It's been what, ten years?

It feels like I was out in Mars having a vacay.

The PC broke down while Andrew was using it three days ago and we weren't able to go online since. Thank God its okay now.

The other day we went to EK with my fellow Kidlat people. Only without Mara, Regine and Crizel. You can say I was the only girl there. Ha,ha. But there's nothing wrong with having all the boys to yourself sometimes.

I was such a scaredy cat I didn't ride the Space Shuttle.

We didn't stop falling in line for the Rapids until everybody was soaking wet.
Yes, I will post photos soon when my Mom is done with the sermon.

What I hate about moving is all the hassle and the new adjustments!
But the thing is, we're not moving until the last week of May.

I guess having a lot of stuff does have its cons.

And I hate everyone else making a big deal of things. Sometimes you can't help but think about getting married (like right now) just to shut everyone up. And so everything you do together would be legal.
"OMG they're brushing their teeth together, I wonder what else they do together".

I just keep mum about it but inside what I'm really saying is LEAVE ME ALONE! I've survived years without almost anyone there and now that everyone's here I feel like I don't need any more guidance, not because I can do everything on my own but because I've gotten used to that kind of life where I control everything and I do what I want to without anyone telling me what to do.

I know its bad but for crying out loud.
Treat me like a twenty-year-old.

I am not the same person as you left me, and I sure as hell have changed. I may not be able to handle everything about life, but I sure can handle myself.
I've done a lot of things without "guidance" and I survived. It wasn't easy but I went through it.

So please.
Don't make rebel. Its not a threat. But I can't help but feel like I'm on a very short leash. I'm not used to that anymore.

As mean as this sounds, please leave me alone.
At least for now.

Just one day without this.
Just one day.

Or a year I guess.

How much does one island cost?