I taste bitter.

Actually, I AM bitter. Rawr.
Its a pretty awful choice for wanting to have a catchy title. Ha,ha.

I can hear The Strokes' "What Ever Happened" playing in my head while I'm typing this entry. I hate you Sofia Coppola, for putting all these kick-ass tracks on the Marie Antoinette OST. Hahaha. But I love the instrumentals more. Opus 17, Opus 23 anyone?


THis morning, I received a text from Meryll of Seventeen asking if I was free on the 13th for a shoot at Sara's. Its for Seventeen's "Perfect Fit" section. She said she'd be styling. I sadly replied and told her I was out of the country. It made me even sadder because three months ago I had to let go of the Seventeen shoot for the December issue because of Elemstat and that shoot for Candy, which supposedly had me and Andrew on the December issue too. My biggest fear is that they'd lose interest in booking me because I consistently let them go due to sensible reasons naman, like not wanting to miss a quiz and not being in Manila at the time. Boo. And it looks like I'll be missing out on Bianca's prom shoot for 2bU! Argh. I hate it. Lance is so right. Okay Lance. Its your cue to say "Bhie, I told you so". Grr.

The only thing that really perks me up is finding my tout-sweetness, Monsieur Baskin Robbins on the Fridge. AND the Winter sale. I got a tank top from Roxy last week and two tops lang from TopShop yesterday. I wonder why when it comes to shopping at TopShop, time is always limited. Ha,ha. My Mom says the sale would last up to next month. That's the best thing I've been hearing this month. Ha,ha. I mean, next week there will be more items on sale, and guess what? Hindi ako nauubusan ng size dito, laging may size 6! Haha. At nagdiwang naman ako. Hahaha. I saw a pair of skull-printed sleepwear in TopShop too, only that it was size 12. Ha,ha. Hay nako, matagal pa ang sale dito. Maraming pagsasaya pa ang magaganap. Ha,ha! Need to work, need to work!

Oh. Another thing that makes me giddy these days is getting these super baduy but sort of effective, may I add, pambobola(s) from Andrew:

"Kung bola ka lang, at basketball player ako, talo na kami. Kase parati kitang namimiss."

"May free time ka ba? Kase sabi ng psychiatrist ko dalhin ko daw yung...kinababaliwan ko."

"Halika, date tayo sa home for the aged. Kase, I want to grow old with you."

Laughtrip! It made me laugh like hell, but at the same time it got me all kilig too. Ha,ha. Told you I was a shallow person. LOL. And to think that he doesn't send them in like, "quote format". He'd really text them to me like he was saying them. Some of them are included in his texts to me asking what I'm up to and all. Hahaha. I don't know if he made those up or he heard them from somewhere but they'd really brighten up my day. Normally Andrew would make bola face to face. But I end up laughing. He'd get annoyed and say, "But I mean it!"

Yeah right, Babe. Ha,ha. Oh, do I love you.

OH AND UPDATE ON KING. It wasn't KING who tagged me after all. Someone framed him. King and I sent PMs to each other and realized we were both victims. Ha,ha. I don't know anymore. Whoever did it, I don't care. At least I told my side of the story, and I don't need to hear his/hers. I posted it in my Multiply's blog, in case you want to check it out.

Pardonnez-moi for the boring entry.

Working on "I LIKE 'EM BIG PART TWO!"

Daniel Radcliffe is mine. Just so you'd know. And I don't care if you think he's an effing fag. He's hot and that's what matters. Hahaha! LOL.