Marry me, Topshop.


BLOGGER ISN'T BANNED HERE ANYMORE! LOL! Ha,ha! That really makes me happy because...I won't have to bother Lance every single time! Rawr. But hey, all this time, thanks to Lance. Without him, I could not have edited my template and posted photos. Hmm. HUGS FOR LANCE!

ANYWAYS, these are photos I grabbed from TopShop two weeks ago, and a few of them yesterday.

And yes, I am on poser mode. Don't worry I'll come up with something better to post. Though I don't see anything wrong with my second TopShop plug. Its my declaration of looove for TS.

I'm totally loving the Owl Applique Shopper. Rawr. And the skull accessories. More FREEDOM, please? Ha,ha. And although I'm not a big fan of hats, well...I'm liking this one.

MC Hammer bottoms! Ha,ha. I saw one in this thrift shop in Laguna, but it was too big for me. Grr. I told you wide-legged jeans would be back in the scene. Ha,ha. I'd like this Vintage Boyfriend Jeans,and hotpants!! I want, I want.

Camis are so easy to wear and look at.Plus, it doesn't hurt if they're skull-printed.

Crewshirts! They're so hot. It would totally reflect my laid-back personality. But the thing is, I'm not so laid-back when it came to dressing up. Ha,ha.

I've always wanted that Laura Lee dress but I never seem to find one my size. Bummer.And that purple jersey dress. J'adore!

Ha,ha. Would I look like da bomb if I had that hot pink bomber jacket on? Hahaha. But I like the grey cape the most.

I did say that I loved everything braced, and jumpers, right? But I'm totally loving that grey Unique Maxi Dungaree dress. It kind of looked like my high school uniform.

OMG playsuits. What more can I say. TopShop's playsuits are a lot more affordable than J.Lo's. I love the yellow playsuit so much I'd totally wear it out to GB. As long as I'm driving a car. Hahaha.

REALITEES! I think I only have one of those. Loser. I want more, but I wanted to get the skull-printed one I saw at the Town once. Hmp.

I wonder why they don't sell Platforms and Court Platform shoes in all of the TS Branches in the Philippines. Or maybe that was two months ago. Too bad the ones here don't have my size. It sucks to be a size 5/6 on some days.

KNICKERS! OMG, Pussy Glamore, Frankly Darling, Mimi Holiday... AH! Why don't we have those too? They look so friggin' sexy. I swear when the day comes and I get to earn in euros, these babies better watch out.Or maybe Babe can get them for me. He's always been so giving, anyways. He'd pay for my TopShop goodies sometimes!

Whaddya know, even their sleepwear is irresistible.

Trapeze, Tunics,Jerseys,Kangaroo Tunics,Smocks, Drops,Pleats... Gaah. They're all too beautiful. It makes me cry. Hahaha.

Here are the two latest things I picked up from TS lately. An animal printed cami (that I turned into a dress, hahaha) and a green hoodie. The sale was over two days ago. But who cares. Ha,ha. I'll be seeing you, TS!

Like I said in my first TS plug, I am a size 6, and I would accept all gifts sent to me with arms wide open.
If interested please leave a comment or send me a personal message in my Multiply account and expect my reply in 5 seconds.

Oh, and please come to our wedding.
Everyone is invited. Come in your best TopShop ensemble!