“Law-law”, or “Bible law”?

I just read an online friend's blog and she was blogging about how she found PeTA so annoying and all. Well don't get me wrong, I understand her opinion. I mean, I think PeTA members lost it when she mentioned something about them beating up an old woman with a bat while she was walking just because she was wearing fur. Oh, let me rephrase that. While she was walking on the street wearing fur. There is no JUST BECAUSE.

I totally respect her opinion, that she has nothing against fur and that the law isn't against wearing fur and all. But I was sort of hurt when I read what she had to say, that animals were put on earth to be eaten and to be worn.

Actually, if you think about it, way back God's time, they would eat animals and use their skin to wear around their bodies. Sure, God allowed it. But I think its because back then, they didn't have a choice. Comparing how they lived then, and how we live now, I don't think we need fur. I don't think God told Paris Hilton that she NEEDS to have a mink hanging in her closet. I don't think God said that we kill animals for other reasons rather than to keep us warm and comfortable. People back then sure needed that. But I don't think we do.

Man, to think of all the pain animals are going through. I mean, okay I get it. God did put them on earth to be eaten, but I don't think they deserve to be maltreated. I don't want a mink in my closet. I mean, man do I love fur. I used to have everything I owned in fur. But they don't have to be real fur. Why can't we settle for faux fur? We're smart people. I think we can make something that can actually look, and feel like real fur.

If you come to think of it, animals and humans, although sharing one earth do not speak the same language. And since we sort of "rule" this world over them, its our responsibility to save them, and keep them. I'm sure animals aren't dumb at all. Just because they can't talk like we do doesn't mean they're stupid and that they don't deserve to live. That they don't feel pain, scared.

I still respect my friend and her opinion. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm just sharing mine.

I always wished everyone had a heart for animals. If you don't like them, then leave them alone. Don't hurt them. I think it makes God really sad when we do.

Sometimes, for the sake of animals, I wish the world ends. I know it sounds crazy. But in case I go to Heaven, I might pitch in the idea to God to put all the animals on a different planet. And make all humans vegetarians.

I hope he considers it. We don't need any more extinct animals to step on as rugs or to hang around our necks.

GOD, I hope people would always remember YOU and YOUR WORDS. I wish somehow, they'd find their way back to you, and not…this. Whatever this world has come to.


"Law-law", or "Bible Law"?