Mon chou d'amour

Do I have to write as much about us as I used to? What for? Everybody knows what I have to say. Everybody knows we're together. And no matter what they do, its going to be that way for a long time. Long enough to probably make them stop trying to tear everything apart. Long enough for them to move on and have illegitimate children with four different men.

Do I really have to tell everyone over and over how much I love you? They don't need it. They're sick of it already. Hearing about how much I love this and hate that about you. Who's flirted with you today and all the other important crap.

But you know what, I think I still effin' want to. Because its important to me.
Because you really are important to me. And if they don't want to hear about it, then...its no one's loss. Because no one really has to hear it. What matters is I love you. You know that. You love me. I know that.

Three years. Has it really been that long already? I mean, it seems just like yesterday we were the most immature couple on the planet. Remember how you'd use to text and flirt with other girls? Or how I'd turn petty fights into something as big as the rock of Gibraltar, and walk out the shallowest reasons. I mean, how we both handled the relationship. Seriously. We can't blame them for thinking we'd break up the next week.

We were changing, and you did the most because you handled things better than I did. I'm a year older but most of the time its like I'm 5 years younger than you are.

But you're the meanest person on earth when we fight. And I happen to make things worse.

We've had several "Let's break up moments". People in the dorms hear us fight. They hear my silly threats and cries. They hear you scream at my face. They hear me go bonkers hitting my head here and there and whimpering. And all the other mad things crazy people do when they're mad at someone they either love madly, or someone they love but starting to hate.

But sometime last year you really wanted to get out of it, because you thought I was "sneaking" with someone and you thought modeling would ruin our relationship, because then you finally admitted that you were seloso and that you were possessive of me too. Which made me happy, since I sort of like the feeling of being wanted and being controlled in a way (but not totally).

I'd like to think God is just making us stronger.
And you know what, I think we are.
No. I know we are.

Three painful and beautiful years of being with you. I'd still go through everything all over again. But if given the chance, I'd change the times I've bitched a lot. Because you don't deserve a day to feel unloved. I wanna be better for you, Babe. Like you've been the best you can be for me.

I love you so much, saying it is not enough. Expressing it is not enough. Everyday I want to do more, I want to say more, I want to show more. But then. It still wouldn't be enough.

You are, the man for me.

The first time we ever felt like we can do anything we want to without ever worrying what people will say about it, because they don't know us. And we didn't care.

We bonded more than the first because, we had no one and nothing else but us. And that time we sat by the beach at night. Talking and munching on cheap potato chips.

The first anniversary we ever spent apart. But look, we're both smiling. Maybe because we both know that the mere fact we're together is something to really be happy about, inspite of now being in a LDR.

And who could forget this sweet and funny poem you made for me seven months ago?

As introduction
You must take precaution
This composition
will spill my compassion

Abbie is the girl
That can make my feet curl.
And my cousin Earl
Says that she makes his head twirl.

sometimes we may fight
the world would be in fright
and we'd give all our might
yet we'd still make things right

She may be crazy
Worse than a chimpanzee
But I guarantee
The she's the one for me

If you still want to experience Abbie's hallmark moments, read this cheesy sucker I wrote six months ago. But I only my contacts can view it.

ANDREW. You will always be my cabbage of love.
Ha,ha. That's cheesy. But that's how Antoi would put it.