I love dancing in my underpants.

Its my SSB. So what if I'm pulling off a Cameron Diaz? It rocks. Especially if you sing the song you're shaking your arse to yourself. Ha,ha. I know I said I'm the worst dancer but I think I'm pretty okay whenever I dance alone.
Andrew has yet need to act blind so when we get hitched he could pretend like he's not seeing anything. BUT he's already seen my silly moves so, no harm there. Ha,ha.

But anyways, this isn't really want I want to talk about. Got you there didn't I? ha,ha!

You know what, in spite of the sad situation I think I'll be in, I still find time to giggle. Giggle meaning laughing my arse off with matching tears.
I've been watching a lot of pinoy programs lately, like Wowowee and Eat Bulaga.

Oh c'mon. Hindi ka tunay na pinoy kung di ka nanonood ng mga programang yan! And don't tell me they don't make you laugh!

But what made me laugh more aside from Willie's antics was suddenly remembering my Kidlat friends and the summer we spent at the canteen doing spoofs of Wowowee. And Louie admitting he was a fan. Hahaha. And Adel would go like, "LOUIE! IKAW ANG BIGATIN!" And they'd all act like they're a part of the show! Hahaha.

I remember Andrew making fun of one of the contestant's dance moves when we were in Batangas. I was on the top bunk of the double bed and I was looking at him dance silly on the floor. I felt like I was going to explode with laughter. It was the first time I have ever laughed genuinely at Andrew's joke. It made me want to hug him so tight and thank him for how much he's making me happy in so many ways. And then I told myself, "This person will make farting so worth it. Alas, I could, would and will totally spend the rest of my life with him." Ha,ha. Okay I made the first part up.

*big sigh*

Man, those are definitely the days.

The last time I laughed so hard (and cried at the same time) was while we were watching Nacho Libre with my Kidlat Friends. Man, do I love Esceleto.

Ha,ha. Okay. Don't ask what it means. My friend Jay and I would say that to each other, whenever we see each other online. Here's one of our R-18 conversations:

Abbie: :))
Jaybo: you dont have a d*** :<
Abbie: ....
Abbie: :))
Jaybo: u cant have s** with a finger :<

Miss you, Jay!

Oh and someone's been camwhoring again.

It's blurry but I like it. Ha,ha.

Wanna know how much I love Skulls?

OMG Its one of my pa-cute photos. Yuch.

Trying hard rockstar. Pahinga muna sa peace sign. Ha,ha.

Can you ever forgive me for being a camho? Hmm. Maybe not. Who cares anyway?

See, that's why dancing in your knickers helps especially when you're depressed and reminiscent. Or you can just sing along to that song Susan Sarandon would sing in Anywhere but here and at the same time you can imagine that you're Natalie Portman.
Okay. Like that really helps.

Oh, and is it me or is Justin Timberlake's MY LOVE everyone else's LSS?

I love you Strell Ann De La Cruz! We talked on the phone for like two and a half hours. She's leaving for the Philippines today, and its 4 AM now. Ha,ha. I love my Auti friends.