Ha,ha. As promised! This is something I'm trying out. Ha,ha. See, I'm an aspiring Feature writer. And I'd love to be given the privilege to write for a magazine, or 2bU! And so, let me start practicing by doing this trend report/fashion review for you guys. Ha,ha.

I actually searched online about it and found beans from MSNBC. They mentioned a few, like Prints,Minis,Metallics,Flowy ensembles and Technicolors. I searched for photos of the recent Fashion Week in Paris and based on studying the numbers that rocked the catwalk, I came up with Androgynous pieces and Avant-Garde being part of the trend as well.

I've also grabbed a few photos from my love (as usual, TopShop), and (as usual) I loved their 2007 line. Made me want to rip the lookbook off my monitor.

ANd yes, I'm on Poser mode again, or whatever you want to call it. Ha,ha.


I swear, Alexander McQueen is one of my all-time favorite designers. Monochromatic hues are still in the scene. I loved how he made this number look so feminine, but the pieces are actually more masculine, especially the hat. Hermès gives off this "I kick ass" vibe with the big coat, and the color. I think its for the classy chick who wants to experiment but doesn't want to compromise being "classy".

Finally, designers are giving us the chance to be ourselves. Through this, we can show everyone else how artistic we can get through dressing up. Don't you just love that Avant-Garde is finally part of the trend? I suggest that we play with more colors, though. You can still stick to monchromatic colors if you don't want to go THAT crazy. Or, you can experiment with clothes using the same shade of color. Just make sure you add accessories to not make it look boring. Chunky accessories like the ones from Christian Lacroix perhaps?

This made me really happy. You all know I am into Antoi a lot and since most of her wardrobe was composed of girly stuff like frills and ruffles and flowers - this trend allows me to go show everyone how crazy I am over them now. Ha,ha. I mean, it really does allow you to look like a walking flower shop. Seriously, if you can pull off that McQueen number, why not? You can settle for this Hermès ensemble too if you feel like going for the minimalist look. Don't wear the jacket, pair them with flip-flops, tie your hair back, apply barely any make-up and wear those big-arse shades. Yes. Very Kirsten Dunst.

I really do think its the most comfortable and classy trend this year. Actually, flowy tops and dresses have been around for awhile. I think they're just taking it to the next level, making it more sexy. I'd definitely love it if I dressed sophistically.

Ah yes. Silver, Gold and Bronze. Wear your sunglasses when you open your closet. Ha,ha. Don't go all out Metallic though. If you don't like anything mettalic on your clothes, you can settle for mettalic accessories. Just don't make it look like you wanna take Ludacris' title with uhm, all the bling-bling. If you decide on wearing mettalic outfits, make sure you're just wearing one. Like,a Trapeze top or a Tunic paired with mettalic leggings or a mettalic off-shoulder top with black leggings or skinny jeans.

Somehow I'm thankful I've graduated (but nah, I'm still depressed). Unless, I wouldn't be able to wear the hottest trend of the year. Yes, sweetbuns. Flash everyone with those hot gams! Please remember to exfoliate before you do, though. You can wear that Stella McCartney mini dress with leggings, pair them with flip-flops,Chuck Taylors or flats. If you're headed to the beach, you can wear the mini dress alone (I'd love to). Can you find a hint of Avant-Garde in this Louis Vuitton ensemble? If you want to pull if off, you can pair it with flats or flip-flops (if you dare) and change into red platforms by night. If you don't want to overdo it, make sure you stick to accentuating one part of your body.

Hurray Madonna! Remember she started the Disco Diva look last year? Now we can wear more of those. I love colors. I love mixing and matching them. Hello Neons! Ha,ha. I only wore my skinny jeans over a hand-me-down neon pink bodysuit from my Mom once. Now I can wear it more and pair it with hotpants and electric blue leggings. YES. If you can't handle flashy colors, you can still stick to pastels, but this time make sure you pair them with colors not even close to each other. Say, pink and blue or green and orange. This specific trend is FUN, FUN, FUN! I love.

Source: WWW.MSNBC.MSN.COM (trends) WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK (photos)


You know that I love jumpers.I love everything braced, and I love my chucks. I love that the first outfit has class to it. The second one makes me want to go to the Pier and have ice cream (like Ryan and Marissa from The OC). Its got an edgy, nautical feel to it that I just love. Plus, nothing beats feeling comfortable AND trendy at the same time.

Can everyone say, HELLO SEVENTIES! This collection makes me feel like, a Bohemian Rockstar. Its so carefree and easy. And I can finally wear my bandana that way without people laughing at me. Unless of course, they really don't care about these trends and think I look funny wearing it that way. Ha,ha. Oh well, you better fly to where I am now. I promise to personally greet you. Welcome to Bohemia, where people don't have corks up their arses!

Probably my MOST FAVORITE of all their collections. Because it has so much funky and bright colors! And I'd really love to have the first outfit.

You can see the mixture of last year's and this year's trends in this collection. Black stockings, Platforms, Jumpers and Skinny jeans. Only this time vamped with more easy and flowy tops and headdresses. Very modern Seventies.

This collection has more urban pieces. It has a hint of Androgyny to it too. Its for the Laid-back NYC girl. I can definitely see Carrie Bradshaw pulling off the first outfit, only with crazy accessories. LOVE.

Source: All photos courtesy of TopShop.

This year is going to be so much fun. The trends spell F-U-N itself. Quoting myself, let me say "LET'S PAINT OUR LIVES WITH CLOTHES!"

I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed making this entry. Thanks again Lance, for posting it for me. As usual, all posts with pictures are being posted by Lance. Ha,ha. I might make more entries similar to this. Practice makes perfect, right?

Tell me what you think about 2007's trends and which one's your favorite. I'd love to hear it!

Now if only someone can send me TopShop goodies, everything in Size 6, thank you very much.