Lip biting.

Ack, there's nothing new to share, but my friends made me new artwork! Yay!

Its JAY AGGABAO'S : Abbie the Uchiha. I love it, I love it! Andrew is a big Naruto fan so I know he's gonna love it as much as I do, too! Thanks Jay. So I guess there's an addition to the Naruto cast?

Check out my choclit cake's (Camille Agcaoili) artwork for me. Now Camille's artwork is something to really look out for too, because, well...they just rock! Obviously.

Its another one from my GF (Mara Babor)! She says I look cute in a hat! Ha,ha. Someone hand me a beret. I want one.

Hottie Chean Kubota made this for me. She apologized for it looking so simple, but hey, to take the time to make them for me means a lot already. Plus I love that it looks vintage-y!


Oh and yesterday, it was the church's first year anniversary. Here's a photo of me and my friend, Jennver!

We've known each other since I was 12. Ha,ha. HI JEN, I LOVE YOU! (She's sort of like my little sister)

Oh, and how could I forget? Ack. Since it was February 24 yesterday...

I LOVE (and miss) YOU SO EFFIN' MUCH! Looks like there's a lot to celebrate when I get back, eh?

ANYWAYS Kuya said he lost the bid to the September 2006 issue of Vogue. But he got me the Paul Frank sleepwear from Urban Outfitters. YEAH! Ha,ha! That's not bad at all. Thanks Kuya, I love you! XD

And I can finally breathe now because I know that I'm going to be part of the 2007 yearbook. Even if I don't get to march on the 22nd, my classmates are there for that. They can march for me. Heehee.

And what is up with you, Best! Hahaha! He sent me like 20+ MMS messages today in my Smart number even if I told him I could only get them if he sent it to my Jeddah number. He only sent one (okay, now four) out of the 20+ to my Jeddah number, and it
was a "voice message". LOL! But hey he made me smile, too! You silly man.

Can someone get me Abd Al Majid's CD? I swear I'm starting to fall for French music now. Whether its World music (like those Putumayo CDs I've always wanted) or RnB. Its so soothing. I want, I want!

I'm so sorry its been so boring lately. I think just like Lucy, my brain is regenerating somewhere.

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  1. I saw this while I was googling my name on the internet. Flashback. Ahahahaha!