I'm kissing 2007's arse HELLO.

I think I’ve gotten to know myself more last year. I think my Best is right. Victory is winning over oneself. Sometimes I think I have this “safeguard commercial moment” when I get to talk to my conscience and all. Ha,ha.

And so, with this I came up with summarizing the things I’ve come to hate and love this year, I guess it would pretty much tell you what kind of a person I am. Or not.


Marie Antoinette. I guess it’s obvious how obsessed I am. I loved her after watching the film last November. And then I remembered using this paper face powder which had her on the cover back when I was 6 years old. Ha,ha. That’s why her paintings look so familiar to me. I love everything Marie Antoinette and I’m even planning to decorate my room like hers. Of course it wouldn’t be as big but my room will be very Marie Antoinette-esque.

Ornusa Cadness. I saw her two years ago in the lifestyle pages of Preview with Lucky Manzano. From then on I was intrigued of who she was and all, and then she became like, really famous when she was labeled as “Borgy’s girl”. But she deserves a spotlight of her own. I mean, I love Borgy because he’s got sense of humor and he’s smart but I love Ornusa more ‘cause she’s just SO real. And I just LOVE her fashion sense.

John Legend’s “Once Again” album . His album will be on repeat mode when I get my car. Of course the Marie Antoinette OST comes first. Ha,ha. It’s so chillax it makes me want to drive to the Embassy listening to it.

My boys. I’ve been crushing on like lots of guys back then but now it comes down to three. I’ve had a crush on Will DeVaughn since last year. Now two other guys share the fantasy (ha,ha). Channing Tatum after I’ve seen him in “Step Up” and Jesse Metcalfe after I saw “John Tucker Must Die”. I didn’t really like him when he was in Desperate Housewives.

Starbucks’ Banana Choclit’ Chip Loaf . Its really the only thing that keeps me coming back to Green Monster (ha,ha. Thank you Abby Mendiola for the word), aside from the Passion Iced Tea. I just got so sick of Frappucinos.

Skulls. When they made a comeback this year, I fell for them. So whenever Mom, Andrew and I go to a mall and point or scream at something, you’d only hear one word coming out of their mouths. “Skull nanaman?

Thrift shopping. Oh yeah. This year most of my money went to Thrift shopping. Ha,ha! But my love for TopShop, Mango and Zara will NEVER fade!

My grey Mango cover-up and Skinny jeans. The cover-up goes with almost everything I wear and I love it! And the grey skinny jeans from Mango, too. Finally jeans from Mango that fit me. Ha,ha.

Pinoy Pride. I love that Filipinos have been in the “scene” more this year. Plus the products that scream Pinoy! Like the Yabang bracelet and the Tim Yap ODM watch which I believe we all should have around our wrists.

Animal Rights. More celebrities are fighting for Animal rights this year and I love it! I hope more celebs pose naked for PeTA. Hey, I would love to!

Elie Saab. Maybe he can design my wedding gown for me? Ha,ha!

Paparazzi Photos. For some reason I’m obsessed with them. I’ve searched online for Paparazzi photos of Lindsay, Paris and Mischa. I’m sorry but I’m totally lovin’ these girls for reasons you might not find….sensible. Don’t forget Nicole too!

Havaianas. Okay, I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.

My online friends. Really. No offense to the friends that I get to see everyday, but since I spend most of my time online now, I’ve began to fall in love with them. Aw guys, you know who you are.

Indie films. This year I loved Woody Allen films, like Scoop and Matchpoint, both starring Scarlett Johansson (Ghad I love that girl).

Mo Twister. I don’t know, he just rocks. And I love what he does. I barely listen to his show but everytime I do, I just go OMG and clap my hands. Sure, sometimes its nasty but hey… don’t you just love him?

Dippin’ Dots. For some reason, my love came back for this. But now that I’m back in Jeddah, I’m going to have to settle for Baskin’ Robbins for the moment. Ha,ha.

Andrew. He is everything to me, and I really can’t wait to settle down with him and start family together. I regret the times I’ve made him unhappy, the times I made him regret ever loving me and all. Andrew is my boy, and I wouldn’t leave him for anything or anyone. Andrew IS the one for me. I love you, babe!


Copycats. I think they’re the worst. EVER. Don't let me elaborate on this.

A band named Cu... I hate that they're even called a band. 'Cause they're not. They're a shame to the music industry!

The PCD. Sorry, but I am so over girl bands. I know they're hot but... jeez man. For me, their only acceptable song is... BUTTONS. Andrew says its SWAY for him. Ha,ha.

Nasty coinslots. This one time, Andrew and I were walking around the school and saw this girl sitting at the rotonda who literally looked like she wanted to show her coinslot off but it was just plain nasty. Number one, always make sure your coinslots don’t look like they haven’t been exfoliated for over a year if you plan on exposing them.

L.S. Go figure the name of this showbiz columnist that I will forever hate inspite of her love for animals. Ha,ha.

Graduating. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful to have graduated but I’m still sad that college life is over.

Leaving the dorms. Y’all know how sad I was. I barely smiled then, and whenever I did I knew that I didn’t deserve to because I was losing one of the things that meant a lot to me.

G.B. Okay, she is pretty, but she doesn’t deserve all that attention. Please.

Skank-hos. Ha,ha. Of course, the trying hard byotches who seduce my boyfriend!

Self-proclaimed Fashionistas. Because it really takes a lot to be one. There is no specific category, but stop calling yourselves one. I've never called myself that, and I still don't think that I am. I mean, duh. Kate Moss never said "I'm a Fashionista, so fuck off!" Jeez.


MY bony finger brings peace (except to copycats).
Hope we’d be more blessed this year, and I hope we don’t end up hating the same things, eh?

Jeez I’m turning 21 this year. That’s…. so cool. Now I’m legal to be a bad girl! Ha,ha. I’m kidding.

BRING IT ON, 2007!
Hope you’d kiss my ass more this year!
Just don’t bring any more copycats.