I hate you, Kelly.

You know what? I thought we were good friends. How could you do THIS to me? YOU of all people! Damn you, damn you!

OMG Ornusa and I have the same shirt! Ha,ha. Kelly you are one lucky son of a gun.

Hah! Don't worry, we're still friends. Ha,ha! I forgive you, I forgive you.

Oh and today is pig-out day for me. I had Mars Ice Cream and a Turkey Sandwich for Breakfast. I gobbled on Mars Ice Cream again and finished my left-over Lays chips for Merienda and I had two shawarmas for dinner. Siyempre iba pa yung Lunch ko.

I love Shawermatac. They have the best Shawarma in the whole wide...universe. Ha,ha!

I'd bring like, ten gallons of this juice home so I won't miss it so much.

Oh and thanks to Ann (for informing me), look what I found in Khallediyah!
SR 35. Beat that.

Gawd do I need to get a job. I think its a bad sign that I've been too obsessed with updating my blog almost everyday.

Babe, I miss you!