I'm not ready to make nice.

Actually, if they hadn't played it over and over at the Grammy's...It wouldn't have been my LSS for days and I wouldn't have appreciated it too. But yes actually, I'm nowhere near to wanting to be nice to people around me. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally talking about the ones with claws.

Anyway, I miss sharing randoms.

I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! Ha,ha. Don't get me wrong, though. We're both straight. Hahaha. But we would say "If only I were a guy, I'd totally court you" to each other a lot.

Meet Mara Babor. Oh, does the name sound familiar? Did (ABS-CBN's kiddie program) BAYANI's theme song suddenly play in the background? Ha,ha! Yes, I'm so blessed to be closey-wosey with this Hot chick/Model/Celebrity!
We met in school, we had common friends, we had time to bond and now we share so much with each other. And I LOVE HER TO BITS.

Also, at that time I was so enraged with this "person", she stood up for me by posting this in her Multiply account:

Insecurity strikes! Whoa.


"stop pretending to be everybody's friend. we're not close but you are one of my contacts here. actually, wala ka namang ginagawang masama sakin. SA KAIBIGAN KO LANG NAMAN. And that really bothers me. Close friend ko pa. I know its not part of my business but the hell I care! What's your problem girl?? Ang taas ng insecurity mo sa buhay! Are you happy, seeing other people hurt? Maawa ka nman. Kung ayaw mo sa ginagawa ng isang tao, eh di ayaw.SO WHAT? Hindi ka naman inaano dyan. EH DI WAG MO TINGNAN yung mga picts nya, db? As easy as that. You're too much affected with what my friend doing. Please, stop that. Walang may gusto ng away, BUT you started it. Kung hate mo ang isang tao, sana wag ka na maging PLASTIK. Sabihin mo na, o kaya hayaan mo na lang kasi napaghahalatang insecure ka lang. And MAS MAGANDA SIYA SAYO (which is SO TRUE!). Im not saying this just because I want to defend my friend. Maybe, yes. Pero gusto kong malaman mo na, ANG LAKI NG PROBLEM MO! Nonsense ka. Palihim ka pa kung tumira. Bakit? Scared ka ba?? Dont be. I know the reason kung bakit mo to ginagawa.. Kasi alam mo sa sarili mo na lamang na lamang sayo yung kaibigan ko. HELLER! Face value pa lang.. I dont want to compare you to her, kasi the truth is HINDI KA NYA KA-LEVEL and Yes, never will. You're just jealous. That's it!"

I hate TUpperwares talaga. :( So mean.

It actually takes a lot of guts for a friend to do that! I mean, pwede kase siyang madamay diba , but she took the risk. And I really, really love her for that. Oh, oh and she also got me pasalubong from the states!

Its a scrapbook. And I love that it says GIRLFRIENDS! Its so cute, I adore it!

And like that wasn't enough, she surprised me again by making these!

She edited my first photo for the Seventeen Favorite Model Search! They're so cool. And I love her for taking the time to make these. She's the coolest. How can you not love her? She's so down-to-earth. And she's really proven how much of a true friend she is to me.

I LOVE YOU GF! We're BGFF's! Yay! I can't wait to camwhore with you soon! Thank you for everything!

There are also BIG decisions to make. NAH. Ha,ha. Andrew used to like the idea of getting a tattoo, and I hated it. But he grew out of it, and I started liking the idea. Ha,ha. Nothing tacky though. I thought of getting the exact same tattoo that Kirsten Dunst has (because it rocks,and I'm a poser) but that would be too much of turning the fan mode on. And then I decided on what it should be. And this came into mind:

LOVE. If I finally decide on intentionally scarring myself for life, I'd totally go for this one. I don't like it very "visible" though. Like, no one else would see it, even if I'm in a swimsuit. So yeah, it would sorta fall on...the right side of my tush, but not exactly. But as of now, this would be my official LOGO. It symbolizes my love for skulls, and Marie Antoinette. I might add something to it that would make it more Antoi, aside from the crown.Hmm.

Shoot!Another camwhore! Someone's feeling naughty. Ha,ha okay stop assuming now. Here, here. Check out my dark side. Literally, I guess.

Everything else reminds me of that "I want some more" Interview with the Vamp scene except for the last one. Obviously.

Okay, enough.

I know I still love you Britney, even if you're bald now. Even if you hate underwear and even if you party a lot, or forget to put Sean P. at the backseat and put a seatbelt around his carrier sometimes, and even if you can't drive your own car that you had to ask the paparazzi how to, I know deep down, I'm somehow still your fan. Just wake up before you hit rock bottom already.