The Lasallian Life.

Ha,ha. Actually its "Abbie's life in La Salle."

Okay, since I'm still in my reminiscent state, let me tell you something about my life in La Salle. Yes, the one I'd really want to go back to.

(Sorry that the photos are so bare and some of them are too small. Rawr.)

FIRST THING IN THE MORNING , After I get up, I'd do what anyone in the world who is hygenic would do - jump in the shower. On most days, I'd feel maarte and put on make-up and fix my hair. On some days I'd just put some powder, blush and mascara and tie my hair up and I'm off. I always make sure to finish everything, even if I end up late in class. Ha,ha. OMG.

That's the first thing I'd see. My dreamcatcher. I miss my bed so much. Boo. And see how I overdo my make-up! Ha,ha. But still it doesn't measure up to the sagala make-up some girls do. I still manage to minimalize. Ha,ha.

I'M OUT THE DOOR , and I'd log-out from the dorm and I'm off to JFH, where most of my classes are held. On some days, Andrew and I have the same schedule. We'd wake up an hour earlier and have breakfast, and he'd sometimes drop me off my classroom even if that means he'd get to his class late. On days that my classes are earlier than his, I'd drop by his window to make paalam .

I love Lake Avenue, even if its full of people gossiping
everday. Ha,ha. I miss taking long, really nonsense exams. That's my usual spot, waiting for Andrew after class. Ha,ha. Gotta love that picture.

ANDREW ARRIVES WITH HIS CHAPLIN UMBRELLA and we're off to lunch. Whether its right across the street from school (dang I miss Momo's and the sisigan! Rawr), Walter (KFC, Jollibee or McDo) or SM Dasma (Tokyo Tokyo, Shakey's, Burger King). On some days, we'd stay at SM and watch a movie or go karaoke.

Ha,ha. I love these photos. Walter, SM and this one Karaoke place in SM Dasma.

WE HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL and we finish whatever we have to finish, like pay the tuition, inquire from professors, etc. And then we both get back to the dorms where I watch DVDs and he'd take his nap. We both work-out at around 6. On some days, we'd jog around the oval or he'd head out to the gym.

Ha,ha. I wished I used the money for shopping. LOL. That's me working out and camwhoring in between. Nagfe-feeling.

Sometimes, we'd hang by the kubo deciding whether we should push through going out. We'd end up talking here, until its dinner time. Ha,ha. That's me procrastinating in the library, with my other procrastinating buddies. Ha,ha. Andrew's with me of course. Its hard to study without your inspiration beside you. LOL. Sometimes we'd hang in the kubo with our Kidlat friends.That's me and Ivan. I miss them.

ON SOME DAYS WE FELT SPONTANEOUS , we'd head out early for dinner to Tagaytay (that would also be my cue for thrift shopping). This one time we walked all the way from Olivares to Starbucks. And its one of those moments I wouldn't forget. The cold weather, our arms around each other, and we were walking like one of those couples on movies. Slowly, and we were talking and laughing and all. Nothing beats those moments, when you're surrounded by thousands of people but feel like you're the only two people on earth. But on most days, we'd eat in Momo's or McDo.

McDo, on a usual night, (this photo was taken after our Batangas getaway) and Antonio's in Tagaytay.

NIGHT HAS FALLEN and its time go head back to the dorms and curfew's at 9PM (Bummer. Good thing I'm close with all of the school guards. LOL!) When Camille and Upper were my dorm mates (they have been for years), they'd surprise me with a lot of things. Lately, I'd head straight to Anna's dorm at P8 and we'd talk a lot. I'd only go to my dorm room if I was gonna take a shower and head to Anna's, or take my pillows and comforter with me before going there if I was sleeping over. Of course I'd pass by Andrew's dorm window to tell him what I was doing and all.

That's Camille stepping on my bed, that one crazy night the three of us had a surprise visitor - a FROG. She was driving him away with our walis tambo after that shot was taken I think I jumped on my bed with her and we were laughing like crazy, while I used my pillow to scare it away saying "SHOO! SHOO!" I fell on the bed later, and my tummy ached so bad from all the laughing. And this is what we look like on a normal night at Anna's dorm. We'd gossip about people gossiping about us. Ha,ha. On most nights, we dance to VST'S "Sway" and we'd make our sad friends happy dancing like stringbeans. I wish we had videos of that. Its one of my favorite moments. Ha,ha. Oh and that's me by Andrew's window. That's what you'd see him do usually. If he isn't studying, he's playing that friggin' game. Ugh.

AT TWO OR THREE IN THE MORNING , we'd feel sleepy. When Camille and Upper were there, we'd use my dirty comforter and lie on it by the grass which was in front of Andrew's window and we'd play Tong Its. Most of the time, pagti-tripan ako ng dalawa and they'd leave me alone outside, while I fall asleep! And when I wake up, I march into the dorm (they leave the door and screen door open naman) and they'd pretend to be asleep, and seconds later they'd point at laugh at me. Grr. Lately, like I said, I spent more time with Anna. sometimes we're out catching frogs for Anna's thesis or we'd be camwhoring at the new dorm, or watching a movie. And then head back to my dorm, or stay at Anna's and I'd sleep. Of course, we'd always talk before we doze off. Its funny that I hear them snore just a minute after we exchanged our last words of the night. Whether its "Don't worry, they'll burn in hell", or "Goodnight".

That's Camille by the grass. Me and my girls by the dorm gate, me by Andrew's window before sleeping and me, camwhoring before heading to Dreamland.

On Sundays and Wednesdays we'd go to MoA or Town after class. Sometimes we head to Tagaytay with friends. But hey, that's another story. Will write about that one of these days. And maybe I should also make one before Andrew and I got together, those days were fun too.

You might say my school life was boring, but... I actually wouldn't change a single thing about it. I loved and I will always love college. And I will always love La Salle Dasma inspite of the criticism that it gets just because its in Cavite. Everything about my school rocks, no matter what they say about it.

I'm one proud Caviteña,too. Its been my home for 4 1/2
years. Somehow I wished I'd wake up one day and see my dreamcatcher hanging on the dirty white colored ceiling, and see my orange-colored dorm resulting from the color of my curtains.

But hey, I've got my alumni card for that.