I'm dating everyone right now...

Will DeVaughn, Jesse Metcalfe, Channing Tatum are my lucky guys.

I wish.

I'M IN JEDDAH NOW! Sitting with my good good good friend Jennver, and I'm suffering with colds.

While in Dubai, I was pulling off a Honey using the WiFi access while I was on my I-mate. I was typing a blog entry about how pissed this one copycat makes me but just as I was going to press on PUBLISH my PDA died on me. Very nice.

I barely slept the entire flight. I was up watching all these movies and I loved Step Up! It got me all kilig. Ha,ha. John Tucker must die just made me drool over Jesse, though.

I missed it here. Most of the time I'm grinning and smiling looking around, remembering how my life was here and how much I missed it back then.

I can't wait to meet up with Ann.
And visit my old school!
I never thought it would be this exciting.

I miss you guys.

Okay, gotta go.
Boyfriend number three is calling.

OMG I have four boyfriends, I forgot to mention Andrew!