Gretchen, sometimes you amaze me.

I mean, I know its weird. I used to hate her, but for some reason, I find reasons to like her again. I mean, okay maybe she is a primadonna and all but sometimes, when she talks, she says all the right words. I just wish I could like, erase all the other stuff I heard about her, though. Its why I sometimes find reasons to like her. Ack.

Anyways, you know that Blogger’s banned here, so whenever I post photos, I just send them to my good friend Lance and he posts it for me. You can say he’s been saving me a lot lately, like Superman. (Ha,ha told you I was Lois Lane.) Anyway. I’m posting photos today. This is going to be a very random, long post. Hope you’d read it ‘til the last effing word.

Andrew. We had a recent fight about what he’s been doing in school lately without me. Remember that last post I said about being overprotective? There you have it. He signed up for Lasallian Days’ Intrams –Swimming and Table tennis (so goodluck to: Girls + Andrew in trunks = Abbie speaking in CUSS – it’s a new language, ha,ha.) And I think he has plans of joining our friends’ band ( Andrew showing off his talent = Girls in chaos ) And I am not exaggerating, really. Girls have done things to him, to my face. This one time a girl passed by us and she shot Andrew THE look and I was like, WTF? Girls in the table in front of us were taking photos of him and all. Sending him messages in Friendster (like I don’t know his password). And other unbelievable things girls with itchy private parts do. OMG, put some ice on it!

Okay, so can you blame me for being overprotective? (Taken during our First Year Anniversary celebration two years ago.)

We talked about it though, and we were able to understand each other. Jeez. My man barely goes out and we do communicate almost every effing minute, what should I worry about? BESIDES. You guys are so right. I’m with him. He’s mine. And that’s all I need to remember to shut me up. Ha,ha.

Jaybo made my day by showing me this.

Garfield and Buttsecks. Yowza.

My kinda Antoi. I think its so obvious how obsessed I am with her. I googled photos of her and movie stills last month (actually until now) and I found this photo.

I love Kirsten. I love Marie Antoinette. I love this photo. Its so… modern. (Ha,ha. I hope you get what I really mean.)

I’m up to something Antoi-esque again. I’m so excited. I’ve been watching the film over and over kase last week. You know what? I think there’s a Marie Antoinette in all of us. I think I’m in her “I want something simple… To wear in the garden” phase. Its life-changing.

Ikea is groolness. Yes. Great + Cool = Grool. (Thank you Cady Heron.) Ikea is a Swedish furniture store and its actually famous all over the world, except uhm…the Philippines, and a few Asian countries I think. Way back 1998, this is where we’d get our furniture. And I love how their showrooms look like model homes.
Being the Journalism student that I am, I took out my phone and secretly took three photos. Wow. Three photos. Ha,ha. We got stuff for the Kitchen muna . And a SR95 chopping board which weighs half an elephant. Ha,ha. Ghad I can’t wait to move in.

TOP: The first wasn’t my favorite kitchen. The one I liked looked like Martha Stewart’s kitchen. Sort of. Ha,ha. MIDDLE: This bedroom looks nice and it has a walk-in closet that I’d love to have, which connects to the bathroom, all that behind that wall. And don’t you love the lamp on the floor? BOTTOM: This room totally rocked. Cloth on the walls. Coolness. Must love.

Of course I was on the look-out for something Antoi-esque. And luckily I found two pillows that can make my room very modern “Antoi’s boudoir”.

Oh look, a camho. What’s new with that? Here are photos of last/this week. You know what, I love that I’ve been gaining weight here. Honestly, I feel so confident now. Not stuck-up, but confident. O-yay.

Maybe…we’re all camwhores? Ha,ha.

Copycat = Not cool. Na-uh. I’ve blogged about it before. And I was really furious and fed up because I’ve had a “shadow” for over a year and its not funny when you’ve had one that long. And then I remembered that I used to rant about how much I hated people who judge me. I figured I was judging the copycat too. I think the copycat got pissed at me. In the first place she shouldn’t be because that would mean that she’s guilty. Andrew told me that maybe I should confront the copycat or sue her for plagiarism (Ha,ha I love you Babe). I can’t confront the copycat because I am dead sure that she’d deny it and make it look like I’m the bad guy. I mean, I never really thought about her being a copycat even when I noticed, not until my friends told me about it. What’s even weirder is, copycats show off their photos to everyone, and the “original” people don’t really show it, except to people they know. So, in the end the copycats would make it look like it was their idea. But never have I seen a copycat like my friend Camille’s. I mean, she copies her straight-out. I look at the copycat’s photo and see Camille all over her. What’s even worse, is she calls Camille names, when its actually clear to everyone who the bad guy is. Really, OVERDOING the whole “I idolize you” thing isn’t just scary, it’s rude. OMG. Harap-harapang bastusan But what’s worse is when they steal your thoughts and make it theirs. I’ve always been outraged by the thought of a copycat, even if I shouldn’t waste my time on them. I wish Cams and I were as used to it as Saab is, with everyone copying her blog titles, her signature pose and words. I asked her how she deals with it and Saab says, “Ha,ha. I’m used to it.” Boy, I can’t wait ‘til I get used to it.
You know what, copycats? If you don’t want people to judge you, cut the b.s. And live your own life, don’t live the life of others. God created us equally, and our brains are there for a reason. JUST BE YOURSELF! I mean, just because I love Kate Moss and Marie Antoinette doesn’t translate to me doing cocaine or cheating on my husband.

And so, to all the blatant and boorish copycats and posers, I have something to say to you (Children, cover your eyes).

If only I could, I’d say this to your face. But I am not THAT mean, although most of the time I wish I was. Because I am really just so sick of it. And I am sick of watching you copy my friends, too. (Wah this photo made me miss the dorms more.)

Sorry, nagpapaka-totoo lang ako. Nakakasawa na kase. Normally I don’t give everyone the finger. I just had to let it out. For my friends, too. Stop asking for sympathy from people. Stop pretending you’re strong and that you’re not affected. And stop calling us names. If you were offended with what we’ve been saying about you, then it’s not our fault. You asked for it.

2007, I told you to stop bringing copycats around. Rawra.

I miss my Babe so much. I got all kilig when we talked about our future and how he overtly told me that when we settle, I should quit my job (translates to shopping) until we’re both stable (then I could “work” again). I’ve been daydreaming about us wedded. God, I can’t wait.

Wawaweewa. This has been one heck of a long post. I hope I didn’t bore you. I’ll post another TopShop plug soon.

Altogether now, let’s say “Thank you Lance!” Don’t forget to greet Lance “HABERDAY” on the 25th!

Hey, you. Do you still love me?