Am I really THAT great?

MAN, I KNOW I'M NOT! Honestly!

Should I really be flattered?
OMG I'm not even a celebrity.

You know what's so funny, Choclit Cake (Camille Agcaoili) and I were just talking about this, like 20 minutes ago, and then I start vanity searching.

And then I find THIS.
and my friend Kaye just gave me THIS.


Seriously. I have friends who rant about posers all the time because they really DO have posers and I have "friends" who rant about posers all the time just to get attention. Sometimes, the "friend" who rants about posers is actually a poser.

What's weird is, this poser has recent photos of me, aside from copying my profile from one of my old (and inactive) Friendster accounts (and grabbing photos from there, too).


Jeez I really thought I'm done with this since I already deleted people from my Multiply account, and it was so hard.

Does this mean that I have to delete again? And leave the ones I really know and trust? Man this reeks.

What am I gonna do about this?

"Paging Dr. Phil.."


BIG BROTHER IS BACK. In Friendster. He just opened the account he made (of me) within today.


It says that this "ABBIE" has been a member since JUNE 2006. That's when the hacking happened. I know because I saw this, its this particular friendster account that he used for trying to make it look like I was a part of an Escort Service.

I think technology is starting to get on my nerves.


Lip biting.

Ack, there's nothing new to share, but my friends made me new artwork! Yay!

Its JAY AGGABAO'S : Abbie the Uchiha. I love it, I love it! Andrew is a big Naruto fan so I know he's gonna love it as much as I do, too! Thanks Jay. So I guess there's an addition to the Naruto cast?

Check out my choclit cake's (Camille Agcaoili) artwork for me. Now Camille's artwork is something to really look out for too, because, well...they just rock! Obviously.

Its another one from my GF (Mara Babor)! She says I look cute in a hat! Ha,ha. Someone hand me a beret. I want one.

Hottie Chean Kubota made this for me. She apologized for it looking so simple, but hey, to take the time to make them for me means a lot already. Plus I love that it looks vintage-y!


Oh and yesterday, it was the church's first year anniversary. Here's a photo of me and my friend, Jennver!

We've known each other since I was 12. Ha,ha. HI JEN, I LOVE YOU! (She's sort of like my little sister)

Oh, and how could I forget? Ack. Since it was February 24 yesterday...

I LOVE (and miss) YOU SO EFFIN' MUCH! Looks like there's a lot to celebrate when I get back, eh?

ANYWAYS Kuya said he lost the bid to the September 2006 issue of Vogue. But he got me the Paul Frank sleepwear from Urban Outfitters. YEAH! Ha,ha! That's not bad at all. Thanks Kuya, I love you! XD

And I can finally breathe now because I know that I'm going to be part of the 2007 yearbook. Even if I don't get to march on the 22nd, my classmates are there for that. They can march for me. Heehee.

And what is up with you, Best! Hahaha! He sent me like 20+ MMS messages today in my Smart number even if I told him I could only get them if he sent it to my Jeddah number. He only sent one (okay, now four) out of the 20+ to my Jeddah number, and it
was a "voice message". LOL! But hey he made me smile, too! You silly man.

Can someone get me Abd Al Majid's CD? I swear I'm starting to fall for French music now. Whether its World music (like those Putumayo CDs I've always wanted) or RnB. Its so soothing. I want, I want!

I'm so sorry its been so boring lately. I think just like Lucy, my brain is regenerating somewhere.


On a cheerier note...

So I tried asking my Mum if we really are staying for a year. And thank God. She said the longest we'd stay is July.


I'm going to miss celebrating my 21st birthday with Andrew though, but we can squeeze that in with post-celebrating Valentines and our anniversary. And its been years since I last celebrating my birthday with my folks. Plus I heard Ban and Carlo would be here, too. And *drum roll* I'll start working anytime soon. That kind of excites me too.

Today I got a LOT of nice texts. Honey comforted me, Ja told me how much he loved that entry about high school (read: it really was about him), and Tata tried to book me for a shoot.


At least she told me that I should inform them as soon as I get back. Not bad. That really lifted up my spirits. Even if I turned down a couple of shoots, they understood. Jeez, of course they would.

Ah! Thank you Seventeen! I can't wait 'til I see all of you again!

SHOUT OUT to my great online buddies, Crisel, Ana, Jobiebie and my BGFF, Mara who made these!

Digital make-up! That is so interesting! Crisel is the greatest! I just saw one of her artworks from her page and I told her how much I wanted mine to be edited too. She said I should give her photos of me without make-up on, and I planned on sending one to her asap. But the next day, I found this is in my mail! She's not only the greatest, she's the sweetest!

Ana's been an online bud way back 2005. She told me that she was bored one day at napagtripan niya yung photos ko. She gave me a link and I saw 4 edited photos! But I love this one the best! You rock, Ana. Thank you!

I posted this in my entry the other day but the photos were blurry. Ack. I resized it too many times. This is my GF's artwork, she made 7 of them but this one's my favorite. Just wanted y'all to see clearly.

This one is as far as I remember the first artwork a friend has ever given me. Its from JOVE! (Hi, I love you!) This has been Andrew's and my desktop theme. Its cool, no?

And with me, being so jealous with how everyone is SO good with editing, (ACK) I tried editing again! I used to edit my photos too but the ones that 5 year olds are capable of doing, too. The ones I made of this photo the other day are basic too. But this one I used several effects on, not just one. And I also love how it looks. So...cartoony.

AH. Thanks again guys, for this. I love you for taking the time to make them! You guys are the best!

Okay so I won't blab about too much today. Since it's pretty much the same.
Also, I'm gushing on The Holiday. Ha,ha. Still hits you the same seeing it the second time.
Thank you again guys, for being there for me.

Here's to earning and SAVING!
*candy wink*


Do-re-mi or Hu-hu-hu?

Whenever you feel like your head is going to explode with lava, what do you do?
Do you cry? Or do you sing? Music could be a very good outlet of pain...or, well, whatever you're feeling today.

If you're mad at your boyfriend?
Do you cry? Or do you sing?
Or do you slap him?

And if you're mad at your parents?
Do you cry? Or... do you cry?

Its hard when the word PARENTS are included in a sentence. Either you're trying to tell everyone how much of an obedient child you are or how you wished you can just run away and they wouldn't even lift a finger to find you.

Hello, I'm Abbie. I'm 20 years old and a docile child.

Just doesn't sound right anymore.
I love my parents, I really do.

But somehow... I just don't like...whatever I'm feeling right now about what's happening in my life.

I think being away from them for almost 5 years made me feel so independent and so capable of deciding for myself.

And even if I have goals for myself...I realized that one of the reasons why I find it so hard to do what I want to do, is because they want me to accomplish a few things first.

I thought I was only going to be here until June.
I gave up marching on Graduation day for them. In exchange of staying here for six months, but... why am I suddenly hearing the words 1 year? Less than 2 years? And "We'll see?"

I know this might sound bad to most of you since wherever my parents are should be home, but... I'm missing so much back home already. My real home.

I just couldn't stay here longer than June. That's all.
All my friends are back home. I mean, is that weird? I'm here with my parents but I feel so freakin' sad about this!

Its days like these I miss Andrew the most. When he'd just let me cry in his shoulder for an hour while I hug him and he pats me on the back. And we'd just stay that way without saying a word. I miss that feeling of being at peace in his arms even if my mind couldn't stop thinking about solutions to whatever problem I'm having.
Its days like those that remind me of why I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Anyway, I'm going with Hu-hu-hu.
I am while I'm typing this entry.


I'm not ready to make nice.

Actually, if they hadn't played it over and over at the Grammy's...It wouldn't have been my LSS for days and I wouldn't have appreciated it too. But yes actually, I'm nowhere near to wanting to be nice to people around me. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally talking about the ones with claws.

Anyway, I miss sharing randoms.

I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! Ha,ha. Don't get me wrong, though. We're both straight. Hahaha. But we would say "If only I were a guy, I'd totally court you" to each other a lot.

Meet Mara Babor. Oh, does the name sound familiar? Did (ABS-CBN's kiddie program) BAYANI's theme song suddenly play in the background? Ha,ha! Yes, I'm so blessed to be closey-wosey with this Hot chick/Model/Celebrity!
We met in school, we had common friends, we had time to bond and now we share so much with each other. And I LOVE HER TO BITS.

Also, at that time I was so enraged with this "person", she stood up for me by posting this in her Multiply account:

Insecurity strikes! Whoa.


"stop pretending to be everybody's friend. we're not close but you are one of my contacts here. actually, wala ka namang ginagawang masama sakin. SA KAIBIGAN KO LANG NAMAN. And that really bothers me. Close friend ko pa. I know its not part of my business but the hell I care! What's your problem girl?? Ang taas ng insecurity mo sa buhay! Are you happy, seeing other people hurt? Maawa ka nman. Kung ayaw mo sa ginagawa ng isang tao, eh di ayaw.SO WHAT? Hindi ka naman inaano dyan. EH DI WAG MO TINGNAN yung mga picts nya, db? As easy as that. You're too much affected with what my friend doing. Please, stop that. Walang may gusto ng away, BUT you started it. Kung hate mo ang isang tao, sana wag ka na maging PLASTIK. Sabihin mo na, o kaya hayaan mo na lang kasi napaghahalatang insecure ka lang. And MAS MAGANDA SIYA SAYO (which is SO TRUE!). Im not saying this just because I want to defend my friend. Maybe, yes. Pero gusto kong malaman mo na, ANG LAKI NG PROBLEM MO! Nonsense ka. Palihim ka pa kung tumira. Bakit? Scared ka ba?? Dont be. I know the reason kung bakit mo to ginagawa.. Kasi alam mo sa sarili mo na lamang na lamang sayo yung kaibigan ko. HELLER! Face value pa lang.. I dont want to compare you to her, kasi the truth is HINDI KA NYA KA-LEVEL and Yes, never will. You're just jealous. That's it!"

I hate TUpperwares talaga. :( So mean.

It actually takes a lot of guts for a friend to do that! I mean, pwede kase siyang madamay diba , but she took the risk. And I really, really love her for that. Oh, oh and she also got me pasalubong from the states!

Its a scrapbook. And I love that it says GIRLFRIENDS! Its so cute, I adore it!

And like that wasn't enough, she surprised me again by making these!

She edited my first photo for the Seventeen Favorite Model Search! They're so cool. And I love her for taking the time to make these. She's the coolest. How can you not love her? She's so down-to-earth. And she's really proven how much of a true friend she is to me.

I LOVE YOU GF! We're BGFF's! Yay! I can't wait to camwhore with you soon! Thank you for everything!

There are also BIG decisions to make. NAH. Ha,ha. Andrew used to like the idea of getting a tattoo, and I hated it. But he grew out of it, and I started liking the idea. Ha,ha. Nothing tacky though. I thought of getting the exact same tattoo that Kirsten Dunst has (because it rocks,and I'm a poser) but that would be too much of turning the fan mode on. And then I decided on what it should be. And this came into mind:

LOVE. If I finally decide on intentionally scarring myself for life, I'd totally go for this one. I don't like it very "visible" though. Like, no one else would see it, even if I'm in a swimsuit. So yeah, it would sorta fall on...the right side of my tush, but not exactly. But as of now, this would be my official LOGO. It symbolizes my love for skulls, and Marie Antoinette. I might add something to it that would make it more Antoi, aside from the crown.Hmm.

Shoot!Another camwhore! Someone's feeling naughty. Ha,ha okay stop assuming now. Here, here. Check out my dark side. Literally, I guess.

Everything else reminds me of that "I want some more" Interview with the Vamp scene except for the last one. Obviously.

Okay, enough.

I know I still love you Britney, even if you're bald now. Even if you hate underwear and even if you party a lot, or forget to put Sean P. at the backseat and put a seatbelt around his carrier sometimes, and even if you can't drive your own car that you had to ask the paparazzi how to, I know deep down, I'm somehow still your fan. Just wake up before you hit rock bottom already.


So, its the laughter.

It was just like yesterday, only this time she wrestled me. On some days she'd tickle me or kiss me all over my face just to get me out of bed. Shower's ready, but as usual, the water is still too cold for me. I turn the faucet until I can feel the water almost burning my skin. Its always been that way. Hot showers make my day.

Today I fight the God of sleep by trying to enjoy my breakfast. But I realize that this day will be different from the rest, because this is the first day. The first day I'd ever get to see him knowing that he's mine, after three years of wanting him from a distance, and getting nothing else but friendship.

The intercom buzzes. The carpool's already downstairs, waiting with 10 passengers inside the van. I grab the entire house and head downstairs. One more stop and we're headed to school.

Incubus is playing on the stereo. MEED. The light suddenly turns to red and I find myself staring at the gasoline station singing to Drive, tapping my hands on my knees.

I get down from the van with this silly smile plastered on my face. I was trying to give the "OKAY HE'S TAKEN, BY ME THIS TIME!" impression to most of the girls I see on the way to our villa. Turn right, and make a left turn over there. That's it right ahead. Its funny that we share the same villa with students three years behind us. As usual, the boys are already sweating at 8 in the morning from all the silly freshmen things they do, some are hanging by the bathroom and some are playing the guitar, its what you'd see on most days. I head right up and skip steps out of excitement. I drop my things and head to his classroom, just right beside ours. We should've gotten together last year since we were classmates then.

He isn't there yet. He's late. He does come late to school sometimes. I head back to our classroom and take out my CD player. I brought my entire CD collection, in its respective crystal cases. I take out the POP compilation and listen to Cruise. Ban-ban sits beside me and takes the earphone out of my right ear and puts it into his left. We sing together.

After Physics,the first subject, he marched into the room. I saw him everyday since sophomore year. But this is one vision of him I will never forget. Then he smiled at me. I smiled back.

Its "wash day" today, and our teachers postponed classes to practice so we'd be able to practice for me cheering competition. But that would always be our cue to invade each other's classrooms, while some would try to escape out of school and head to someone's house nearby to watch DVDs while the couples would make out. We decide to stay in my classroom. We sat next to each other. And for the first time, I put my head on his shoulder. He rests his head on mine while we held hands. 12:00 PM. Twenty minutes later, we wake up, he kisses my hand and asks me what I want to have for lunch. He gets up and as my eyes followed him out of the room, I saw my two bestfriends, Ayah and Maya smiling at me. I laughed.

Everyone was in the quadrangle, practicing for prom. I headed back to the classroom and as I turned around, he was there, grinning at me. We hugged. And then he gave me a kiss. Seeing us dance together, I couldn't help but smile. This was our last prom. But it would be more meaningful than last year's, since we're together now.Each schoolyear was getting funner and funner. But this year was different. It was the best. It was the most unforgettable.

Everything that happened between us. At school, outside of school. On a schoolday or on weekends, whether we were fighting or all over each other (in a less tacky way, because we were never the tacky couple), were UNFORGETTABLE. They were the days that would make it hard for me to leave this place.

The doorbell rings. He's on the door. Pop asks him how his Dad is doing. He enters my room. There are boxes everywhere. He hands me my videocam. I had forgotten it yesterday at the Bridge's head office ( I was one of the literary eds of the school paper, but I didn't do much though ).

We couldn't have a moment alone. A few minutes later, he heads home. I look at him from our window and he stares at me while he walked his way to the corner to hail a cab. We were smiling at each other. But it was too far for him to see that I was crying. And then he turns at the corner. That was the last time I saw him. My life would never be the same again. April 3, 2002. Five years ago.

On an ordinary (read: blissful) school day.

Although life has been beautiful for both of us, we've separately had the best and worst moments of our lives, and we grew to be more mature. After a few years of not being in good terms after the break-up, we worked our way into becoming close friends. Thankfully we still are. Closer than ever. We're both happy now, and even if we're currently not responsible for making each other happy, we will always have a part of each other. And that's how we intend it to be. We text, we talk, we laugh, we tease. We rant about our current relationships to each other, and reminisce about the past sometimes. We had a beautiful relationship, and we still do.

And even if he broke my heart, I wouldn't have anyone else do it for him. I am glad to have gone through all the pain and happiness from being with him. And I've learned so much. He will always be my bestfriend, my ex, my boy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's to us, Ja. And the beautiful life ahead of us still having each other.


From our lonely to your happy hearts.


OMG I've never felt this low on Valentines. Okay, shut up Justin T. Ha,ha. I'm playing J.T.'s "(Another song) All over again" and if you know how it goes, you can't blame me for feeling so sentimental right now.

Its the first time we're spending it apart. Although we did talk about having this sort of grand celebration when I get back home. We'd celebrate our third anniversary and valentines. But until then I'll just have to distort my face with all the frowning and sighing.

Yesterday, he surprised me by uploading this song in his Multiply account saying this:

this is as far as I could go in being "Senti"
lalo na kapag magisa lang ako sa dorm.. at weekend, nako! killer song, mapapalalim ang isip ko bigla...
Beb nakakarelate ako dito, hehe pakinggan m nalang :D

And this is how the lyrics goes (its in Tagalog, btw) :

" ... Hinihiling bawat oras kapiling ka sa lahat ng aking ginagawa
Ikaw lamang ang nasa isip ko sinta
Sana'y di na tayo magkahiwalay kahit kailan pa man

Ikaw lamang ang aking minamahal
Ikaw lamang ang tanging inaasam
Makapiling ka, habang buhay, Ikaw lamang sinta
Wala na akong hihingin pa, wala na..."

Its actually very rare for Andrew to be senti and all, I really appreciate what he did, he made me feel like he was right next to me. He said that song really makes him miss me so much. Ha,ha. I love that its his song for me, it explains how he really feels daw . And for someone who doesn't do that very often, I believe him.

And in return, I recorded a video of myself...ACK. Singing to this song:

"You've got this look i can't describe,
You make me feel like I'm alive,
When everything else is au fait,
Without a doubt you're on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,
Can't find the words to write this song,
Oh, Your love..."

Exactly. I swore I would never make those types of videos, but hey. When it comes to love, you cross the line. Even if its a line you drew yourself.

I want our telenovela OBB to happen in the next 5 minutes, Babe.


Life begins at Seventeen.

But I was eighteen then.

When I was a litle girl, about 6, my grandparents would ask me what I wanted to become. I came up with a different answer everytime. A nurse. A flight attendant.I had so many things in mind, but I was too young to worry about things like that.

The next year, I was so inspired after watching Aladdin that I wanted to look like
Jasmine. I designed an outfit myself, and
had it sewn to my Grammy. The year after that, I found myself arranging my closet according to clothes I would least wear to the ones I adored the most. I started disliking the clothes my Mom would prepare for me on Sundays, and the ones my relatives would give me on Christmas. I started telling my Mom that my white maryjanes didn't go with the orange gown I was gonna wear when I was gonna parade around Palawan, representing my class as their muse. That same year, I continued designing clothes for myself and I'd wear them to school events and parties.

My passion for clothes and dressing up grew stronger as I aged. I then realized what I wanted to become.

I was flipping through a magazine and saw this ad. A model search. I stared at it for hours, thinking, "Could that be me?". And for some reason, I started asking for signs from God. I had photos taken. When I saw that they came out good, I wrote an essay, and I didn't re-write it until it felt right. I sealed the envelope, kissed it, prayed and had my Grammy drop it off for me.

Two weeks later, I anxiously called the publishing office to ask about the details. Whoever I got to talk to was heaven-sent. She was so nice while she explained the mechanics, and even asked my name. As I hung up, I kneeled and prayed that God would make this one come true for me.

On the way home from fetching my Aunt from the airport, my phone rang. The number wasn't saved on my phonebook.


Is this Abbie Almasco?

Yes. Who is this please?

This is Donna, from Summit Media.

I figured I should go there as myself, I wore this off-shoulder top and some bermudas and paired it with chucks.

The other girls were so suplada they didn't even bother to smile back at me when I gave them one. I ignored it. In my head I was conversing with God. Clinching my fists and tapping my feet while we were waiting for our turn.

It was just like my first day in school. I had more than a thousand butterflies in my stomach. Definitely not the zsa zsa zsu.

Miss Donna comes in and mentions five names, including mine. We all follow her and talk on the way there. We were lead into this room, and there were four people inside. I recognized the woman sitting far left.

Miss Mia Fausto.

They ask us a series of questions. One of them were "Who do you want to see on the next cover on Seventeen and why?"

" Dawn Balagot. Because she's already accomplished her dream at a young age, and she's even younger than me, so I look up to her for that"

I saw Miss Mia nod and smile, as she jots down notes on this small notebook that was held by the person sitting next to her. It was Tata.

After the interview, I was shaking, but I managed to say " Nice meeting you " and smiled before I walked out of the room. I gave out a big sigh. Before I left, I saw Miss Donna and thanked her. The results would be out in a few weeks.

I had just gotten home from Boracay, suffering from stomach ache (ew, must be the airplane food!). I dragged my bags and dropped them on the sofa. My Grammy greets me.

" May tumawag, hinahanap ka."

"Sino daw po?"

"Donna daw eh"

"Ha? Wala naman po akong kakilalang Donna. Sigurado po kayo?"

"Oo, basta ang sabi Donna."

In a split second I was jumping, like I was on a trampoline. I figured it out.
I was shaking as I scrolled for her number on my cellphone.

She picks up.

"Hello Miss Donna? This is Abbie Almasco."

"I was trying to call you, you were out of reach, I heard you just got from Boracay."

"Yes, I'm so sorry!"

"Okay, so... I'm texting you the details of the shoot. You're expected there at 10:30. Do you know Toto Labrador? He'll be your photographer."

"Wow! Yeah he does sound familiar."

"You're one of the finalists."

And then I lost it. I thank her, she thanks me and we laugh. I hung up, and that's when I totally went bonkers.

The rest was history. Sort of. Its only been two years since. Ha,ha.

My first photoshoot ever. I had fun with all the professionals I got to work with plus I have 8 new friends. This was the booklet that came out with the August issue. We were all psyched at the shoot. I bonded with Saab the most the first time. I sat beside her, but was too shy to start the conversation, even if there were just two of us in the couch. Thankfully, she did. I've been in love with her since. Ha,ha.

On our second shoot, we worked with Sara Black, and we met Chelsea Co, she was an intern for Seventeen at the time. Its funny though, my abs were no where to be found when it was said to be my asset in this issue. For our third shoot, we had to shop at SM Makati under a PHP1,000 budget. It was fun, and I spent time with sharon and Yen the most, raiding the clothes. It was such a fun day we ended up having dinner and bonding more in Shakey's at Glorietta after the shoot.

We did TV guestings for 1. Wazzup Wazzup, 2. Y Speak, Breakfast and appeared on 3. MTV Get Spotted during our Presscon.

The winner was announced in November, with Camille appearing on the front cover with Hale lead singer, Champ Lui-Pio. Afterwards, we had a Presscon on the same month. Out clothes were sponsored by TopShop! Ack! This page was on the December issue.

Photos from the Presscon. 1. Me and Jing backstage before the show. 2. Me and Saab after the show. 3. Photo op! Wearing the poker face. Ha,ha. 4. Me and Yen hung-over from doing the poker face. Hahaha. 5. Me and THE winner, Camille! 6. Changing...changing. With Zuv.

One of the benefits we got from being finalists is that Elan gets to pick girls they'd like to be a part of their agency. So God blessed me with this one, too. On December 16, we were launched together with Mika and Mamu's (Miss Cecille Carpio) clothing line, EBONY AND IVORY at the People's Palace in GB3. 1. That's the Seventeen girls one of the displays in the exhibit. I get to be part of two of the exhibits, but was able to take a photo of one of them lang. That's me far left. 2. Me and Andi at the New World Renaissance Hotel getting ready. 3. Me, Syg and Nans. 4. Me and Bubbles at Music 1 before heading to the event. 5. That's ME! Ha,ha. Imagine, Nans and I and the rest had to walk from the hotel room to Greenbelt in shorts! Ha,ha. What a fun night.

Some of us also got to appear in Inquirer, first for Lora Gahol's article (top) and the rest for Bianca Consunji's ( I so love her ) articles for 2BU! in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Thank you Bianca, for always believing in us!

My first fashion editorial. Tata told Cindy about the shoot we did before this and Cindy booked me for it. It was fun working with Chrizenda and Vince. Plus we were in swimsuits. Ha,ha. Outdoor shoots are totally fun.

Tata booked me for this shoot, but it came out a few months after it was first scheduled to. These girls are fun, too! Corinne and I still keep in touch (that girl rocks) while Sara flew off to Europe. She was here vacationing. I love that I came on time that day and Tata was happy! And I get to work with Kai Huang! Woohoo!

Totally one of my favorite spreads ever. Cindy booked me for this too, but Laureen Uy styled this and it just..ROCKED! Ha,ha.

One of the most embarassing experiences of my life. Mika Lagdameo styled this, and I rode with her on the way to Wesley's studio, but I got there (at the Town, where we met up) 20 minutes late! And her Dad was driving. I was soooo embarassed! I wasn't even in the right mind to make beso even when she opened her door the time I arrived! Gah, could I be any more...stoopid? But I swear I left Cavite early. Ha,ha. I hate hate hate traffic. I got to work with Cham here, too. We ate at the Town after, Cham's treat! Hello, CPK. Ha,ha. Ee, sorry again Mika!

HERE! The coolest, greatest and nicest people I got to work with. 1. The legendary Isha Andaya, who styled us for the first two Seventeen shoots. 2. Bianca Consunji, who I will always love for always trusting me. 3. Mika Lagdameo, one of the few UBER down-to-earth professional models. I totally adore her, and when I tell her that, she'd just go "Ha,ha! You're funny!" and "Aw, that's so sweet." She's so adorable, you can't NOT love her! 4. Xeng Zulueta, this was the first time I got to work with her, always through Bianca! Yay. She makes you feel so at ease and makes chika like you've known each other for years. 5. Katrina Sy and Cathy, Kat who owns Sy-Kat Couture. Worked with her for the Elan exhibit. 6. Kat Dy, one of the people I run to for fashion advice sometimes. 7. Sara Black, who is so used to our "tradition" after photo shoots. Ha,ha. I love her! 8. Cindy Go, who I bumped into a few months ago at the Town. I love how she dresses up. 9. Jigs Mayuga, who I will forever love for being SO nice to everyone. He makes you feel SO welcome. I love the warm vibe he always gives off. 10. Wesley Villarica, I learned a few photographer "signs" from him. Cool! 11. Laureen Uy. Yet, another UY who knows just what to wear. I believe it runs in the blood. I wanted to raid her closet. You would too if you saw her that day.

That's why I was so sad on missing all those shoots I was booked for four months ago. This has all been just FUN. And I love every single minute and every single camera flash of this whole experience that I am stil hoping to be a part of when I get back home.

Now that I'm out of college, I might really focus on this and see where it takes me. I'm praying God allows it, because this might not be what I'd be doing in the next ten years (or who knows, right?), but at least I know its what I want to do right now. Because its what I've always wanted to be, as shallow as you think it is.

And you know what, if you're aspiring to be one, GO FOR IT. No one should tell you that you're not capable of becoming one. Stand up for yourself. And as long as you know what you want, and not step on anyone's toes, you're ready. Just remember that once you're out there, the world will judge you. But that shouldn't stop you. If you have God and you know you can go through it, don't stop. Don't stop until you get there. I'm telling you, I might not be there yet, but its all worth it. And don't ever let anyone's opinions affect you. Its your dream, and your life. Prove them wrong. Just make sure you don't lose yourself on the way and take the wrong road.People will always point fingers and you and put you down. That's part of it. As much as I hate it, its will always be there. Belittling will always be a part of the show.

But that's exactly what's making me push harder.


Marry me, Topshop.


BLOGGER ISN'T BANNED HERE ANYMORE! LOL! Ha,ha! That really makes me happy because...I won't have to bother Lance every single time! Rawr. But hey, all this time, thanks to Lance. Without him, I could not have edited my template and posted photos. Hmm. HUGS FOR LANCE!

ANYWAYS, these are photos I grabbed from TopShop two weeks ago, and a few of them yesterday.

And yes, I am on poser mode. Don't worry I'll come up with something better to post. Though I don't see anything wrong with my second TopShop plug. Its my declaration of looove for TS.

I'm totally loving the Owl Applique Shopper. Rawr. And the skull accessories. More FREEDOM, please? Ha,ha. And although I'm not a big fan of hats, well...I'm liking this one.

MC Hammer bottoms! Ha,ha. I saw one in this thrift shop in Laguna, but it was too big for me. Grr. I told you wide-legged jeans would be back in the scene. Ha,ha. I'd like this Vintage Boyfriend Jeans,and hotpants!! I want, I want.

Camis are so easy to wear and look at.Plus, it doesn't hurt if they're skull-printed.

Crewshirts! They're so hot. It would totally reflect my laid-back personality. But the thing is, I'm not so laid-back when it came to dressing up. Ha,ha.

I've always wanted that Laura Lee dress but I never seem to find one my size. Bummer.And that purple jersey dress. J'adore!

Ha,ha. Would I look like da bomb if I had that hot pink bomber jacket on? Hahaha. But I like the grey cape the most.

I did say that I loved everything braced, and jumpers, right? But I'm totally loving that grey Unique Maxi Dungaree dress. It kind of looked like my high school uniform.

OMG playsuits. What more can I say. TopShop's playsuits are a lot more affordable than J.Lo's. I love the yellow playsuit so much I'd totally wear it out to GB. As long as I'm driving a car. Hahaha.

REALITEES! I think I only have one of those. Loser. I want more, but I wanted to get the skull-printed one I saw at the Town once. Hmp.

I wonder why they don't sell Platforms and Court Platform shoes in all of the TS Branches in the Philippines. Or maybe that was two months ago. Too bad the ones here don't have my size. It sucks to be a size 5/6 on some days.

KNICKERS! OMG, Pussy Glamore, Frankly Darling, Mimi Holiday... AH! Why don't we have those too? They look so friggin' sexy. I swear when the day comes and I get to earn in euros, these babies better watch out.Or maybe Babe can get them for me. He's always been so giving, anyways. He'd pay for my TopShop goodies sometimes!

Whaddya know, even their sleepwear is irresistible.

Trapeze, Tunics,Jerseys,Kangaroo Tunics,Smocks, Drops,Pleats... Gaah. They're all too beautiful. It makes me cry. Hahaha.

Here are the two latest things I picked up from TS lately. An animal printed cami (that I turned into a dress, hahaha) and a green hoodie. The sale was over two days ago. But who cares. Ha,ha. I'll be seeing you, TS!

Like I said in my first TS plug, I am a size 6, and I would accept all gifts sent to me with arms wide open.
If interested please leave a comment or send me a personal message in my Multiply account and expect my reply in 5 seconds.

Oh, and please come to our wedding.
Everyone is invited. Come in your best TopShop ensemble!


The Lasallian Life.

Ha,ha. Actually its "Abbie's life in La Salle."

Okay, since I'm still in my reminiscent state, let me tell you something about my life in La Salle. Yes, the one I'd really want to go back to.

(Sorry that the photos are so bare and some of them are too small. Rawr.)

FIRST THING IN THE MORNING , After I get up, I'd do what anyone in the world who is hygenic would do - jump in the shower. On most days, I'd feel maarte and put on make-up and fix my hair. On some days I'd just put some powder, blush and mascara and tie my hair up and I'm off. I always make sure to finish everything, even if I end up late in class. Ha,ha. OMG.

That's the first thing I'd see. My dreamcatcher. I miss my bed so much. Boo. And see how I overdo my make-up! Ha,ha. But still it doesn't measure up to the sagala make-up some girls do. I still manage to minimalize. Ha,ha.

I'M OUT THE DOOR , and I'd log-out from the dorm and I'm off to JFH, where most of my classes are held. On some days, Andrew and I have the same schedule. We'd wake up an hour earlier and have breakfast, and he'd sometimes drop me off my classroom even if that means he'd get to his class late. On days that my classes are earlier than his, I'd drop by his window to make paalam .

I love Lake Avenue, even if its full of people gossiping
everday. Ha,ha. I miss taking long, really nonsense exams. That's my usual spot, waiting for Andrew after class. Ha,ha. Gotta love that picture.

ANDREW ARRIVES WITH HIS CHAPLIN UMBRELLA and we're off to lunch. Whether its right across the street from school (dang I miss Momo's and the sisigan! Rawr), Walter (KFC, Jollibee or McDo) or SM Dasma (Tokyo Tokyo, Shakey's, Burger King). On some days, we'd stay at SM and watch a movie or go karaoke.

Ha,ha. I love these photos. Walter, SM and this one Karaoke place in SM Dasma.

WE HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL and we finish whatever we have to finish, like pay the tuition, inquire from professors, etc. And then we both get back to the dorms where I watch DVDs and he'd take his nap. We both work-out at around 6. On some days, we'd jog around the oval or he'd head out to the gym.

Ha,ha. I wished I used the money for shopping. LOL. That's me working out and camwhoring in between. Nagfe-feeling.

Sometimes, we'd hang by the kubo deciding whether we should push through going out. We'd end up talking here, until its dinner time. Ha,ha. That's me procrastinating in the library, with my other procrastinating buddies. Ha,ha. Andrew's with me of course. Its hard to study without your inspiration beside you. LOL. Sometimes we'd hang in the kubo with our Kidlat friends.That's me and Ivan. I miss them.

ON SOME DAYS WE FELT SPONTANEOUS , we'd head out early for dinner to Tagaytay (that would also be my cue for thrift shopping). This one time we walked all the way from Olivares to Starbucks. And its one of those moments I wouldn't forget. The cold weather, our arms around each other, and we were walking like one of those couples on movies. Slowly, and we were talking and laughing and all. Nothing beats those moments, when you're surrounded by thousands of people but feel like you're the only two people on earth. But on most days, we'd eat in Momo's or McDo.

McDo, on a usual night, (this photo was taken after our Batangas getaway) and Antonio's in Tagaytay.

NIGHT HAS FALLEN and its time go head back to the dorms and curfew's at 9PM (Bummer. Good thing I'm close with all of the school guards. LOL!) When Camille and Upper were my dorm mates (they have been for years), they'd surprise me with a lot of things. Lately, I'd head straight to Anna's dorm at P8 and we'd talk a lot. I'd only go to my dorm room if I was gonna take a shower and head to Anna's, or take my pillows and comforter with me before going there if I was sleeping over. Of course I'd pass by Andrew's dorm window to tell him what I was doing and all.

That's Camille stepping on my bed, that one crazy night the three of us had a surprise visitor - a FROG. She was driving him away with our walis tambo after that shot was taken I think I jumped on my bed with her and we were laughing like crazy, while I used my pillow to scare it away saying "SHOO! SHOO!" I fell on the bed later, and my tummy ached so bad from all the laughing. And this is what we look like on a normal night at Anna's dorm. We'd gossip about people gossiping about us. Ha,ha. On most nights, we dance to VST'S "Sway" and we'd make our sad friends happy dancing like stringbeans. I wish we had videos of that. Its one of my favorite moments. Ha,ha. Oh and that's me by Andrew's window. That's what you'd see him do usually. If he isn't studying, he's playing that friggin' game. Ugh.

AT TWO OR THREE IN THE MORNING , we'd feel sleepy. When Camille and Upper were there, we'd use my dirty comforter and lie on it by the grass which was in front of Andrew's window and we'd play Tong Its. Most of the time, pagti-tripan ako ng dalawa and they'd leave me alone outside, while I fall asleep! And when I wake up, I march into the dorm (they leave the door and screen door open naman) and they'd pretend to be asleep, and seconds later they'd point at laugh at me. Grr. Lately, like I said, I spent more time with Anna. sometimes we're out catching frogs for Anna's thesis or we'd be camwhoring at the new dorm, or watching a movie. And then head back to my dorm, or stay at Anna's and I'd sleep. Of course, we'd always talk before we doze off. Its funny that I hear them snore just a minute after we exchanged our last words of the night. Whether its "Don't worry, they'll burn in hell", or "Goodnight".

That's Camille by the grass. Me and my girls by the dorm gate, me by Andrew's window before sleeping and me, camwhoring before heading to Dreamland.

On Sundays and Wednesdays we'd go to MoA or Town after class. Sometimes we head to Tagaytay with friends. But hey, that's another story. Will write about that one of these days. And maybe I should also make one before Andrew and I got together, those days were fun too.

You might say my school life was boring, but... I actually wouldn't change a single thing about it. I loved and I will always love college. And I will always love La Salle Dasma inspite of the criticism that it gets just because its in Cavite. Everything about my school rocks, no matter what they say about it.

I'm one proud Caviteña,too. Its been my home for 4 1/2
years. Somehow I wished I'd wake up one day and see my dreamcatcher hanging on the dirty white colored ceiling, and see my orange-colored dorm resulting from the color of my curtains.

But hey, I've got my alumni card for that.