"Let them eat cake!"

Very randominable.
Yes I just made that word up.


Before, I used to cry out of nowhere, out of thinking about Andrew and how happy he makes me. I loved that feeling. But what I love the most is when Andrew becomes too sweet to handle, out of nowhere.

ANDREW : Ayaw mo nun? Makikita mo nanaman ang Jeddah. :-) Ako makakasama mo naman habang buhay eh, kaya dapat i-enjoy mo muna yung other things. :-)

Enough said.


And Rockstars can have kikay kits too! I'm sure you agree with me, Tommy Lee! Ha ha!

Thanks Mom, for revamping my ouulld kikay stuff for me! Ha ha!

FINALLY! The latest additions to my loot : TIGI Bed Head Uptight, Laura Mercier Foundation Powder, Model Co Lip and Cheek Tint, Nars Lip Lacquer, Clarins Eyeliner, L'oreal Volume Shocking Mascara. I retained the MAC Lipglass, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, Carmex Lip Balm and Lancome Juicy Tubes. I couldn't find my DuWop Lip Venom! Grr.

And I finally get to try a new Self-tanning lotion! And so I bid goodbye to my Model Co Self Tan in a Can. For now. Ha ha.

Say hello to a Merry Tanember!


I honestly never thought I would be able to get this. I was just drooling over it on a Magazine (actually, Preview to be exact. What else would I be reading?).

I asked my Mom that we go check it out when we were at Town, and when she heard that they were selling the last piece (two were already reserved and the other one got sold), I looked at her with puppy eyes (I had already tried it on by then) and she gave me that look and next thing you know she was reaching for her wallet and I was jumping in disbelief.

Hello, Ms. YAPang! Ha ha.

Ipag-YAPang mo!


Thank you, Tim Yap. For giving us another reason to be proud of our race.


My Mom and I saw Marie Antoinette today lang. Been really busy the entire week I couldn't even reply to my comments, I only had time for Multiply.

I made a review regarding the movie in my Multiply account. Go check it out.


She is definitely going to rock your world!

I loved the soundtrack too. Definitely buying it. And I'm getting it on Original DVD! Hah!

Kudos to Sofia Coppola for another well-directed flick! As understated as that sounds.


One of the many things I love about my Mom is how she never fails to think about my boyfriend.

Whenever we go shopping she always gets something for Andrew!
Mom, you're the sweetest. That goes for you too, Pops.

We're going to pay him a visit on Wednesday and I just cannot wait (I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT WAIT) to see him again. Feeling ko parang OBB ng Pangako Sa Yo ang kalalabasan naming dalawa. Pero okay lang. Sa ganon nararamdaman namin eh.

Babe! Let's make out in public when we see each other! Hindi na ako huhulihin ng Discipline Officer kase di na ako nag-aaral eh! Ha ha! ... Hu hu. :-(

Oh well. I trust you Andrew. Bitchslap all the bitches surrounding you okay? Just like I taught you. Attaboy. Okay Sit! Stay!
Ha ha. I'm kidding.

Baaaaaabe. Let's get married already!!! Grr.


  1. Abbie! I've been drooling over that Tim Yap watch since he launched! Too bad I was back home here na. Where do I get one from? Me want so bad!!! Aaargh! :)

    Can you send moi a message on my multiply pwetty please?

    Thanks! :P

  2. That Tim Yap watch is sooo cute! Buti nalang you got the last piece. (Last piece na, right?) Ang galing siguro ng pagp-puppy eyes mo. Hehe. Very convincing siguro. :D

    Hmm. Your boyfriend's sweet. Hehe. Enough said talaga yung sinabi nya. :) And I sooo love the last line of your post: "Baaaaaabe. Let's get married already!!! Grr." *Kilig* :)

  3. Wow! And I thought I was already a kikay rockstar! Your cosmetic kit totally trumps mine. Hahaha! Why on earth do you have too many lip glosses/balm/tint?! And by many, I mean more 4 coz that's how much I carry around with me everyday.

    What's the design on the side of your watch? I have the same one too - not a Tim Yap design though. And mine says "World Peace. No War." I would've loved it if it said Pinoy. Would you know if there's a way for us to change the text?

    I bloghopped to your site via Lucy's, btw. :) I enjoyed reading your entries!

  4. ANNIE - Hey tell me about it, okay? :-)

    RAYA - Andrew's the sweetest! :-) I love him to pieces! Heehee. Thanks Raya!

    JOEY - Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it! :-) Uhm I don't think we can change the text. Heehee. Yours has a nice text too! :-) I have loads of lipgloss 'cause...I put them on depending on my mood. Haha. Go figure! Abbie is verrry moody! Heehee.