Of all the things.

Last night as I was about to take a shower I suddenly remembered what day it was. The 30th of November. The last day of the submission of the photos to complete my registration. What a dumba**. Ha,ha. How careless could I get?

Anyways, don't fret you guys. I'm sure there are more opportunities. Especially when I finally get "things" done when I get back from Jeddah.

I'm in Pangasinan for the weekend with Mom. I was having a hard time taking a shower pala last night because of the Grudge-like kisame in Andrew's bathroom. It was open, and exactly on the shower-head pa! I was freaking out like a crazy person thinking something blue with really long hair would be popping right in front of my face. But hey, that's just lack of sleep. Hahaha.

Weather is kinda bad but not as I expected, thank God.

I can't stay very long.