My Christmas Wishlist.

What a cheesy title entry.

NO. This is not an open letter to Santa Claus. Even if Santa reads it, I'm sure he won't grant me my wishes because I've been quite a bad girl this year. And even if I've made up for my mistakes, I think Santa should be granting the wishes of all the families affected by the calamities. I also know this goes beyond his field of work, but Santa should fill for what the government of every country lacks. Which means, Santa... you should run each and every country on Earth.
Please kick their filthy, corrupt bottoms.

As for my wishes, Its up to God to provide them. But first, it would be up to me to be able to reach them.

Alas. Here goes. My wishlist that applies not just for Christmas, but for 2007!

1. A convertible beetle.

♥ I've always wanted one. I want it in RED! The seat cover is going to be in leopard print. Wild! Ha,ha. Although I love staying at the backseat, I just cannot wait to drive on my own and feel the wind blowing through my hair! And I'd do it "Stars are Blind, Paris Hilton" style.
ROAD TRIP!! Ha,ha!

2. Two dogs would be fine.

♥ The Cocker Spaniel was always a dream dog, since I saw it in a black and white photo on my "How to draw" book that I got aboard a boat named Doulos. I fell in love with the Siberian Husky since I saw Devil on "Snow Dogs". These are two of my dream dogs. And I can already imagine them jogging with me, and sticking their tongues out of the car when I drive about town. I'd love to get a Toy Dog, too. But these two are my priorities! Ha,ha.

3. My personal IT bags.

♥ Although it would be great to be on IT girl La Lohan's shoes to be able to tote all the IT bags the world has to offer, my IT bags would be the Fendi Spy Bag, the Chanel 2.55 and the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag. I know they're out of "style" but to carry these lovely ladies around my wrist would be a dream come true! Heart Evangelista said that she would invest on designer bags because she would be able to pass them on to her daughters and I agree. But if I would ever buy an LV bag, I wouldn't invest on the monogram bags because they're all over the place.

4. Because I am a hardcore gadget girl!

♥ Thank you Pop for that. Ha,ha. Right now I'd really love to have the Powerbook G4! And the Sony DSC-N2 digital camera. Please please? Ha,ha.

5. Chwispy Chreme for Christmas!

♥ I first read it in Corinne's Multiply account a few months ago that there would be a franchise of Krisy Kreme in the Philippines. When I heard about its grand opening, I was one of those at home wishful thinking that I was first in line so I'd have like a year supply of these scrumptous doughnuts. Ha,ha!

6. Knick Knack Knickers.

♥ I've already bought my second set of CK underwear last month, so I wanna get a pair of lingerie from Victoria's Secret, La Senza and Chantal Thomass (I saw Aurora's pair in her friendster account and it was love at first sight!). Here's to feeling sexier when you're not nekkid!

7. High-end, Avant-garde.

♥ I have ALWAYS, always wanted to be a part of an avant-garde shoot. Like crazy make-up and super hair that would leave me unrecognizable. Like a whole new different person! I love love love everything avant-garde. Especially when they do it on Preview. Appearing on Preview Magazine will always be my number one dream. And I hope I get to see the day.

8. A pair of Skull-printed Vans in size 5 please.

♥ Because they rock. But they never fit me. That's really sad.

9. Shop like a crazy person at Marni's Room and I love you.

♥ I have ALWAYS wanted to shop there! Seriously. But being a mallrat, I get easily blinded by Zara. TopShop. Mango. And who could blame me? Ha,ha!

10. Tickets to... wherever.

♥ Because I have always dreamed of seeing the world. I always thought that it would be the best gifts ever, seeing what God left for us to see. I would love to explore other cultures, and see how different my way of living has been. I think it would be the most magical experience.

11. Diamond-batting peepers.

♥ Because I adore Madonna (totally), I got all giddy when I saw these on her, because I've been eyeing on them even before they got really sikat. Plus after seeing the very controversial Gretchen Barretto bat her eyes over a million times last Sunday in The Buzz, you just gotta say it to yourself: "If I ever have a pair on, I would never do something like that."


12. Because they're Tsubiliscious.

♥ With about PHP15,000 a pair, you know you've got to have one. I know I do. I WILL SOON INVEST ON TSUBI JEANS! Come 2010, you'll see. Ha,ha! They've just arrived in Manila! Aaaack!

13. The modern-day Tiara.

♥ I've always always wanted one! I think they rock. I hope Herm├Ęs makes these really cute skull-printed ones. For me, they would definitely be to die die die for.

Anyways, I decided that I continue to update my wishlist first since all these things just keep popping out of nowhere. I'm too tamad to post photos of the past week, but do not fret. I will soon.

I believe one of my biggest dreams is about to come true.