Ha,ha. As promised! This is something I'm trying out. Ha,ha. See, I'm an aspiring Feature writer. And I'd love to be given the privilege to write for a magazine, or 2bU! And so, let me start practicing by doing this trend report/fashion review for you guys. Ha,ha.

I actually searched online about it and found beans from MSNBC. They mentioned a few, like Prints,Minis,Metallics,Flowy ensembles and Technicolors. I searched for photos of the recent Fashion Week in Paris and based on studying the numbers that rocked the catwalk, I came up with Androgynous pieces and Avant-Garde being part of the trend as well.

I've also grabbed a few photos from my love (as usual, TopShop), and (as usual) I loved their 2007 line. Made me want to rip the lookbook off my monitor.

ANd yes, I'm on Poser mode again, or whatever you want to call it. Ha,ha.


I swear, Alexander McQueen is one of my all-time favorite designers. Monochromatic hues are still in the scene. I loved how he made this number look so feminine, but the pieces are actually more masculine, especially the hat. Hermès gives off this "I kick ass" vibe with the big coat, and the color. I think its for the classy chick who wants to experiment but doesn't want to compromise being "classy".

Finally, designers are giving us the chance to be ourselves. Through this, we can show everyone else how artistic we can get through dressing up. Don't you just love that Avant-Garde is finally part of the trend? I suggest that we play with more colors, though. You can still stick to monchromatic colors if you don't want to go THAT crazy. Or, you can experiment with clothes using the same shade of color. Just make sure you add accessories to not make it look boring. Chunky accessories like the ones from Christian Lacroix perhaps?

This made me really happy. You all know I am into Antoi a lot and since most of her wardrobe was composed of girly stuff like frills and ruffles and flowers - this trend allows me to go show everyone how crazy I am over them now. Ha,ha. I mean, it really does allow you to look like a walking flower shop. Seriously, if you can pull off that McQueen number, why not? You can settle for this Hermès ensemble too if you feel like going for the minimalist look. Don't wear the jacket, pair them with flip-flops, tie your hair back, apply barely any make-up and wear those big-arse shades. Yes. Very Kirsten Dunst.

I really do think its the most comfortable and classy trend this year. Actually, flowy tops and dresses have been around for awhile. I think they're just taking it to the next level, making it more sexy. I'd definitely love it if I dressed sophistically.

Ah yes. Silver, Gold and Bronze. Wear your sunglasses when you open your closet. Ha,ha. Don't go all out Metallic though. If you don't like anything mettalic on your clothes, you can settle for mettalic accessories. Just don't make it look like you wanna take Ludacris' title with uhm, all the bling-bling. If you decide on wearing mettalic outfits, make sure you're just wearing one. Like,a Trapeze top or a Tunic paired with mettalic leggings or a mettalic off-shoulder top with black leggings or skinny jeans.

Somehow I'm thankful I've graduated (but nah, I'm still depressed). Unless, I wouldn't be able to wear the hottest trend of the year. Yes, sweetbuns. Flash everyone with those hot gams! Please remember to exfoliate before you do, though. You can wear that Stella McCartney mini dress with leggings, pair them with flip-flops,Chuck Taylors or flats. If you're headed to the beach, you can wear the mini dress alone (I'd love to). Can you find a hint of Avant-Garde in this Louis Vuitton ensemble? If you want to pull if off, you can pair it with flats or flip-flops (if you dare) and change into red platforms by night. If you don't want to overdo it, make sure you stick to accentuating one part of your body.

Hurray Madonna! Remember she started the Disco Diva look last year? Now we can wear more of those. I love colors. I love mixing and matching them. Hello Neons! Ha,ha. I only wore my skinny jeans over a hand-me-down neon pink bodysuit from my Mom once. Now I can wear it more and pair it with hotpants and electric blue leggings. YES. If you can't handle flashy colors, you can still stick to pastels, but this time make sure you pair them with colors not even close to each other. Say, pink and blue or green and orange. This specific trend is FUN, FUN, FUN! I love.

Source: WWW.MSNBC.MSN.COM (trends) WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK (photos)


You know that I love jumpers.I love everything braced, and I love my chucks. I love that the first outfit has class to it. The second one makes me want to go to the Pier and have ice cream (like Ryan and Marissa from The OC). Its got an edgy, nautical feel to it that I just love. Plus, nothing beats feeling comfortable AND trendy at the same time.

Can everyone say, HELLO SEVENTIES! This collection makes me feel like, a Bohemian Rockstar. Its so carefree and easy. And I can finally wear my bandana that way without people laughing at me. Unless of course, they really don't care about these trends and think I look funny wearing it that way. Ha,ha. Oh well, you better fly to where I am now. I promise to personally greet you. Welcome to Bohemia, where people don't have corks up their arses!

Probably my MOST FAVORITE of all their collections. Because it has so much funky and bright colors! And I'd really love to have the first outfit.

You can see the mixture of last year's and this year's trends in this collection. Black stockings, Platforms, Jumpers and Skinny jeans. Only this time vamped with more easy and flowy tops and headdresses. Very modern Seventies.

This collection has more urban pieces. It has a hint of Androgyny to it too. Its for the Laid-back NYC girl. I can definitely see Carrie Bradshaw pulling off the first outfit, only with crazy accessories. LOVE.

Source: All photos courtesy of TopShop.

This year is going to be so much fun. The trends spell F-U-N itself. Quoting myself, let me say "LET'S PAINT OUR LIVES WITH CLOTHES!"

I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed making this entry. Thanks again Lance, for posting it for me. As usual, all posts with pictures are being posted by Lance. Ha,ha. I might make more entries similar to this. Practice makes perfect, right?

Tell me what you think about 2007's trends and which one's your favorite. I'd love to hear it!

Now if only someone can send me TopShop goodies, everything in Size 6, thank you very much.








I saw this today:

king: would you stop telling to the world that you support PETA??? pa cool masyado. how could you say that you're pro PETA when your eating gross meat? remember your pic eating shawarma? you are annoying.

Abbie: KING: Not all PeTA supporters/members are vegans.Its hard to give up white meat.DID YOU READ MY ENTIRE POST?If you have nothing nice to say to me, I don't need your opinion.This is my site,f*** off

Then I sent King a PM in Multiply:

If you don't have nothing nice to say to me, I appreciate that you please stay out of my site.
Its not my problem that you find me annoying.

I have friends who work for PeTA and they respect that I cannot go vegan all at once.
If you can't respect me for that, then keep it to yourself. Don't visit my site and tell me that I annoy you. I am just expressing myself.

I aprpeciate if you never visit my site again.
Ayoko na ng mga ganyang comments.
Please stop it.

If this is such a big deal to you, then rant about it in your site.
Not mine.

Thank you and God Bless.

I appreciate that you left a link, unlike all the people who tagged mean comments anonymously.
Thanks again, but please don't visit my site again if you don't like my opinions.

Which is true, I really appreciate na hinarap niya ako bilang tao. But please, no more mean comments. I am not begging you to read my blog entries and I don't expect everyone to believe and support the same things I do. I don't expect to see things the way I do. You are in no position to say things like this to me.

If you want people to respect you, respect others too.

If you can't respect me, then that's not my problem. I don't need your respect. First of all, I don't know you. So before you think about leaving and commenting things that aren't so nice, you better think about it well.

Its funny. Because when I uploaded the MEET YOUR MEAT video in Multiply, someone asked me if  I was able to give up meat after seeing it.

1. My friend PJ who is a PeTA volunteer in the Philippines, and Ate Heidi had a really hard time giving up meat. It took them months. And you know what? They know I support them and PeTA but they respect me for not being able to give up meat easily kase sila mismo, alam nilang mahirap.

2. So being someone who is against animal cruelty, hindi na ako pwedeng sumuporta sa PeTA dahil hindi ako Vegan? Hindi mo ata nabasa yung mga entries ko sa Multiply. Diba may sinabi ako dun na parang, "Wala na tayong magagawa, talagang kinakain ang mga hayop pero sana man lang, dahil nakikinabang tayo sa kanila, tratuhin natin ng maayos"

3. Sinabihan ako ni Andrew na PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. May sinabi ba akong dapat tayo maging vegetarians lahat? Sabi ko SANA. Sabi ko WISH KO. Sabi ko sana, pag mag katapusan na ng mundo, gawin nalang tayong lahat na vegetarians. Para masanay na ang tao na walang meat. Ako nga, ang tagal ko nang gustong maging vegan, pero so far, RED MEAT palang ang nagi-give up ko. White meat, mahirap.

4. Kung huhusga kayo ng tao, mabuti sana kung alamin niyo muna lahat. Hindi yung magsasalita kayo diyan ng kung ano-ano tungkol sa mga paniniwala ko, mali-mali naman.

ANNOYING ako. Eh matagal nang binabasa ang entries ko. Kung ayaw niyo ma-annoy, wag na kayong bumalik dito. Kayo mismo yung nagpapagalit sa sarili niyo eh. Ako naman, nagsasabi lang ng mga opinyon ko. EH BLOG KO 'TO EH.

Ayoko nang makakita ng ganyang mga comments. Dun kayo sa lungga niyo magalit. Wala akong pakialam, at hindi ko kayo papakailaman kung ganun ang gagawin niyo. PROMISE.

Wag ka nang bumalik dito, please.
Ayoko na ng ganyang gulo. Bente na ako. Akala ko tapos na ako diyan.


Mon chou d'amour

Do I have to write as much about us as I used to? What for? Everybody knows what I have to say. Everybody knows we're together. And no matter what they do, its going to be that way for a long time. Long enough to probably make them stop trying to tear everything apart. Long enough for them to move on and have illegitimate children with four different men.

Do I really have to tell everyone over and over how much I love you? They don't need it. They're sick of it already. Hearing about how much I love this and hate that about you. Who's flirted with you today and all the other important crap.

But you know what, I think I still effin' want to. Because its important to me.
Because you really are important to me. And if they don't want to hear about it, then...its no one's loss. Because no one really has to hear it. What matters is I love you. You know that. You love me. I know that.

Three years. Has it really been that long already? I mean, it seems just like yesterday we were the most immature couple on the planet. Remember how you'd use to text and flirt with other girls? Or how I'd turn petty fights into something as big as the rock of Gibraltar, and walk out the shallowest reasons. I mean, how we both handled the relationship. Seriously. We can't blame them for thinking we'd break up the next week.

We were changing, and you did the most because you handled things better than I did. I'm a year older but most of the time its like I'm 5 years younger than you are.

But you're the meanest person on earth when we fight. And I happen to make things worse.

We've had several "Let's break up moments". People in the dorms hear us fight. They hear my silly threats and cries. They hear you scream at my face. They hear me go bonkers hitting my head here and there and whimpering. And all the other mad things crazy people do when they're mad at someone they either love madly, or someone they love but starting to hate.

But sometime last year you really wanted to get out of it, because you thought I was "sneaking" with someone and you thought modeling would ruin our relationship, because then you finally admitted that you were seloso and that you were possessive of me too. Which made me happy, since I sort of like the feeling of being wanted and being controlled in a way (but not totally).

I'd like to think God is just making us stronger.
And you know what, I think we are.
No. I know we are.

Three painful and beautiful years of being with you. I'd still go through everything all over again. But if given the chance, I'd change the times I've bitched a lot. Because you don't deserve a day to feel unloved. I wanna be better for you, Babe. Like you've been the best you can be for me.

I love you so much, saying it is not enough. Expressing it is not enough. Everyday I want to do more, I want to say more, I want to show more. But then. It still wouldn't be enough.

You are, the man for me.

The first time we ever felt like we can do anything we want to without ever worrying what people will say about it, because they don't know us. And we didn't care.

We bonded more than the first because, we had no one and nothing else but us. And that time we sat by the beach at night. Talking and munching on cheap potato chips.

The first anniversary we ever spent apart. But look, we're both smiling. Maybe because we both know that the mere fact we're together is something to really be happy about, inspite of now being in a LDR.

And who could forget this sweet and funny poem you made for me seven months ago?

As introduction
You must take precaution
This composition
will spill my compassion

Abbie is the girl
That can make my feet curl.
And my cousin Earl
Says that she makes his head twirl.

sometimes we may fight
the world would be in fright
and we'd give all our might
yet we'd still make things right

She may be crazy
Worse than a chimpanzee
But I guarantee
The she's the one for me

If you still want to experience Abbie's hallmark moments, read this cheesy sucker I wrote six months ago. But I only my contacts can view it.

ANDREW. You will always be my cabbage of love.
Ha,ha. That's cheesy. But that's how Antoi would put it.


Because I like 'em BIG (Part One)

Everyone should dream big. Ha,ha. Here are a bunch of things (big and small) I'd like to do, preferably before I hit the big 3-0. Rachel Ray inspired me to make one! Here goes, my life list! Sort of.

1. Learn how to surf.
I mean, I think it's a sexy sport! Ha,ha. But first I should learn how to swim, and face my fear of drowning.

2. Bellydance.
This was really Yen's idea. I mean, I considered doing Capoiera and Yoga, but since I've always wanted to learn how to dance, I think Bellydancing would be best for me. No, no modern dancing. NO. Thankfully, Yen promised she'd teach me.

3. Swim with dolphins.
I swear, I will cry a bucket-full of tears when this happens. I think Dolphins are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

4. Work for an Animal Institution/Organization.
I'd love to do volunteer work for PeTA/PAWS/WWF one day. Probably when I'm financially stable already. I'd totally devote myself to it.

5. Drive my own car.
I'd really want to drive a 2002 Beetle. I mean, I don't care if a 2006 model came out, I don't see any difference although I'm sure they've improved something, but I still want the 2002 model. Argh.

6. More cameras.
I want the Sony DSC-H2 now. (Fudge darn you Lance you got my first dream cam!) AND I really really really want a Polaroid camera, like Kirsten Dunst's in Crazy/Beautiful (only one of my favorite movies of all time). I've always wanted to develop the photos myself. Rawr.

7. A Fashion Diary.
I wanna document the clothes I've been wearing for fun. I'd post them in Multiply. Unfortunately, contacts would only be the ones who can view it. I'll start soon. Ha,.ha Exciting.

8. C'mere Powerbook G4!
Ha,ha I know you want me, too.

9. Bungee jump/ Skydive with Andrew.
Because I'd love to feel scared and safe at the same time. Ha,ha.

10. Make-out in public beneath the Eiffel Tower.
OMG. Ha,ha. Okay so maybe the Tower is hideous thanks to the light show at night, or it might not be as romantic, but since Andrew and I have been dreaming to go to Paris, we both thought that it would be a great "moment" , and that we should make it extra special. Ha,ha.

11. When in Rome
Ha,ha. You finish the sentence. Anyways, I'd really like to attend the mass at Vatican City.

12. Honeymoon in Maldives/Amanpulo
. Do you see why we both have to work our buns off? We're talking about a PHP110,000, 3 days, 2 nights stay at a luxurious beach.

13. Watch a Broadway show in NY
. Probably of Rent. I'd really love to watch Rent. Or maybe my idol, Joey can tell me what to watch when I'm FINALLY in New York. Ha,ha.

14. Star in an MTV.
Too bad. I let that chance ISDA gave to me slip away. That was a huge deal. I was going to work with big INDIE people and…I let it slip. Jeez, man. I was going to be their mainstay model. Which means I get to star in every MTV they direct.I am so disappointed.

15. Bump into a Hollywood star.
And have a photo taken with him/her wetting my pants. Hahahaha.

16. To help Mo Twister fulfill his mission.
Of putting showbiz in Chaos. I swear, for some reason… Showbiz and showbiz people are starting to irritate me. I'm talking local showbiz here. Okay, maybe it isn't Mo's intention, but I just LOVE what he does.

17. To befriend Ornusa Cadness.
Not for popularity reasons, but I'd love her to teach me to be as spunky as she is, and we could be shopping partners. I'd also ask her to contribute a few inches of her height to me. Seriously, I love her!

18. To Antoinify my soon-to-be bedroom.
I've been buying all these things that remind me of her, because I have plans of sort of copying her boudoir. I mean, I won't be able to make my room exactly like hers, but my Mom and I talked about having furniture custom-made. Like the bed (especially the bed) and a chair. It wont look like that the minute I move in, but I'll work hard on it. Thankfully Mommy dearest is supportive. Its going to be Modern Marie Antoinette.

19. To pose for Preview.
I love Preview more than Vogue. I mean, it appeals to me more. Although I still love Vogue, Preview holds a big place in my heart. And I would definitely love to be in it. Kahit sa "Chosen One" section, super masaya na ako.

20. Paparazzi photos
. I know I won't have one taken to be published in a magazine, but I will have paparazzi photos taken when I've saved enough money to hire a pro-photographer to nail the job. Ha,ha.

21. Catch up with the Ex.
Don't get me wrong though. The good thing about being friends with your ex before and after you got together is that you still get to have him in your life, although not in the same context but you know what I mean. Being in Jeddah reminds me of him and the many fun moments we shared. I miss him and I can't wait 'til we meet again, so I can kick his ass. Ha,ha. As I always tell him.

22. Anne Hathaway hair in The Devil wears Prada.
I want I want I want. I hope Philippe Tordjman is still in the Philippines by then! I was really shocked when he came up to me while I was checking out Bed Head products at their branch in Greenbelt and said, "Need help with anything?" I looked at him and lost all the blood in my head and went, "Uh…uh…no!" And had this big smile plastered on my face. Afterwards I looked at my Mom like I was in a scene in the Jumanji with big eyes and said, "OHMIGOD!" Ha,ha.

23. Work for the PDI.
I want to work just like Bianca. She's one of my inspirations. Like I said, I really love that her job is to have fun. I love she's doing what she really wants to!

24. Drop by the O.C.
I'm talking about the place. Not the set. Ha,ha. A close family member lives like 5 minutes away from The OC beach, and I'd love to bake there. Tan, I mean. Although I'd love to be in the set so I'd literally kick Willa Holland's (Caitlin Cooper) buns it'd sore so bad the producers would figuratively kick her out of the show. Ha,ha. Hope I didn't offend Caitlin fans. Your "idol" sucks. Haha. Oops. But hey who knows, I might like her later.

25. Own a La Prairie skin product.
I'd take the cheapest ones they have, about PHP7,000. Hahaha. And after its finished, I'd leave it on my dresser/by the bathroom sink, pang-display. Hahaha. Shushal.

26. I'm an Austrian Spy….
Ha,ha. I still want a Fendi Spy Bag. Jeez.

27. To strengthen my relationship with God.
Somehow, I need to fix things with God. I really need to turn and talk to him MORE. Sometimes, evil thoughts enter my head and then I wake up and think "Hey, that was mean".

28. To wake up Andrew at 4 AM or anytime before the day breaks –
In the middle of watching him sleep just to tell him how much I love him that I couldn't wait another minute to tell him that. And then I'll sleep in the nook (read: my nook is Andrew's chest. Ha,ha). Cliché, I know.

29. Go to a Strip Club in Vegas.
Please. If you want to go to one, it better be in Vegas. Or maybe you have a better suggestion? Ha,ha. I wanna go for fun!

30. Star in an Indie Film.
This has been my dream ever since! Ha,ha. You should read my old blog. I think it rocks. Chucky influenced me a lot. I even introduced like, Nick De Ocampo and Joel Ruiz whenever they would be guest speakers in school. Chucky really plays a big part when it comes to my "passion" for film. Ha,ha. I miss talking to him.

THERE. That wraps the first part. I'm still thinking about other things I wanna do.
I might postpone the TopShop/Urban Outfitters (thanks to Lucy, Joey and Au whose comments convinced me to check it out) plug muna and I might do a trend review for 2007. Something I'm trying out. Ha,ha. I'm excited to show it to you.

Andrew post up tomorrow. I LOVE YOU BABE, HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY, here's to 300 years more of happiness and petty fights.

And beautiful children, too. I can't wait.


Gretchen, sometimes you amaze me.

I mean, I know its weird. I used to hate her, but for some reason, I find reasons to like her again. I mean, okay maybe she is a primadonna and all but sometimes, when she talks, she says all the right words. I just wish I could like, erase all the other stuff I heard about her, though. Its why I sometimes find reasons to like her. Ack.

Anyways, you know that Blogger’s banned here, so whenever I post photos, I just send them to my good friend Lance and he posts it for me. You can say he’s been saving me a lot lately, like Superman. (Ha,ha told you I was Lois Lane.) Anyway. I’m posting photos today. This is going to be a very random, long post. Hope you’d read it ‘til the last effing word.

Andrew. We had a recent fight about what he’s been doing in school lately without me. Remember that last post I said about being overprotective? There you have it. He signed up for Lasallian Days’ Intrams –Swimming and Table tennis (so goodluck to: Girls + Andrew in trunks = Abbie speaking in CUSS – it’s a new language, ha,ha.) And I think he has plans of joining our friends’ band ( Andrew showing off his talent = Girls in chaos ) And I am not exaggerating, really. Girls have done things to him, to my face. This one time a girl passed by us and she shot Andrew THE look and I was like, WTF? Girls in the table in front of us were taking photos of him and all. Sending him messages in Friendster (like I don’t know his password). And other unbelievable things girls with itchy private parts do. OMG, put some ice on it!

Okay, so can you blame me for being overprotective? (Taken during our First Year Anniversary celebration two years ago.)

We talked about it though, and we were able to understand each other. Jeez. My man barely goes out and we do communicate almost every effing minute, what should I worry about? BESIDES. You guys are so right. I’m with him. He’s mine. And that’s all I need to remember to shut me up. Ha,ha.

Jaybo made my day by showing me this.

Garfield and Buttsecks. Yowza.

My kinda Antoi. I think its so obvious how obsessed I am with her. I googled photos of her and movie stills last month (actually until now) and I found this photo.

I love Kirsten. I love Marie Antoinette. I love this photo. Its so… modern. (Ha,ha. I hope you get what I really mean.)

I’m up to something Antoi-esque again. I’m so excited. I’ve been watching the film over and over kase last week. You know what? I think there’s a Marie Antoinette in all of us. I think I’m in her “I want something simple… To wear in the garden” phase. Its life-changing.

Ikea is groolness. Yes. Great + Cool = Grool. (Thank you Cady Heron.) Ikea is a Swedish furniture store and its actually famous all over the world, except uhm…the Philippines, and a few Asian countries I think. Way back 1998, this is where we’d get our furniture. And I love how their showrooms look like model homes.
Being the Journalism student that I am, I took out my phone and secretly took three photos. Wow. Three photos. Ha,ha. We got stuff for the Kitchen muna . And a SR95 chopping board which weighs half an elephant. Ha,ha. Ghad I can’t wait to move in.

TOP: The first wasn’t my favorite kitchen. The one I liked looked like Martha Stewart’s kitchen. Sort of. Ha,ha. MIDDLE: This bedroom looks nice and it has a walk-in closet that I’d love to have, which connects to the bathroom, all that behind that wall. And don’t you love the lamp on the floor? BOTTOM: This room totally rocked. Cloth on the walls. Coolness. Must love.

Of course I was on the look-out for something Antoi-esque. And luckily I found two pillows that can make my room very modern “Antoi’s boudoir”.

Oh look, a camho. What’s new with that? Here are photos of last/this week. You know what, I love that I’ve been gaining weight here. Honestly, I feel so confident now. Not stuck-up, but confident. O-yay.

Maybe…we’re all camwhores? Ha,ha.

Copycat = Not cool. Na-uh. I’ve blogged about it before. And I was really furious and fed up because I’ve had a “shadow” for over a year and its not funny when you’ve had one that long. And then I remembered that I used to rant about how much I hated people who judge me. I figured I was judging the copycat too. I think the copycat got pissed at me. In the first place she shouldn’t be because that would mean that she’s guilty. Andrew told me that maybe I should confront the copycat or sue her for plagiarism (Ha,ha I love you Babe). I can’t confront the copycat because I am dead sure that she’d deny it and make it look like I’m the bad guy. I mean, I never really thought about her being a copycat even when I noticed, not until my friends told me about it. What’s even weirder is, copycats show off their photos to everyone, and the “original” people don’t really show it, except to people they know. So, in the end the copycats would make it look like it was their idea. But never have I seen a copycat like my friend Camille’s. I mean, she copies her straight-out. I look at the copycat’s photo and see Camille all over her. What’s even worse, is she calls Camille names, when its actually clear to everyone who the bad guy is. Really, OVERDOING the whole “I idolize you” thing isn’t just scary, it’s rude. OMG. Harap-harapang bastusan But what’s worse is when they steal your thoughts and make it theirs. I’ve always been outraged by the thought of a copycat, even if I shouldn’t waste my time on them. I wish Cams and I were as used to it as Saab is, with everyone copying her blog titles, her signature pose and words. I asked her how she deals with it and Saab says, “Ha,ha. I’m used to it.” Boy, I can’t wait ‘til I get used to it.
You know what, copycats? If you don’t want people to judge you, cut the b.s. And live your own life, don’t live the life of others. God created us equally, and our brains are there for a reason. JUST BE YOURSELF! I mean, just because I love Kate Moss and Marie Antoinette doesn’t translate to me doing cocaine or cheating on my husband.

And so, to all the blatant and boorish copycats and posers, I have something to say to you (Children, cover your eyes).

If only I could, I’d say this to your face. But I am not THAT mean, although most of the time I wish I was. Because I am really just so sick of it. And I am sick of watching you copy my friends, too. (Wah this photo made me miss the dorms more.)

Sorry, nagpapaka-totoo lang ako. Nakakasawa na kase. Normally I don’t give everyone the finger. I just had to let it out. For my friends, too. Stop asking for sympathy from people. Stop pretending you’re strong and that you’re not affected. And stop calling us names. If you were offended with what we’ve been saying about you, then it’s not our fault. You asked for it.

2007, I told you to stop bringing copycats around. Rawra.

I miss my Babe so much. I got all kilig when we talked about our future and how he overtly told me that when we settle, I should quit my job (translates to shopping) until we’re both stable (then I could “work” again). I’ve been daydreaming about us wedded. God, I can’t wait.

Wawaweewa. This has been one heck of a long post. I hope I didn’t bore you. I’ll post another TopShop plug soon.

Altogether now, let’s say “Thank you Lance!” Don’t forget to greet Lance “HABERDAY” on the 25th!

Hey, you. Do you still love me?


“Law-law”, or “Bible law”?

I just read an online friend's blog and she was blogging about how she found PeTA so annoying and all. Well don't get me wrong, I understand her opinion. I mean, I think PeTA members lost it when she mentioned something about them beating up an old woman with a bat while she was walking just because she was wearing fur. Oh, let me rephrase that. While she was walking on the street wearing fur. There is no JUST BECAUSE.

I totally respect her opinion, that she has nothing against fur and that the law isn't against wearing fur and all. But I was sort of hurt when I read what she had to say, that animals were put on earth to be eaten and to be worn.

Actually, if you think about it, way back God's time, they would eat animals and use their skin to wear around their bodies. Sure, God allowed it. But I think its because back then, they didn't have a choice. Comparing how they lived then, and how we live now, I don't think we need fur. I don't think God told Paris Hilton that she NEEDS to have a mink hanging in her closet. I don't think God said that we kill animals for other reasons rather than to keep us warm and comfortable. People back then sure needed that. But I don't think we do.

Man, to think of all the pain animals are going through. I mean, okay I get it. God did put them on earth to be eaten, but I don't think they deserve to be maltreated. I don't want a mink in my closet. I mean, man do I love fur. I used to have everything I owned in fur. But they don't have to be real fur. Why can't we settle for faux fur? We're smart people. I think we can make something that can actually look, and feel like real fur.

If you come to think of it, animals and humans, although sharing one earth do not speak the same language. And since we sort of "rule" this world over them, its our responsibility to save them, and keep them. I'm sure animals aren't dumb at all. Just because they can't talk like we do doesn't mean they're stupid and that they don't deserve to live. That they don't feel pain, scared.

I still respect my friend and her opinion. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm just sharing mine.

I always wished everyone had a heart for animals. If you don't like them, then leave them alone. Don't hurt them. I think it makes God really sad when we do.

Sometimes, for the sake of animals, I wish the world ends. I know it sounds crazy. But in case I go to Heaven, I might pitch in the idea to God to put all the animals on a different planet. And make all humans vegetarians.

I hope he considers it. We don't need any more extinct animals to step on as rugs or to hang around our necks.

GOD, I hope people would always remember YOU and YOUR WORDS. I wish somehow, they'd find their way back to you, and not…this. Whatever this world has come to.


"Law-law", or "Bible Law"?


And then I sang Hallelujah.

FIRST of all, let me say "Lance, you're the best!" Actually, Blogger is kind of banned here. I mean after days of being able to post everyday? Why?

Ha,ha. I'm so sorry Lance had to hear all the cussing. But thanks to him, I'm back. Thank Lance, Thank Lance! Ha,ha. (Oh and God of course)

I thought I would never see the day. But finally, here it is.

Oh well. THANK GOD, finally naka-post na ako.Its been awhile.

You know what? I think I am becoming a woman. But what I hate most about growing up is being responsible. I guess I lived in Bohemia since birth, I've always been so carefree and spent most of my days daydreaming that ended up I forgetting that I lived in one of the 7,107 Islands in the Philippines and that I am born with naturally brown hair, not Red.

I never liked the idea of working for the sake of money. I always imagined myself getting paid for having loads of fun. But with how everything's going, sometimes you have to start off by selling yourself to and for money. That sucks.

I get so scared when people ask me all these questions about what job am I going to apply for, and what do I want to do with my life. I always thought it was easy. Its what makes me wish I was in school most of the time. Jeez, I regret the days I was doing my thesis and wishing it was all over. The problems I've encountered while we were completing the Thesis was way easier than this. This is a much bigger deal. This is my future. And what makes it hard is that my current situation doesn't really let me take over my life. Someone else is behind the wheel right now. It hurts that I can't decide for myself.

Is it too much to ask if I let you pray for me?

I need a little help.

Oh and before I get too depressing, I'll bombard you with photos. Ha,ha, sorry. Its been awhile.

Check out this Hello Kitty picture frame I got from Sanrio! Its so Marie Antoinette! You know how much I love Hello Kitty. Like, since I was 6!

Sorry, I just had to put that skull-printed thong no? Ha,ha. Is it too graphic? Remember my last post about TopShop? Super nangati ako, the next day we headed to TopShop but didn't have enough time so I only got two TS goodies.

Peacock's again. Finally I own a vest, after 48 years. Hahaha. Who cares if its out of style eh?

BONEHEAD. Ha,ha. I got it from Limited Too!

Talk about major camwhoring. The weather is cold now, a good excuse to wear those boots.

Taken the other night. Who's the Rockstar Poseur? Ooo, ooo! I am! Hahaha.

Okay that does it. I really have to thank Lance because he made this possible. Lance, you really are the best.

I missed everyone. I really missed blogging. Thank you to the people who continued visiting even when it was boring. I really love you guys. Thank you for appreciating my thoughts and all. You don't know how much that means.

And for that, A BIG WET KISS.

It's Lasallian week, and its open-house tomorrow. I'm kinda worried about all the girls who'd prance around in front of Andrew's dorm. Whoever they are, and whatever they do, they deserve nothing else but Death's cold and cruel grasp. DIE b*tches, DIE! ha,ha. Sorry. You know what it feels like to be overprotective of your hasbaan, right?



Ha,ha! Ew, no. Its not a "style" of typing. Just trying to emphasize the word SHOPPING. Bravo if you got it before reading this first. Ha,ha whatever.

Uh-oh, poser alert! Ha,ha.Poser mode muna ako ngayon.
Ganda pa ng background music ko habang ginagawa ko 'tong entry na 'to. THE BEST OF THE RAMONES na album. Ha,ha!

I was browsing through (my love), TopShop's website last week and I collected photos of the tops I would be on a look-out for. HAH.

They just launched a new collection called POP and I'm loving it, especially the Harajuku vibe the shirts scream off.

Ano, ito? TopShop plug? Ha,ha.

Sorry I just uber love TopShop so much. I swear, the first thing I'll do if I ever get to the UK, is to go the nearest TopShop store and raid it.

Aunt Viv, promise you'll pay for my tickets? Hahaha.

Okay, itodo na ang poser mode.
Okay I'm shallow. SURPRISE! Hahaha!


This is TopShop's latest line, POP! Wah I want them all.

I'm loving high-waisted pants now. I mean, the ones back in the 90's were sloppy since they don't do any good to your ass (it makes them look flat) since they were baggy and the word FIT didn't really matter back then.

I swear I'd still love SKULLS even if the Rock trend's over.

My good friend Kat (Ramos) told me she dreamt about me, and that I was pregnant. She told me that I should wear a skull-printed shirt then (Totally, Kat! I'm buying something like this when the time comes! Ha,ha) .

I so can't wait to get a Rolling Stones tee. The one I saw in TopShop recently looked better than this. Oh and I'm totally falling for smocks. My love for everything Pinafore, would never fade.

I super love cover-ups. I think they add spice to outfits. Especially if you layer them or wear like a skull-printed scarf around your neck. I guess its obvious that I'm totally digging Nicole Ritchie's style. And oohh oohh! Bubble hems! Hahaha.

Please, please. HIGH-WAISTED JEANS. Gimme gimme. I heard street-sweeper jeans are back in the scene. Well even if they're not, I'd still want one. I love Moto jeans, ang ganda kase ng fit sa tush.

I smell Madonna just looking at the leggings and the bodysuit. It reminds me of Alessanda Tinio's favorite Betsey Johnson bodysuit, too. Heehee. I want more jumpers and playsuits! Rawr.

I got most of my skull accessories from TopShop. And I want more! Ha,ha. I love that the hobo bag has charms. And don't you just love the Celia Burtwell umbrella? And the platforms? Grabe buti pa dito sa Jeddah, they sell TopShop platform shoes. Must beg Mom. Hahaha. babe, get me that pair of Lingerie! Hah!

All photos courtesy of TopShop.

If only I earned in euros (actually, if I only earned at all . HAH! Jeez I NEED TO GET A JOB) I would raid TS just like Scarlett Johansson.

Someone get me these effing shirts! Hahaha. O, if ever you see them in a size 6 kahit in the next few months, get them for me ha. I don't care if it's not uso anymore! LOL!

Nag-drool lang naman ako ng konti. Ha,ha. Kayo?

A SHOUT OUT to my friend Ria, who loves TopShop just the same! High five, sister! Ha,ha. You go raid TS in every mall in Manila!


I hate you, Kelly.

You know what? I thought we were good friends. How could you do THIS to me? YOU of all people! Damn you, damn you!

OMG Ornusa and I have the same shirt! Ha,ha. Kelly you are one lucky son of a gun.

Hah! Don't worry, we're still friends. Ha,ha! I forgive you, I forgive you.

Oh and today is pig-out day for me. I had Mars Ice Cream and a Turkey Sandwich for Breakfast. I gobbled on Mars Ice Cream again and finished my left-over Lays chips for Merienda and I had two shawarmas for dinner. Siyempre iba pa yung Lunch ko.

I love Shawermatac. They have the best Shawarma in the whole wide...universe. Ha,ha!

I'd bring like, ten gallons of this juice home so I won't miss it so much.

Oh and thanks to Ann (for informing me), look what I found in Khallediyah!
SR 35. Beat that.

Gawd do I need to get a job. I think its a bad sign that I've been too obsessed with updating my blog almost everyday.

Babe, I miss you!


Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.

OMG guess what, I was able to open my old blogger account and I found three of my old blogs! Did you know that I started blogging back in 2003? Mm-hmm. George and Lance introduced it to me. If you have time, you can check them out. Just roll your mouse over the "The Dauphine" image (thanks again Joey for giving me the code) and you'd see the links. I swear, its so funny to read how immature I was, how shallow I wrote and how Andrew and I got together. Ha,ha. I got shivers all over reading the entries again. Most of them don't have images though, my old Ripway account expired.

This week in photos:

Additional stuff to Mariesernify my room that I got from Claire's.

I'm totally loving this store, Peacocks! They sell the Miss Evie line here.

Got these from a Princess' garage sale. I've always wanted that pin. ha,ha. The TopShop belt was unused!

Most of the clothes sold at the garage sale were brand new. They still had their tags on!

Additional Marie-esque stuff (especially the Pink pillow).

I loved this chair, sadly they only sell it in a set. Mom wanted to get it for me if they sold it by piece. She promised we'd have one custom-made in the Philippines. YAY.

I love that the malls here are like 5 minutes away. And TAHLIA STREET! Ack.
Last night we bought the groceries and I stocked up on Mars Ice Cream and Mars bars and Lays (in Ketchup flavor, my favorite). Its just sad we don't have M&M's, Maltesers, Snickers and Mars ice cream back in the Philippines. Tsk.

Oh and hey, you know what? I've cried for like two consecutive days as soon as I woke up.
The second day, I woke up to this text and it made me cry:

"Miss na miss na kita Babe."

Okay. So what's so special with that, you ask? Well its because when someone says something like that rarely, you know that when they say it, they mean it. And you could feel it, too.

I think about Andrew all the time.
I swear, these days I've been wishing I had the ability to turn back time.
So I could go through it all again and savor each and every second spent.

I miss you kissing my head out of nowhere.
I miss sleeping on your shoulders whenever we're on a jeepney.
I miss shaking your hand, acting scared when the THX plug is shown before the movie starts.
I miss kissing you.
I miss you scratching my knees, since its your mannerism.
Or "peeling" my nails off.
I miss hearing you whistle when you call me by your window.
I miss us arguing to what and where we should be eating.
I miss you turning me away from TopShop and all the magazine outlets we pass by.
I miss watching you brush your teeth.
I miss you slicing my ulam for me.
I miss playing hide and seek with you. (You'd hide by the windows and I'd hide by my screen door.)
I miss you paying for stuff I get.
I miss pinching your nose.
I miss how you tickle my pits, and vice versa.
I miss how you brush your hair off your face and how you sweat even when its not that hot.

I just miss everything about and doing everything with you, Babe.

At least now I know better.
Next time, even when we're not on another getaway, its going to be like there's no tomorrow.
I promise you, Babe.


I love dancing in my underpants.

Its my SSB. So what if I'm pulling off a Cameron Diaz? It rocks. Especially if you sing the song you're shaking your arse to yourself. Ha,ha. I know I said I'm the worst dancer but I think I'm pretty okay whenever I dance alone.
Andrew has yet need to act blind so when we get hitched he could pretend like he's not seeing anything. BUT he's already seen my silly moves so, no harm there. Ha,ha.

But anyways, this isn't really want I want to talk about. Got you there didn't I? ha,ha!

You know what, in spite of the sad situation I think I'll be in, I still find time to giggle. Giggle meaning laughing my arse off with matching tears.
I've been watching a lot of pinoy programs lately, like Wowowee and Eat Bulaga.

Oh c'mon. Hindi ka tunay na pinoy kung di ka nanonood ng mga programang yan! And don't tell me they don't make you laugh!

But what made me laugh more aside from Willie's antics was suddenly remembering my Kidlat friends and the summer we spent at the canteen doing spoofs of Wowowee. And Louie admitting he was a fan. Hahaha. And Adel would go like, "LOUIE! IKAW ANG BIGATIN!" And they'd all act like they're a part of the show! Hahaha.

I remember Andrew making fun of one of the contestant's dance moves when we were in Batangas. I was on the top bunk of the double bed and I was looking at him dance silly on the floor. I felt like I was going to explode with laughter. It was the first time I have ever laughed genuinely at Andrew's joke. It made me want to hug him so tight and thank him for how much he's making me happy in so many ways. And then I told myself, "This person will make farting so worth it. Alas, I could, would and will totally spend the rest of my life with him." Ha,ha. Okay I made the first part up.

*big sigh*

Man, those are definitely the days.

The last time I laughed so hard (and cried at the same time) was while we were watching Nacho Libre with my Kidlat Friends. Man, do I love Esceleto.

Ha,ha. Okay. Don't ask what it means. My friend Jay and I would say that to each other, whenever we see each other online. Here's one of our R-18 conversations:

Abbie: :))
Jaybo: you dont have a d*** :<
Abbie: ....
Abbie: :))
Jaybo: u cant have s** with a finger :<

Miss you, Jay!

Oh and someone's been camwhoring again.

It's blurry but I like it. Ha,ha.

Wanna know how much I love Skulls?

OMG Its one of my pa-cute photos. Yuch.

Trying hard rockstar. Pahinga muna sa peace sign. Ha,ha.

Can you ever forgive me for being a camho? Hmm. Maybe not. Who cares anyway?

See, that's why dancing in your knickers helps especially when you're depressed and reminiscent. Or you can just sing along to that song Susan Sarandon would sing in Anywhere but here and at the same time you can imagine that you're Natalie Portman.
Okay. Like that really helps.

Oh, and is it me or is Justin Timberlake's MY LOVE everyone else's LSS?

I love you Strell Ann De La Cruz! We talked on the phone for like two and a half hours. She's leaving for the Philippines today, and its 4 AM now. Ha,ha. I love my Auti friends.