Three hundred and Sixty five days of Abbigasms.

(Thank you Lance for inventing such a word)

IT feels like just yesterday we were right outside the gate lighting up all the fireworks we bought from Bulacan. I remember clearly lighting up my favorite, the Chinese fireworks that symbolized Love, Peace, and Success, wishing at the same time before I heard it fire up to what appeared like a moonless night.

There I was, ignoring the rest of the fireworks that looked like moving pieces of artwork drawn into the sky, blankly fast-forwarding to what would the year be like for me. And just like last year, I felt butterflies in my tummy, asking God what he had in store for me.

This has been one of the toughest years for my relationship with Andrew. I may not have been as stupid as I was the previous year, but I was on a different level of stupid this year. But I learn from it as usual. As the year progresses, the voice in my head starts to get louder and louder, and louder.

This year, I have concluded that I am partly mentally ill, but Lance told me that we all feel that way. So I say,Cheers to being part-Marissa Cooper and part-Peyton Sawyer, two of television's most complicated, troubled, disturbed lasses ever.

This year was nothing like I expected. Its the perfect mix of pain and everything that contradicts it.

Alas. The worst and the best, and the only ones I'd like to remember this year. Come see the silly drawings on the side of my pictures. They look ew to me. Ha,ha.

January 2006.

I continued my stressful but fun internship at ABS-CBN. I always have fun even if I get back home at 12 AM. Take note, I commute.

Andrew and I celebrated our second anniversary, but we won't have the actual celebration until September because I was completing my internship at the time.

Bianca booked me for the Prom shoot, where I got to work with Camille (again, after months of not seeing her), and Hazel and Princess Violago.

Tata booked me for Seventeen's situational shoot where we shot at her place at the AAV. I made new friends, Corinna and Sara.

Andrew and I appeared on La Salleño's cover together with Athena and Anton (wow, they casted four a's for the shoot. Ha,ha).

I "hosted" this year's Fashion Rally. If that's what you call it.

February 2006.

Andrew and I celebrated Valentines Day at MyLK. It was kinda off, but we had fun. Thanks again Upper, for the ride home.

Ack! The Seventeen summer shoot! It was fun because I worked with Crizenda and Vince. I'm so thankful, Tata and Cindy. Thank you for booking me.

March 2006.

I knew I was going to miss Upper so much. She's the sister I never had. I love her to bits.

Upper and I had an impromptu (sort of) trip to Tagaytay because I was drooling over Halayang Ube the night before.

I started bonding with my Kidlat family. Ha,ha.

April 2006.

I was a talent for Rex and the City. It was hilarious working with that guy. I enjoyed with Ara, too!

My co-ABS interns and I relived our days at "Bahay ni Kuya" in Pepet's house in Imus, Cavite. You can say we had one helluva night, drinking it away. I ended up tipsy and sleeping under the pool table, and after showering it off, I enjoyed watching my friends puke away to Dreamland. We barely had sleep, but it was fun.

We headed to Puerto Galera where we spent three days and two nights, and I, spent most of the time lazing in bed tuned in to Animal Planet. God, I miss my JOU family.
We all had a LOT of tummy-filling moments. You know who the clowns are.

As soon as I got home from Galera, my family and I headed that same night to San Fabian, Pangasinan. I didn't even bother to unpack. Ha,ha. I also remember talking to Tabs on my cell on the way and listening to Ben Jelen's "Come On" the entire trip. We stayed there overnight. I remember this crazy person drooling over my legs while we had dinner in Chowking. Ew.

May 2006.

Spent THE most unforgettable summer with my Babe. I think this is when it really occured to me, that I could totally spend the rest of my life with him, just being there having petty quarrels and making up for it everyday. It was the perfect summer for us.

My first trip to Pangasinan. I'm so happy to get to know his family! I love bonding with them. I just hate that Andrew and I fight even when we're there.

Worked with Laureen Uy after Cindy booked me for my first Fashion Spread in Seventeen. So far its my favorite fashion spread.

This is where my obsession with Rent started.

Upper celebrated her birthday in Matabungkay, Batangas. The JOU people + Andrew reunited! I love that I didn't really feel the moldy stones because Andrew was "carrying" me the entire time.

Ha,ha. We ate at CPK like every week.

I bought and started writing on my...what most people would describe as controversial... journal.

June 2006.

I met up with my highschool buddies! The Autistiks. Hahahaha. We slept over at Ann's after celebrating her birthday at Bubba Gump's. Then we headed to Carlo's pad and they drank and then we went back to Ann's place and we were camwhoring 'til 5 AM. The next day we went to MoA, which was my first time there.

I met up with my Seventeen girls and had a very memorable day. We were Super yayas for the day, to Cham's beautiful angels. I love Chammy! I also love that part when Camille, Frank, Saab and I were left at the car and we had to drive them home to Antipolo. Camille and I had this "heart-to-heart" talk after. I miss them.

OMG I turned 20. Ew. But the good thing is, I turned 20 doing what I loved. Bianca booked me for the UAAP Beauty Ed, and I celebrated it first thing in the morning at Sara's studio. I walked in, saw Jigs and Tatin and I was like, "Its my birthday!" Ha,ha. I love Jigs. I was still sleepy that time and he was like, "Hey Abbie, are you okay? You seem so quiet today." Heehee. Isn't Jigs the sweetest? I'm happy I got to work with Claude again, too! Plus Bianca and I were so inggit with Claude and Tatin speaking french. Aah.

After the shoot, Andrew and I met up at Greenbelt and I treated him at Bubba Gump's, too.

Mika booked me for a shoot for Seventeen where she was styling and I had a blast working with Cham, too! Most of the time I'd just admire Mika for being so multi-talented, and she's THAT gorgeous. I must be so lucky to have met her.

I also spent two consecutive stressful days in school, enrolling. Now I miss that.

New roomies (that I love, too) - Cathy and Chaiyie.

This is when Anna, Jhen, Kat, Pao, Tsik and I started to bond and gotten REALLY close. Anna's dorm is like my second dorm.

July 2006.

OMG how could I forget, it was my first iMaxgasm experience. We had a hard time though, since all the tickets were sold-out on weekends so we had to go there on a Wednesday and buy tickets for the following Wednesday. The experience was unforgettable because... DUH, what could be better than sort of seeing Brandon Routh right in front of you? It made me want to take him right there and then. LOL.

Celebrated Horhe's birthday at his place in Tanza, Cavite. It was a long day and I wasn't feeling very well. But nothing beats Karaoke and my JOU family combined.

Celebrated Fiesta in Kawit, Cavite. Thank you Crizel for accomadating us. It was cool that we were able to visit the Aguinaldo shrine, too.

Ack. When Andrew and I "discovered" the Ukay in Olivares (Tagaytay), we said HELLO to chilly afternoons Ukay hunting almost everyday. This one time we were there, we walked all the way from Olivares to Starbucks! It was the best. I love walking around with my Babe, we get to talk about a lot of things, walking with our arms wrapped around each other, just as they do in the movies. Ha,ha. We had dinner one time at Antonio's. YUM.

I met up with my HS buddies in Alabang and ended up in Malate where I saw Hanny. Woohoo. Crashed at Jason's. I love that my boy and HS buddies get to bond.

August 2006.

As much as I want to support my boyfriend in everything he does and loves to do, I, most of the time hate hate hate going on his Taek competitions and promotions because of the lame system. I mean, imagine sitting down for like 10 hours and by then your boyfriend hasn't even started yet, and all you see is people in white, screaming their butts off. The restrooms are filthy, and you're uncomfortable. Most of the time we end up fighting and then I don't support him. No hugs after the fight, no wiping off of sweat, no picture taking. I'm a bitch, I know. As much as I hate myself for being that, sometimes it just can't be helped. I can support my boy in everything that he does, but I lose being the stage girlfriend that I am when it comes to Taekwondo competitions. No offense.

I was interviewed for a job in this super-grool "company", ISDA. Fortunately I got the job.

Upper, Ara, Apple, Andrew and our HF friends and I met up and had dinner and this super scrumptous shawarma resto.

Andrew turned 19! And I got him a simple gift. Billabong boardshorts. Ha,ha. He told me to spend the rest of the money for myself. Isn't he the sweetest?

Jhen and Anna celebrated their birthdays at Tagaytay. We went thrift shopping even if it was raining hard and had dinner at Yellow Cab. I miss my Polca girls.

Ohmygaa, my first VTR. It was for Fita, I think. I saw Andre Felix during the VTR, and just as I guessed, he got the job.

September 2006.

Belated Anniversary Celebration at Nasugbu, Batangas. Two words : Walang tatalo.

October 2006.

Visited Pangasinan for the second time. It was an impromptu trip, thanks to Milenyo.

My good friend since gradeschool, Nat passed away. It was one of the saddest. He just graduated this March. Andrew and I had another one of our huge fights at the wake that's why I decided it was best we headed home before we made a scene. I'm really sorry Nat.

Andrew and I made the most out of our last month together as "students". We had the privilegde of seeing each other everyday, doing almost everything together and all.

My parents surprised me again. They came home without telling me they would be. Ha,ha.

Visited Palawan after 2 years. Met up with my gradeschool buds. Panalo.

It was the hardest moments of my life. Leaving another home. But this will be the closest home to my heart. The dorms.

November 2006.

I had haircuts like there was no tomorrow.

One of my OHMYGAA-I-can't-believe-it-moments : My Mom got me the limited Tim Yap ODM watch. And I bump into Sky and Carlo afterwards.

Got Babe a pair of Havs.

My obsession with Marie Antoinette begins right after I saw it.

And Andrew starts spending weekends at home. Yay.

I finally got a Starbucks planner. Last year really disappointed me.

I got another perm.

Hello, Moto.

Mom and Andrew bonds a lot.

December 2006.

Third visit to Pangasinan, this time with Mom.

Bianca booked me for a Holiday 2006 Beauty Editorial. Worked with Xeng Zulueta again. I love the vibe she gives off, like you've been friends for a long time and she's sharing chi-chi with you. I love her! I want Xeng to do my make-up when I get married. Heehee.

We found a new home in Rosewood Pointe. I really can't wait to start a new life there with my Grammy. Hello, Global City!

Reggie celebrated his birthday at EK. After months of missing them, I finally get to hang-out with my Kidlat buddies again. Tabs knows why I'm thanking him, too.


Yesterday my Mom and I went to Fix in Alabang and I was thinking about getting my hair cut short like Jessica Simpson, so it would like, appear as wavy but I decided to get bangs instead. I love them.

Oh, and an addition to being the proud Pinay that I am, I got a YABANG bracelet at Branded. I love that its only PHP50.00! Hey, you. Get one, too!

My flight's tonight. Off to Shawarma land. I guess its going to be awhile before I blog again. I'm going to miss you guys!

Yesterday, just as planned we were going to get the movie tie-in of Marie Antoinette : The Journey by Antonia Fraser. But I guess everybody seems to have fallen in love with her that's why its sold-out. YES, sold out on all Powerbooks and Fully Booked branches. Even Bibliarch, Sketchbooks and Montage had them sold out. I guess I'm just gonna get one in Dubai, even if I had planned on reading it while we're lounging in the airport. Oh well.

Guys. Tell me how your year went!
I'm wishing you all a happy and blessed year ahead!
Go 2007!

P.S. SHOUT OUT to Camille Agcaoili. I love you so much, Choclit Cake. You're the best. Imagine, you were listening to my rants at 5AM! I so so so love you for that. HUGS.

And Yen! I bumped into her at the Town yesterday. Yenny! I'll be learning Belly Dancing soon, promise you'd teach! O-yay!