This is bleak, you guys.

Do not fret! This is not done yet. Ha,ha.

Its 1:40 A.M.
I sat my ass in front of this freakin' computer since 10 A.M.
And my lay-out isn't even done yet.
I am a ditz.

My brain cells are dying.
I find it so hard to understand HTML.
My eyebrows meet whenever I try to figure them out, even basic HTML!
What the f?

I want drop-down buttons.
I want my titles to be big and bold.

Suggest websites that I can go to so I can get better at this.
I really hate HTML!


I'm still fixing my border tomorrow.
That's it for today.

Sorry if I've been leaving you guys hanging!
When this is done, I promise matitino na yung entries ko.

Thanks for visiting!
I deleted my old template by accident, I've already linked a lot of people, please leave your blog addresses nalang so I can link you again.
So sorry!