Because I like 'em BIG (Part Two)

Don't yawn just yet! Wait 'til you read all of it! LOL.

31. Watch every show in Fashion Week. I don't necessarily have to be sitting in the front row next to Madonna. I just want to see it live. And scream, only that the volume of my voice is in zero.

32. Have a portrait of myself painted ala Antoi. Like, the exact same painting of Marie Antoinette only that it has my face plastered on. Hahaha. O wag gayahin ah, that's my idea! LOL. I don't think anyone is as obsesssed sick as I am anyway.

33. Play the Piano. Oh please, I'd like to take my name off the Loser list by learning to play at least one instrument in tune and to have at least one dangerous sport (read: surfing). I started playing 6 years ago then I stopped, and started playing again with Andrew teaching me but I stopped again. I'd like to really learn. Ack.

34. To sing like Zooey Deschanel.  Have you heard her sing? OMG watch Elf. Gimme gimme your singing voice, Zooey!

35. To watch the city lights with Andrew on a mountaintop. Ja told me about Jack's Ridge in Davao, and if I can't go there and see it with Drew, I'll go look for a place where we can do that. The  view from Antipolo is nice, I remember seeing it that one night Camille and I drove Saab and Frank home. Heehee.

36. To drive around with Andrew 'til early morning. Ha,ha. So babaw. Its something we haven't done yet. Ever. Well not just the two of us at least. I did that with friends tons of times. Heehee. Then we'd go to some coffee shop and have breakfast there and camwhore, too.

37. To be able to face my own demons. And really get over the big and small things I fear in life. And to really...just live each day like its the last.

38. To get 35 inches of hips. Like Chesca's. Boohoo. I want bigger hips. And thighs. Ack.

39. Shop high-end. But I won't shop for overrated stuff. I'd go to Chanel and get something that I don't see everywhere. And I'd go for Designer clothes, the ones I could pass on to my daughters. I'm limited to TopShop, Zara and Mango lang.Ha,ha. But I'd totally get a Spy Bag and I don't care if I'm a million light years late.

40. Have my own domain. I'd post everything from Fashion to Animal Rights. Ack. WWW.ABBIEALMASCO.COM - Shushal. Ha,ha.

41. To learn how to bake. Cooking, well Andrew promised he'd help me in that department. But I really want to learn how to bake. Ha,ha. LET THEM EAT CAKE.

42. Laser hair removal. So I'd bid goodbye to worrying about plucking and shaving. Goodbye, Leg and Pit hair! Hahaha.

43. To make good friends with one designer. Local or International (I did say dream BIG, didn't I?). And then one day we'd be so close he/she's make me his/her muse. Wawaweewa!

44. To be caught chatting and shopping with kate Moss by the Paparazzi. And it would come out in every tabloid with this headline : "Kate goes shopping with new bestfriend". Hahahaha! And there are pictures of us holding like then shopping bags on each arm from Dior and all and we're both dressed down with our Evian or Fiji water bottles in hand. Ah. If only I could see the day.

45. To watch Oprah live. Do I still have to explain why?

46. To watch the Superbowl live. I'm no Football fan but I watched the game live on the telly last night, and I think I'm starting to like it.

47. Gain ten pounds. Or to at least look like Lindsay Lohan before she lost weight. Or Mischa Barton, minus the height. Hahaha.

48. Hire a professional photographer. To take really good vanity shots, avant-garde. Woohoo.

49. Become a designer. I might have missed out on sharing this with you, but I started designing clothes for myself when I was 6, after seeing Aladdin and I so wanted to look like Jasmine.

50. To star in a Woody Allen film. Alongside Scarlett Johansson, and then I'd totally go FAN mode on her, she'd eventually have me kicked out of the film.

51. Make Jeff Corwin my best friend. Just 'cause. Ha,ha!

52. To fill my drawers with Pussy Glamore underwear. Hahaha! Actually, before I go VS and Chantall Thomass on all y'all, I'd love to have tons of TopShop Underwear! Yes that includes brassierres. Then I'll step up to Paul Frank from there, and it goes higher and higher. RAWR! Ha,ha!

53. To star in a TVC. I've always wanted to be a Pond's girl! ACK.

54. Party like there's no tomorrow. I've always wanted to know what its like to be a real bad girl. Even if its just for a day. Because I know its one lifestyle I would never have since I'm very laid-back on most days. Ha,ha. I wanna behave like Lo Lohan and see what its like! Just for one day. Please? Ha,ha!

55. To become the Philippines' (version of) Carrie Bradshaw. In terms of her bravery on dressing up. I don't have to dress exactly like her, but I hope I could be as brave as she is, wearing all these crazy outfits but still look good. I guess Tessa Prieto-Valdes already took that place. That's why I've always loved her. I wish I could be as daring,too! Just more dressed down than Tessa is,because I know I can never pull off a Tessa, ever!

56. To kill ALL posers and social climbers. Ha,ha. But that would mean suicide 'cause I'm a poser myself (but I don't "climb", that's not me)! Except that I copy really famous people and not the ones I bump into everyday or once a month, because that would be insulting and so insensitive of me. And if I do, I give them credit.

57. Blog about each friend that I have. And tell the entire universe how much they really mean to me, and why they should be and shouldn't be? (haha, kidding!)  your friend,too. Whether I've only met them online or been with them since birth.

58. Get a job. Sheesh this subject is too complicated as of the moment. But honestly, to get one right now would be BIG for me.

59. To stop hating. This is hard because some people around me are making it so easy to do. But God said, forgive endlessly. Its something I should learn how to do. And I also have this friend I haven't made peace since my college freshman days. Eventually, I'm praying it would come to me.

60. To sing in front of a large crowd. Ha,ha. I think Lance remembers that time we were at Inasalle and I sang two songs. The last time I did that before that night was when I was in gradeschool.

I'm coming up with more! I hope you guys do your versions too! I mean, who knows? I might get ideas from you too and go, "OMG I wanna do that too!" Ha,ha. Don't worry, will credit you! Heehee.Hope I sort of, helped you in a way with thinking what dreams you want to come true and want to accomplish. Heehee. Did I bore you? Of course I did.