Ha,ha! Ew, no. Its not a "style" of typing. Just trying to emphasize the word SHOPPING. Bravo if you got it before reading this first. Ha,ha whatever.

Uh-oh, poser alert! Ha,ha.Poser mode muna ako ngayon.
Ganda pa ng background music ko habang ginagawa ko 'tong entry na 'to. THE BEST OF THE RAMONES na album. Ha,ha!

I was browsing through (my love), TopShop's website last week and I collected photos of the tops I would be on a look-out for. HAH.

They just launched a new collection called POP and I'm loving it, especially the Harajuku vibe the shirts scream off.

Ano, ito? TopShop plug? Ha,ha.

Sorry I just uber love TopShop so much. I swear, the first thing I'll do if I ever get to the UK, is to go the nearest TopShop store and raid it.

Aunt Viv, promise you'll pay for my tickets? Hahaha.

Okay, itodo na ang poser mode.
Okay I'm shallow. SURPRISE! Hahaha!


This is TopShop's latest line, POP! Wah I want them all.

I'm loving high-waisted pants now. I mean, the ones back in the 90's were sloppy since they don't do any good to your ass (it makes them look flat) since they were baggy and the word FIT didn't really matter back then.

I swear I'd still love SKULLS even if the Rock trend's over.

My good friend Kat (Ramos) told me she dreamt about me, and that I was pregnant. She told me that I should wear a skull-printed shirt then (Totally, Kat! I'm buying something like this when the time comes! Ha,ha) .

I so can't wait to get a Rolling Stones tee. The one I saw in TopShop recently looked better than this. Oh and I'm totally falling for smocks. My love for everything Pinafore, would never fade.

I super love cover-ups. I think they add spice to outfits. Especially if you layer them or wear like a skull-printed scarf around your neck. I guess its obvious that I'm totally digging Nicole Ritchie's style. And oohh oohh! Bubble hems! Hahaha.

Please, please. HIGH-WAISTED JEANS. Gimme gimme. I heard street-sweeper jeans are back in the scene. Well even if they're not, I'd still want one. I love Moto jeans, ang ganda kase ng fit sa tush.

I smell Madonna just looking at the leggings and the bodysuit. It reminds me of Alessanda Tinio's favorite Betsey Johnson bodysuit, too. Heehee. I want more jumpers and playsuits! Rawr.

I got most of my skull accessories from TopShop. And I want more! Ha,ha. I love that the hobo bag has charms. And don't you just love the Celia Burtwell umbrella? And the platforms? Grabe buti pa dito sa Jeddah, they sell TopShop platform shoes. Must beg Mom. Hahaha. babe, get me that pair of Lingerie! Hah!

All photos courtesy of TopShop.

If only I earned in euros (actually, if I only earned at all . HAH! Jeez I NEED TO GET A JOB) I would raid TS just like Scarlett Johansson.

Someone get me these effing shirts! Hahaha. O, if ever you see them in a size 6 kahit in the next few months, get them for me ha. I don't care if it's not uso anymore! LOL!

Nag-drool lang naman ako ng konti. Ha,ha. Kayo?

A SHOUT OUT to my friend Ria, who loves TopShop just the same! High five, sister! Ha,ha. You go raid TS in every mall in Manila!