While I'm getting used to having a Mom again after years of separation (I took up college here and both my parents were in the Middle east), I couldn't get over the fact that I snagged a genuine Miu Miu dress at the 3 for 100 section at the nearest Ukay.

I also can't help but feel anxious of the new home I'll be having in a few months.
And everything starts from scratch. For the meantime I will be dealing with having almost nothing at home. Ha,ha.

I remember when I moved to Jeddah my room was almost empty. Months later it just got fuller and fuller.

I guess I'll be doing the same with this one. As soon as I get there I promise I'd work my butt off to look like we're settled, so I can finally get a dog.

I surfing on Dogster right now and I can't wait to sign-up for an account when I finally have my own! All the stories of dogs who died in their sleep or got euthanized made me cry.

But what should I get first?
Siberian? Spaniel?
No, Siberian first.

I'm kind of falling in love with Bichons.
Okay, Siberian first.

I'll name it Atienne, regardless of the gender.
Kish would probably be for my future Husky.

Here's to sleepless nights of pampering, litter box training, cuddling, taking pictures of it sleeping and signing up for Dogster!
I'm soooo ready.