Turn again and turn towards this time.

The Marie Antoinette OST was on repeat mode in my MP3 player yesterday. And as I'm typing this entry, I'm on track number 4 of the first disc.
Pulling our weight by The Radio Dept.

Lance granted my wish! He helped me DL it step by step. And so I must say, I'm loving Torrentspy right now. I was able to DL The Beach's OST as well. Ha,ha sorry. The first time I downloaded Torrent, it wasn't working well.
Now I can say hello to THE OC SEASON 4 EP'S! Yes! Hahaha.

Okay. Gobbledygook.
I haven't used that word for eons.
Ha,ha. I wonder why.

I really cannot wait to get a job.
I used to hate the idea of finishing school and working to earn a living.

Now, I'm just so atat to finally rant about something more senseful.
And to get off that leash.

I sound so rebellious.
Maybe because I've been that these past few weeks.
And I hate it.