And then I sang Hallelujah.

FIRST of all, let me say "Lance, you're the best!" Actually, Blogger is kind of banned here. I mean after days of being able to post everyday? Why?

Ha,ha. I'm so sorry Lance had to hear all the cussing. But thanks to him, I'm back. Thank Lance, Thank Lance! Ha,ha. (Oh and God of course)

I thought I would never see the day. But finally, here it is.

Oh well. THANK GOD, finally naka-post na ako.Its been awhile.

You know what? I think I am becoming a woman. But what I hate most about growing up is being responsible. I guess I lived in Bohemia since birth, I've always been so carefree and spent most of my days daydreaming that ended up I forgetting that I lived in one of the 7,107 Islands in the Philippines and that I am born with naturally brown hair, not Red.

I never liked the idea of working for the sake of money. I always imagined myself getting paid for having loads of fun. But with how everything's going, sometimes you have to start off by selling yourself to and for money. That sucks.

I get so scared when people ask me all these questions about what job am I going to apply for, and what do I want to do with my life. I always thought it was easy. Its what makes me wish I was in school most of the time. Jeez, I regret the days I was doing my thesis and wishing it was all over. The problems I've encountered while we were completing the Thesis was way easier than this. This is a much bigger deal. This is my future. And what makes it hard is that my current situation doesn't really let me take over my life. Someone else is behind the wheel right now. It hurts that I can't decide for myself.

Is it too much to ask if I let you pray for me?

I need a little help.

Oh and before I get too depressing, I'll bombard you with photos. Ha,ha, sorry. Its been awhile.

Check out this Hello Kitty picture frame I got from Sanrio! Its so Marie Antoinette! You know how much I love Hello Kitty. Like, since I was 6!

Sorry, I just had to put that skull-printed thong no? Ha,ha. Is it too graphic? Remember my last post about TopShop? Super nangati ako, the next day we headed to TopShop but didn't have enough time so I only got two TS goodies.

Peacock's again. Finally I own a vest, after 48 years. Hahaha. Who cares if its out of style eh?

BONEHEAD. Ha,ha. I got it from Limited Too!

Talk about major camwhoring. The weather is cold now, a good excuse to wear those boots.

Taken the other night. Who's the Rockstar Poseur? Ooo, ooo! I am! Hahaha.

Okay that does it. I really have to thank Lance because he made this possible. Lance, you really are the best.

I missed everyone. I really missed blogging. Thank you to the people who continued visiting even when it was boring. I really love you guys. Thank you for appreciating my thoughts and all. You don't know how much that means.

And for that, A BIG WET KISS.

It's Lasallian week, and its open-house tomorrow. I'm kinda worried about all the girls who'd prance around in front of Andrew's dorm. Whoever they are, and whatever they do, they deserve nothing else but Death's cold and cruel grasp. DIE b*tches, DIE! ha,ha. Sorry. You know what it feels like to be overprotective of your hasbaan, right?