Hello, Moto!

Well whaddya know.

My Mom and I were already booked to leave for Jeddah on Sunday. But somehow God wants us to leave after Christmas (on the 29th to be exact). Well, its better than leaving on January. Besides there are so many unfinished business here.

Anyways, yesterday, I finally got a MotoRazr V3x! I know its been a long time since it was out but who cares? Its hot pink and it flips and I love it! I used the money given by my two of my Uncles (as a graduation gift!).

I had it Gmasked today! Weepee! Single layer lang , cherries. I was supposed to have crystals stuck lang sana under the outer LCD to form a skull. But since putting the crystals can possibly do damage to the phone (like when you want them taken out na), and I can't cover it with a crystal case once the crystals have already been placed, I decided to just have it wrapped. And boy did it look hotter! Ha,ha.

I GOT ANOTHER PERM! At the F salon in Greenbelt. I was looking at the BedHead products when this familiar face came out of nowhere and asked, "Do you need any help?" I turn and end up starstruck. If I'm not mistaken he's the internationally acclaimed stylist who now works at the F salon. How stupid can I actually get to forget his name?

Sarap pala magpa-thread ng eyebrows! Try niyo!

Later that day, Drew and I met up too.

Getting another perm and Mom getting her hair dyed.

At Chef d' Angelos.

Tada! I love the flip'n'toe cellphone accessory I got at Colorstone too! Ha,ha.
Hello Eyebags.

I know I'm outdated but I'm in love with it.

Yay! Another Bed Head product. I really am a bed head, actually.

Tomorrow Drew and I will be meeting up again at Shangri-la (with my Mom of course) so I can finally buy the shirt I had reserved (thanks Zuv! heehee) and a shirt I can give as a gift for Drew's sis at Zara .

Then we'll be watching BORAT! Yay.

OH AND Paris and Nicole are BFFs again! I just grabbed the December copy of OK! Magazine ( I just love Paparazzi photos, seriously!) and read that they're BACK to being friends again. That's good news! Looking forward to seeing Pap photos of Mischa, Lindsay, Paris and Nicole all hanging-out together.

Need to get some rest! I've been sleeping for less than eight hours almost everyday, including weekends! Really, really cruel. Someone get me an OST of The Beach, please! Its a way better alternative than sleeping pills.

And yes, I FORGOT. How stupid can I get? KILL ME NOOOW!

I really do do do do super love and miss you to bits.
I know you had fun yesterday! Can't wait to see you again!

Me want bed.

I can't wait 'til we turn three!

Ha,ha. Okay enough.

Me want bed.