really. But I can't give up spending time at Drew's. I just hate that I've been letting too many opportunties pass by, and to think that I'm struggling in this industry which I don't know if I am already a part of but oh well. God has a plan for me.

Something funny happened today. After having dinner I was singing "But its better if you do", and less than 3 seconds later my phone rang, in which "But its better if you do" was my call alert.

Ha,ha. Just sharing.

I wanna watch a lot of films!
The Nativity Story. Apocalypto. Blood Diamond. The Reaping.

Sheesh. I still haven't seen "Ang Pamana" yet! Grr.

Get me a soundtrack of THE BEACH!