C'mere Kitty! C'mere You!

Of all the cats, you're the one I'd want to strangle.
And then I'd strangle all the members of the Pussycat dolls, too.
But that's a different sorry.

But hey. That would be a crime. Its a bigger crime than the one you've always been committing. Besides, you're not doing anything wrong. I should be happy that its actually the sincerest form of flattery. Ha,ha.

I just got back from Pangasinan! I repainted my chipped nails. I know its bad to sleep late when you have a shoot the next day. But I'm a bad girl. Ha,ha.

I can't wait to see you, Bianca, Sara and Patty! I'm excited to work with Xeng again, too!


Will reply to your comments tomorrow guys, and will post photos too!
Oh and I'm typing my Wishlist and my New Year predictions too.

O, baka pati yan gayahin na ha. Buti nalang ako inaamin ko pag gumagaya ako.

But anyways, its Christmas. So everyone does the wishlist. Hahaha.
I have a lot of kwento! Can't wait to tell.

My nails are almost drying out so I have to tuck myself in. I need sleep!
I don't need bigger eyebags for tomorrow.