Couldn't we all just get along?

One of the reasons why we can't feel the spirit of Christmas - is because of all the blood spilled on the ground.

But anyways. I'm not in the mood to talk serious. I'm currently watching 24 and its too much (ha,ha!).

Do you want to know how silly Andrew is? Oh who cares if you're not interested, I'm letting you know anyways!

Since we got our MMS and GPRS settings activated together last Sunday (ha,ha! Di naman super late no?) since we got our new phones, we've been sending MMS messages even if we're like 5 inches away from each other.

Today, after decorating the Christmas tree (which was, by the way the first time in years I felt the Christmas spirit again), I took a photo and sent it to him, using this word that I learned from Cams. too. Heehee. His reply was something that made my day.

ABBIE: MERRY CHRISTMAS, BEB! Payce Niggah! Bizzack! Hahaha!

ANDREW: My X-mas socks por x-mas! Merry Christamas!


Hey guess what, yesterday someone called for me, but since I wasn't home, my grandmum jotted his number down so I'd call him as soon as I got home. But since I got home late I called him today. When I dialed the number the operator answered:
"Welcome to Solar Entertainment Corporation..."

I gasped.
Solar Entertainment.

I submitted my entry about two weeks ago but haven't sent them photos yet.
When I got to talk to Onel (the person who called me up yesterday) later that afternoon, he was already verifying all the information I sent in the online registry form. When it came to my height, I said 5'3". And there was a long pause between us and you can tell that he was smiling while saying "Mmm..." and I replied saying the same thing. Ha,ha! He said that there would be a slight problem with the height but I told him that I submitted an entry anyways because it was worth a shot.

He then asked if I submitted photos already but I said I haven't yet. I immediately suggested I'd submit them, just in case. And he agreed.
"Just in case." We both said.

Just in case God says that I'm meant to get in. Then I'm meant to get in.
That's how life is supposed to be.

I'm thankful I finally feel the Christmas spirit.
I can't wait to write my annual year-ender report this December, and my New Year Predictions, too.

A SHOUT-OUT to Chesca and Cariri for both looking ubergreat in Candy's December ish (I grabbed a copy today, and as usual Candy still never fails to please the 13-year-old in me!)

Ack. Will upload more photos tomorrow, the ones taken the other day and yesterday. I'm really tired.

I miss you Babe!