Happy Holidays, I miss camwhoring!

Yes, totally irrelevant.

Gah, I missed blogging. You know what else I miss?
I was browsing through my inactive Multiply account and I came across those camwhore-filled albums way back last year.

Okay, not to brag or anything but I wish I still looked like that whenever I camwhore. Ha,ha. What is up with my self-esteem? LOL!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to greet you guys yesterday. I wasn't even able to text my Christmas message (yes, I composed it myself, just like I do every year) to all of my contacts, thanks to running out of credits. Oh well.

So how did your Christmas go? Mine was better than the usual. Its been a few years since I last felt the Christmas spirit, but I sure felt it this year.

Today was my second day of driving lessons. My Tito is teaching me, today I practiced driving in Southwoods. I can't wait to drive my own car. But whenever I'm off to learn, I just get so jittery. Oh well.

I think I'm going to get bangs tomorrow.

Lance I hate you for ever mentioning /b/ boards.
Okay now I'm starting to get addicted.