Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.

OMG guess what, I was able to open my old blogger account and I found three of my old blogs! Did you know that I started blogging back in 2003? Mm-hmm. George and Lance introduced it to me. If you have time, you can check them out. Just roll your mouse over the "The Dauphine" image (thanks again Joey for giving me the code) and you'd see the links. I swear, its so funny to read how immature I was, how shallow I wrote and how Andrew and I got together. Ha,ha. I got shivers all over reading the entries again. Most of them don't have images though, my old Ripway account expired.

This week in photos:

Additional stuff to Mariesernify my room that I got from Claire's.

I'm totally loving this store, Peacocks! They sell the Miss Evie line here.

Got these from a Princess' garage sale. I've always wanted that pin. ha,ha. The TopShop belt was unused!

Most of the clothes sold at the garage sale were brand new. They still had their tags on!

Additional Marie-esque stuff (especially the Pink pillow).

I loved this chair, sadly they only sell it in a set. Mom wanted to get it for me if they sold it by piece. She promised we'd have one custom-made in the Philippines. YAY.

I love that the malls here are like 5 minutes away. And TAHLIA STREET! Ack.
Last night we bought the groceries and I stocked up on Mars Ice Cream and Mars bars and Lays (in Ketchup flavor, my favorite). Its just sad we don't have M&M's, Maltesers, Snickers and Mars ice cream back in the Philippines. Tsk.

Oh and hey, you know what? I've cried for like two consecutive days as soon as I woke up.
The second day, I woke up to this text and it made me cry:

"Miss na miss na kita Babe."

Okay. So what's so special with that, you ask? Well its because when someone says something like that rarely, you know that when they say it, they mean it. And you could feel it, too.

I think about Andrew all the time.
I swear, these days I've been wishing I had the ability to turn back time.
So I could go through it all again and savor each and every second spent.

I miss you kissing my head out of nowhere.
I miss sleeping on your shoulders whenever we're on a jeepney.
I miss shaking your hand, acting scared when the THX plug is shown before the movie starts.
I miss kissing you.
I miss you scratching my knees, since its your mannerism.
Or "peeling" my nails off.
I miss hearing you whistle when you call me by your window.
I miss us arguing to what and where we should be eating.
I miss you turning me away from TopShop and all the magazine outlets we pass by.
I miss watching you brush your teeth.
I miss you slicing my ulam for me.
I miss playing hide and seek with you. (You'd hide by the windows and I'd hide by my screen door.)
I miss you paying for stuff I get.
I miss pinching your nose.
I miss how you tickle my pits, and vice versa.
I miss how you brush your hair off your face and how you sweat even when its not that hot.

I just miss everything about and doing everything with you, Babe.

At least now I know better.
Next time, even when we're not on another getaway, its going to be like there's no tomorrow.
I promise you, Babe.