Because I like 'em BIG (Part One)

Everyone should dream big. Ha,ha. Here are a bunch of things (big and small) I'd like to do, preferably before I hit the big 3-0. Rachel Ray inspired me to make one! Here goes, my life list! Sort of.

1. Learn how to surf.
I mean, I think it's a sexy sport! Ha,ha. But first I should learn how to swim, and face my fear of drowning.

2. Bellydance.
This was really Yen's idea. I mean, I considered doing Capoiera and Yoga, but since I've always wanted to learn how to dance, I think Bellydancing would be best for me. No, no modern dancing. NO. Thankfully, Yen promised she'd teach me.

3. Swim with dolphins.
I swear, I will cry a bucket-full of tears when this happens. I think Dolphins are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

4. Work for an Animal Institution/Organization.
I'd love to do volunteer work for PeTA/PAWS/WWF one day. Probably when I'm financially stable already. I'd totally devote myself to it.

5. Drive my own car.
I'd really want to drive a 2002 Beetle. I mean, I don't care if a 2006 model came out, I don't see any difference although I'm sure they've improved something, but I still want the 2002 model. Argh.

6. More cameras.
I want the Sony DSC-H2 now. (Fudge darn you Lance you got my first dream cam!) AND I really really really want a Polaroid camera, like Kirsten Dunst's in Crazy/Beautiful (only one of my favorite movies of all time). I've always wanted to develop the photos myself. Rawr.

7. A Fashion Diary.
I wanna document the clothes I've been wearing for fun. I'd post them in Multiply. Unfortunately, contacts would only be the ones who can view it. I'll start soon. Ha,.ha Exciting.

8. C'mere Powerbook G4!
Ha,ha I know you want me, too.

9. Bungee jump/ Skydive with Andrew.
Because I'd love to feel scared and safe at the same time. Ha,ha.

10. Make-out in public beneath the Eiffel Tower.
OMG. Ha,ha. Okay so maybe the Tower is hideous thanks to the light show at night, or it might not be as romantic, but since Andrew and I have been dreaming to go to Paris, we both thought that it would be a great "moment" , and that we should make it extra special. Ha,ha.

11. When in Rome
Ha,ha. You finish the sentence. Anyways, I'd really like to attend the mass at Vatican City.

12. Honeymoon in Maldives/Amanpulo
. Do you see why we both have to work our buns off? We're talking about a PHP110,000, 3 days, 2 nights stay at a luxurious beach.

13. Watch a Broadway show in NY
. Probably of Rent. I'd really love to watch Rent. Or maybe my idol, Joey can tell me what to watch when I'm FINALLY in New York. Ha,ha.

14. Star in an MTV.
Too bad. I let that chance ISDA gave to me slip away. That was a huge deal. I was going to work with big INDIE people and…I let it slip. Jeez, man. I was going to be their mainstay model. Which means I get to star in every MTV they direct.I am so disappointed.

15. Bump into a Hollywood star.
And have a photo taken with him/her wetting my pants. Hahahaha.

16. To help Mo Twister fulfill his mission.
Of putting showbiz in Chaos. I swear, for some reason… Showbiz and showbiz people are starting to irritate me. I'm talking local showbiz here. Okay, maybe it isn't Mo's intention, but I just LOVE what he does.

17. To befriend Ornusa Cadness.
Not for popularity reasons, but I'd love her to teach me to be as spunky as she is, and we could be shopping partners. I'd also ask her to contribute a few inches of her height to me. Seriously, I love her!

18. To Antoinify my soon-to-be bedroom.
I've been buying all these things that remind me of her, because I have plans of sort of copying her boudoir. I mean, I won't be able to make my room exactly like hers, but my Mom and I talked about having furniture custom-made. Like the bed (especially the bed) and a chair. It wont look like that the minute I move in, but I'll work hard on it. Thankfully Mommy dearest is supportive. Its going to be Modern Marie Antoinette.

19. To pose for Preview.
I love Preview more than Vogue. I mean, it appeals to me more. Although I still love Vogue, Preview holds a big place in my heart. And I would definitely love to be in it. Kahit sa "Chosen One" section, super masaya na ako.

20. Paparazzi photos
. I know I won't have one taken to be published in a magazine, but I will have paparazzi photos taken when I've saved enough money to hire a pro-photographer to nail the job. Ha,ha.

21. Catch up with the Ex.
Don't get me wrong though. The good thing about being friends with your ex before and after you got together is that you still get to have him in your life, although not in the same context but you know what I mean. Being in Jeddah reminds me of him and the many fun moments we shared. I miss him and I can't wait 'til we meet again, so I can kick his ass. Ha,ha. As I always tell him.

22. Anne Hathaway hair in The Devil wears Prada.
I want I want I want. I hope Philippe Tordjman is still in the Philippines by then! I was really shocked when he came up to me while I was checking out Bed Head products at their branch in Greenbelt and said, "Need help with anything?" I looked at him and lost all the blood in my head and went, "Uh…uh…no!" And had this big smile plastered on my face. Afterwards I looked at my Mom like I was in a scene in the Jumanji with big eyes and said, "OHMIGOD!" Ha,ha.

23. Work for the PDI.
I want to work just like Bianca. She's one of my inspirations. Like I said, I really love that her job is to have fun. I love she's doing what she really wants to!

24. Drop by the O.C.
I'm talking about the place. Not the set. Ha,ha. A close family member lives like 5 minutes away from The OC beach, and I'd love to bake there. Tan, I mean. Although I'd love to be in the set so I'd literally kick Willa Holland's (Caitlin Cooper) buns it'd sore so bad the producers would figuratively kick her out of the show. Ha,ha. Hope I didn't offend Caitlin fans. Your "idol" sucks. Haha. Oops. But hey who knows, I might like her later.

25. Own a La Prairie skin product.
I'd take the cheapest ones they have, about PHP7,000. Hahaha. And after its finished, I'd leave it on my dresser/by the bathroom sink, pang-display. Hahaha. Shushal.

26. I'm an Austrian Spy….
Ha,ha. I still want a Fendi Spy Bag. Jeez.

27. To strengthen my relationship with God.
Somehow, I need to fix things with God. I really need to turn and talk to him MORE. Sometimes, evil thoughts enter my head and then I wake up and think "Hey, that was mean".

28. To wake up Andrew at 4 AM or anytime before the day breaks –
In the middle of watching him sleep just to tell him how much I love him that I couldn't wait another minute to tell him that. And then I'll sleep in the nook (read: my nook is Andrew's chest. Ha,ha). Cliché, I know.

29. Go to a Strip Club in Vegas.
Please. If you want to go to one, it better be in Vegas. Or maybe you have a better suggestion? Ha,ha. I wanna go for fun!

30. Star in an Indie Film.
This has been my dream ever since! Ha,ha. You should read my old blog. I think it rocks. Chucky influenced me a lot. I even introduced like, Nick De Ocampo and Joel Ruiz whenever they would be guest speakers in school. Chucky really plays a big part when it comes to my "passion" for film. Ha,ha. I miss talking to him.

THERE. That wraps the first part. I'm still thinking about other things I wanna do.
I might postpone the TopShop/Urban Outfitters (thanks to Lucy, Joey and Au whose comments convinced me to check it out) plug muna and I might do a trend review for 2007. Something I'm trying out. Ha,ha. I'm excited to show it to you.

Andrew post up tomorrow. I LOVE YOU BABE, HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY, here's to 300 years more of happiness and petty fights.

And beautiful children, too. I can't wait.