Six months in Jeddah.

Who knows how long am I really staying here?
God knows.

And for some reason I don't want to stay here that long because

1.) I miss Andrew.

2.) I want to March.

Anyways, what have I been doing here for the past few days? Lesee.
OMG nothing new. But bumming.

Most of the time I laze around. But this time I don't just laze around and end up still being happy about it, I laze around and I'm depressed about the things going on here.

I find it difficult communicating with Andrew by just plain text and most of the time we find it hard texting each other because of the time difference (Jeddah is 5 hours late from Philippine time).

The other day I soaked myself in the tub listening to Opus 36 (from the Marie Antoinette OST) feeling so relaxed (I had like three drops of The Body Shop's Massage Oil too). It was like I was in a different world. Ha,ha. For an hour it felt like I was in my own world again. Its been a long time since I felt that way alone. Most of the time I feel that way whenever I'm with Andrew.

Last night I read the letter he wrote me together with his schedule this sem. Something he wrote me then is helping me now.

"Don't worry about time, because you and me have forever."

Most of the time when I think about how long we'll be apart I just find it hard to breathe. Not that I'm exaggerating but my brain sort of malfunctions. I find it hard to think about the future without him always being there, like nearly an inch away from me.

But as what he would always say, "We gotta do what we gotta do."
As hard as it is for me to focus on something that I want without having the one thing that I want the most beside me, I guess that's just how it has to be for the meantime.

Sayang naman If I don't "graduate" on March. I mean, okay I'm done with school but I've always wanted to receive my diploma on stage and hang out with my college friends after. I've already designed my graduation dress pa naman. I thought it was best to design one rather than buy a dress from Zara as we originally planned.

Anyway, this is what's been keeping me busy.

YOODLING O DOODLING! Working on my Starbucks Planner.

Andrew's sugar letter. I miss him so much.

The eid sale! I got this from Claire's and Accessorize (some are from Tita Siony) in Aziz (and Tahlia) mall last night. I love that they're so modern Marie Antoinette-esque! Plus all the crowns and the fur. It doesn't hurt that they're in pink, too!

My latest read. I didn't bring my Zahir, I thought it was banned here. Ha,ha.

Sale sa Zara at TopShop eh. Pero tig-isa lang binili ko. Blame it on the person who got THE ROLLING STONES shirt (at TS) in Size 6. Damn you! Ha,ha.
I love that Jeddah has SO many malls now and all the high-end brands and the big-arse malls! So big you can go like, drag racing inside. But nothing beats MoA of course.


Sometimes I wish I wasn't in this situation. But if God puts you to it, he brings you through it.

We'll see where things go.

I learned a new word from Joey today.

Well Joey, you've been jonesing on Sushi.
I've been jonesing on a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins.